@Bleedinheart2MD @canada_gender @turnthetide2018 @ACLU Because if they don’t keep pitting these kids against the society they live in, the whole ‘most marginalized and oppressed group’ narrative falls apart. If trans stops being seen as a marker of specialness, there will be many fewer trans kids; & there goes the ‘innate’ argument.
@Bleedinheart2MD @canada_gender @turnthetide2018 @ACLU It’s political self-preservation for them. All the tactics—retroactive trans-washing, co-opting indigenous ‘third genders’ etc.—are designed to create an organic platform for a very recent phenomenon that’s the bastard stepchild of social media and Big Medicine profit mongering.
@Bleedinheart2MD @canada_gender @turnthetide2018 @ACLU There have always been people who lived as the opposite sex, but not on anything like the scale we see now. Kids are susceptible to gender ideology because they try things on as they figure out who they are. And they need love and attention. To capitalize on that...
@Bleedinheart2MD @canada_gender @turnthetide2018 @ACLU ...in pursuit of political & corporate power & profit is evil. Everyone w/an ounce of common sense knows most kids, loved & let alone, will outgrow gender ‘confusion;’ most are gay, but they don’t get the sorts of props for that they increasingly get from saying they’re trans.
@Bleedinheart2MD @canada_gender @turnthetide2018 @ACLU The adolescent ability to gauge risk is poorly developed, and they want instant gratification. It is our fucking JOB as adults to shepherd them safely through the confusion, not sign off on treatments that are political/ideological in their devising, not scientific.
@Bleedinheart2MD @canada_gender @turnthetide2018 @ACLU I was a closeted gay kid in the 1960s. No positive role models, no access to information about homosexuals that wasn’t utterly pathologizing. Somehow I found my way absent ANY support. Kids are stronger and more resilient than we realize, unless...
@Bleedinheart2MD @canada_gender @turnthetide2018 @ACLU ...it’s in your ideological interest to paint them as fragile & suicidal. Tell them that is what they are often enough, and link their fragility to their special status, and they will believe it, especially if you convince them you’re the only one who will love them.
@Bleedinheart2MD @canada_gender @turnthetide2018 @ACLU If they truly are that rare being, a transsexual, it will become apparent by the time they can make adult decisions. If they have untreated mental health needs, those should be addressed.

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