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7 Apr, 32 tweets, 13 min read
HEJAS EJ HYPA STRETCH - You want me to release the entire log of this do you?

Trying to set me up as some kind of groomer?
@trez_silverwolf Check this out.

You guys and Hypa, really want to be destroyed... don't you?
So when you get caught SIMPIN' for a Doxer... And called out by not only me, but Skull Kid too... You send your doxing friend Stretch (who doxed @trez_silverwolf) out to want to set me up (someone who brought down a pedo with @Undoomed) as some kind of groomer?
Meet the true HEJAS people.

More to come, I'm sure @PurePoliceCams is going to have some fun now.
Let's drop the log files (not yours Hypa, NOT YET... Keep pushing me with your new doxing friends)

Message 1 out of the blue, a few years back. Had no idea who she really was nor did I know she was ''gunt's'' supposed 'Faith'.

All whilst my own mother was going through cancer.
"The Crazy One" is a previous stalker, Bev. That situation resolved itself and is another situation I have logs and voice call recordings for and I never leaked nor tore Bev apart publicly.

@trez_silverwolf and CB Berg were both Admins of my server during this time period.
Message 3 to come, reading it you see Faith is coming to me claiming someone is spreading rumours and telling me that no one is grooming her.

You can read my reply to this for yourselves. Nice try EJ, Stretch, Hypa. ;)
Message image 4 (I took these logs because something seems a little off at the time, so I wanted to make sure everything was above board and professional as I can be with my advice and record exactly what was said)

Keep reading, she even claims I am not listening to her.
Advice to discuss things with her parents.
Telling her that if I saw someone creeping on her I would be defending her and reporting the creeper to the authorities.

Message image 5.
Telling her I don't understand what she is whinging about since people are trying to protect her from creeps and groomers.

Message image 6
Message image 7:

You can see that this random person who came in to my DM's who I did not know, I did not creep on nor groom in any way.
Message image 8:
Trying to calm her down and speak on behalf of anything that CB Berg or @trez_silverwolf (who were doxed by Stretch and EJ) my former mods would do would all be above board and legal.
Message image 9:
Once again, informing her that I do not know who these people are that she is claiming who are doing this to her or what she believes someone is doing to her.

If someone is trying to set CB Berg or @trez_silverwolf up then it could be related to the Bev stuff.
Message image 10:
Once again, clarifying to her that 'if' it is this Bev crowd, then something may be missing (context) or twisted.

@trez_silverwolf was around for all of this Bev stuff and can confirm if need be, but my logs speak for themselves.
Message image 11: Last message from her, never heard from her again. She left our discord.

Wished her well. Told her I'd pass this on to CB Berg and @trez_silverwolf (which I am sure I would have).

Told her I can't force CB nor Trez to speak with her though.

Thanked her.
Wished her a good night and sleep well, sent her a virtual hug to cheer her up.

That's it.
Nice try HEJAS.

So this was your move?
To attempt to make me look like some kind of groomer?

So now I suppose it is my move.
Who would you like me to tear apart first, Simps?
Psst, Stretch you poof, come at me bro. ;)
Psst, EarJuice, you disavowing this shit from your bestie Stretch, or still Simpin' for a doxer?

You really want to tango with me?
Has anyone ever seen Simpin' to this level before @PurePoliceCams?

Going to the Simpiest extremes of attempting to set someone up as a groomer?

That's some heavy Simpin' from HEJAS crew.
Hahaha keep giving me and @PurePoliceCams content guys. :)

Yeah, I got a lot. And I'll drop it when it makes you look like an idiot. Keep making yourselves look like idiots.

@trez_silverwolf @RetroReviews27
Heh, protecting Hypa from being destroyed is me Simpin' for Hypa?

LOL. Yeah, try again. :)
You can see clearly the type of people who associate with EJ and Stretch.

Using @PurePoliceCams as a shield now. LOL.
Cog can speak on anything he wants to.

So far, I've asked EJ and Stretch and Hypa to own their shit and take the L.

Absolute morons.
"What does this prove?"

Well, if you didn't have a pea brain you'll work that out for yourself.
Just reading these idiots is amusing. I did not think they were this low IQ.

I mean, I knew they were stupid... but wow.
Ah ok, Hyp broke up with me now. Sure, Jan. :)

I did go to EarJuice directly, morons. This could have remained private, EarJuice decided to Simp. :)

Yep, EarJuice sure did admit to dropping Trez' dox.

Looks like Cognitive Thot is on the right path. :)
More to laugh at @PurePoliceCams @trez_silverwolf @RetroReviews27

Sit back, let them continue sperging. More content for Cog.
Cliff Wallace has no idea the difference between simping for someone like EJ and Stretch are doing, and protecting someone from being dragged through the mud.

Tonka Toy IQ level right here.
Once again, Hypa, EJ, Stretch. Take the L. You and your peeps aren't making any of you look good at all.
You're too stupid to see how, Cliff. That's not my problem, that's yours. :)

Keep sperging. I might join @PurePoliceCams on his next laugh fest.
This is exactly what I mean by stupid, "Did he know she was a minor?"

Already answered that in the log files I posted which you posted in your discord, morons. Try reading... unless of course you can't comprehend what is written?

Complete morons.
These type of people just want me to drop it all and expose her & run her through the mud because these type of people really don't give a fuck about anyone, not even her.

I at least am giving her the chance to do the right thing & put an end to this so she doesn't look stupid.

• • •

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