@Harvard2H "Jam enough prospective hosts together in an industrial setting, add an airborne RNA virus that doesn’t create instant mortality in healthy hosts, set the conditions so that the virus spreads no matter what like on a chicken farm [..] and you don’t get herd immunity." 1/n
@Harvard2H "You get a quasispecies mutant swarm that spreads and grows in virulence continually, requiring continual surveillance and ongoing vaccination programs not to eradicate it – just to prevent its most lethal strains from forming." 2/n
@Harvard2H "additional bad news is that IBV arguably models #SARSCoV2 far better than avian influenza [COVID-19] quickly seems to be spitting off the same sort of antibody-evading variants that IBV does as its quasispecies mutant swarms grow, offering the same issues w vaccines" 3/n
@Harvard2H "Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) provides one of the best templates for transitioning from the classical view of wild type viruses to quasispecies swarms, as btw any 2 strains of IBV, “only a few” amino-acid diffs in their spike-proteins may lead to [..] separate serotype" 4/n
@Harvard2H Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) primary infects poultry
FWIW DJB July 28, 2019
"H7N9 & CCP can do whatever"

• • •

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31 Mar
@MihajlovicMike via @ConflictTR Russian Air Force units started to be sent to the Ukrainian border
@MihajlovicMike @ConflictTR via @Osinttechnical
As of April 1 .ch Proton Energy Group SA, which used to be @RosneftRu exclusive supplier of diesel and LPG to .ua, decided to suspend shipments of .ru LPG and diesel to the state amid political and economic risks
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31 Mar
@elderofziyon IMHO best one

"Antisemitism mean hating Jews more than is absolutely necessary"
- Isaiah Berlin (20 c Latvian-British-Jewish intellectual )

His 1994 message to the 21st century (w ref to Heine )
proved prescient & correct sjpcommunications.org/images/uploads…
@elderofziyon "Heine’s central idea seems to me valid [..] There are men who will kill and maim with a tranquil conscience under the influence of the words and writings of some of those who are certain that they know perfection can be reached."
@elderofziyon "If you are truly convinced that there is some solution to all human problems, that one can conceive an ideal society which men can reach if only they do what is necessary to attain it, then you and your followers must believe that no price can be too high to pay [..] "
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25 Mar
@ELuttwak "Today, the oligarchy that controls American society’s commanding heights leaves those who are neither its members nor its clients little choice but to marshal their forces for their own exodus. The federal government, the governments of states and localities run by the Dems" 1/2
@ELuttwak " along with the major corporations, the educational establishment, and the news media set strict but movable boundaries about what they may or may not say on pain of being cast out, isolated from society’s mainstream."
@ELuttwak "Using an ever-shifting variety of urgent excuses, which range from the coronavirus, to the threat of domestic terrorism, to catastrophic climate change, to the evils of racism, they issue edicts that they enforce through anti-democratic means .."
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24 Mar
@bigginsthesmall B"H" From a Torah perspective

HKBU who created everything, including man makeup & drives, decreed that some loves, connections are not good for man, hence forbidden. This includes engaging in acts of homosexuality, incest, bestiality.
Unbounded love is a lie from the Other Side.
@bigginsthesmall The destruction of such boundaries brings androlomusia אנדרולומוסיה "chaos, confusion, disorder" in which the innocent suffer with the guilty. Such was at the time of the Flood of Noah where men and angels transgressed all boundaries and the natural order followed suit.
@bigginsthesmall That our society / era not just legitimizes but encourages this tells you all you need to know about who is behind these pushes, even to children at the earliest ages. Now, what do you say to a person who has these drives? A v v hard test especially in our era I wish on noone.
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16 Mar
@RidT 1938 Reichsbankpräsident Schacht "Gnädige Frau, wir sind Verbrechern in die Hände gefallen, wie hätte ich das ahnen können?"

2006 Joachim Fest "Ich nicht"
@RidT "outcome that cultural & political elites so viscerally craved - the removal of Trump [..] Rid is entitled to celebrate his role in fostering what is now a far more stringently regulated and policed online information ecosystem."

Wer hat uns verraten
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9 Feb
@colebunzel @WarpedMirrorPMB tl/dr: teshuvah
"Does this mean that spacetime does not have the acyclic causal structure it is normally assumed to have? Not exactly, since in the mentioned experiments the events that are causally related in a cyclic fashion are not local in spacetime." phys.org/news/2021-02-q…
@colebunzel @WarpedMirrorPMB "major class of [processes w indefinite causal order understood as arising from unitary processes] & which are believed to be the ones that could have a physical realization in nature - could, in fact, be seen as having a definite causal structure, albeit one involving cycles."
@colebunzel @WarpedMirrorPMB B"H" @RabbiGinsburgh 2007 lec 8 torah & science
" 'time machine' is written מוֹכַנְז תַמן ְ, & has the numerical value of 613, the number of commandments in the Torah"

"Redemption is freedom. The ultimate prison that the world is in right now is time"

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