Basic scientific principles suggest that in the face of a pandemic, international cooperation is crucial to our collective survival: “None of us will be safe until everyone is safe”… #VaccineNationalism #COVID19
China gets it…

Russia & India get it too…

As for other countries...
“Some countries have cornered the supply so much that they can offer up to four doses per person, while many developing countries have yet to receive a single dose of a vaccine” —Dr. Christopher Tufton, Jamaica’s minister of Health and Wellness…
Which country hoarded four doses per person you ask? Well, it’s the *superpower* that allows corporations to conduct international relations on its behalf. The US is pwned by BigPharma

• • •

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8 Apr
“The unprecedented application of Title 42 against asylum-seekers was seen by many public health experts and human rights organizations as having nothing to do with public health and everything to do with anti-Latinx racism.” On immigration, Biden = Trump…
The “immigration crisis” didn’t fall out of the clear blue sky. This. Is. Blowback.…
If Joe “I’m the guy that put together Plan Colombia” had the power of introspection, he might understand the reason why people are fleeing from Central & South America…
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7 Apr
Texas is forcing students to take this standardized test IN PERSON. There’s some reprieve for younger kids but “high school students must pass five subject-specific courses by the time they graduate a requirement that will not be waived this year” #COVID19…
Why is Texas administering the STAAR test in the middle of a pandemic? One superintendent pointed out the $64 million answer: “So this spring, testing is not about improving academic performance. It’s about improving the bottom line of a testing company”
One parent voiced her concerns: “I have two unvaccinated kids. You know, what's going to happen if somebody gets in there and they get exposed? How will that be acceptable to anybody? Dear God, what if one of them dies” #STAAR…
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30 Jan
Joe Biden has done little more than spin the revolving door from the private sector to rebuild the neoliberal technocrat pool from the Clinton & Obama years. The latest name to emerge, Cass Sunstein, epitomizes everything that’s wrong with this trend…
Sunstein, a dyed in the wool technocrat, has been a reliable go-to establishment legal scholar for so long that if you look up ‘wonk’ in the dictionary you’ll likely see his picture…
He not only embraced of the father of neoliberalism, Friedrich Hayek,… Sunstein did so in such a way leaves no room for doubt that he believes wholeheartedly in ‘managed democracy’…
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29 Jan
Andrew Left & others who champion short selling are rentier parasites of the highest order. The finance capitalism paper of choice recoiled with *horror* at the uncouth WallStreetBets… without pointing out this obvious fact
The word ‘rentier’ is strangely absent from most discussions about the state of our economy. It’s time to call a spade a spade.
Short selling produces nothing, it simply spins the Wall Street roulette wheel
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8 Nov 20
The ‘New Democrat’ machine is busy with potential cabinet picks for Biden. The general theme reminds me of “Back to the Future” — all the same neoliberal players on the DC merry-go-round. I intend to make this a running thread
First up: Susan Rice for Secretary of State. Sure the GOP grumbled about her involvement with Benghazi, but am indisputable truth is that she & Richard Clarke are largely responsible for the failure of the US to intercede in the #RwandanGenocide…
A blogger once named Susan Rice as one of the “luminaries of the make war not love club”… This apt summation reveals the perspective she would bring to the role of Secretary of State
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7 Nov 20
Since Rahm Emanuel is trending & Jill Biden is measuring drapes for the White House, it’s crucial that people realize that the country is moving from the Trump frying pan straight back into the fire (neoliberal austerity + neocon warmongering that gave rise to Trump)
Biden’s return to normalcy = continued managed decline of the working class…
As for neocon warmongering, behold our incoming foreign policy overlords…
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