Pure moral panic bullshit. "Won't someone think of the bone density?!"
Anita Bryant shit. For decades they said gay people's elevated rates of suicide and depression were intrinsic to gayness rather than *a function of societal discrimination*.
I'm not a lawyer but this seems uhhhh extremely broad?
There it is. This makes it impossible for kids with transphobic parents to find safe adults and explore their identity. This is going to be incredibly harmful.

• • •

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More from @RottenInDenmark

9 Apr
honestly kind of amazed it took Persuasion this long to publish transphobic talking points
No one denies the existence of detransitioners. However, the "just asking questions" crowd is trying to put them at the center of the debate over trans rights. "Some kids think they're trans but it turns out they're not!" Articles like this are key to entrenching that narrative.
When we say there's a direct line from polite centrist concern-trolling to the odious anti-trans laws sweeping the country, this is what we mean. How could a law banning puberty blockers for children *not* be the obvious recommendation to come from a paragraph like this? Image
Read 7 tweets
8 Apr
I always click on these stories to see if it's just a bad headline but ... nope! Image
"It would have been appropriate to murder the 13-year-olds involved in these totally different instances." Image
Common trope of these reactionary right-wing garbage articles: Linking factual statements as if one contradicts the other.

What is he actually saying here? You can't be a "happy boy" if you've also been reported missing at some point? Image
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7 Apr
Interesting choice not to interview anyone else involved with this incident.
Here's the audio. The dude in question speaks at 28:35. This seems like a completely reasonable concern.
soundcloud.com/user-381804527… Image
We keep getting this insane inversion where conservative students *file lawsuits* after facing mild pushback for their views and the media ends up telling them as stories of liberal oversensitivity.
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7 Apr
When I was in Salt Lake City for a story a few years ago I went to an LGBT youth services org. They had a makeup table and lights set up so trans teens could practice putting on makeup without their parents finding out. This law would make that illegal I guess.
Absolutely infuriating that we still have conservatives acting like transphobes are under attack from "cancel culture" when there's a nationwide wave of these laws.
Worth noting that this law is explicitly designed to prevent "social contagion," an absolutely dogshit theory that has been platformed in mainstream publications for years. I hope everyone who published those articles is doing some soul-searching today.
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6 Apr
This is always code for "how do we get more conservative professors?" but the solution is never for the GOP to stop relentlessly demonizing higher education.
"Why aren't there more conservatives on college campuses?"
They keep trying to cast this as some sort of national crisis but among the challenges facing higher education, "lack of conservatives" is maaaaaaybe 30th on the list? Regardless of how to solve it, it's absurd to treat this as a priority.
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5 Apr
Finally, some coverage of this vital issue
Lol fuck
Another high-stakes banger from the cancel culture crowd.
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