A beginner's guide on how to stage a chemical attack - Jihadist style. #Douma

Firstly, find an artillery crater on a roof:
How do you know it's an artillery crater? Well, characteristics of such are fragmentation patterns on surrounding walls. Given our cylinder won't actually be dropped from the air it's vital we find an already made crater that was caused naturally, and not artificially.
Now that you've found your crater, it's time to place the chlorine cylinder. If you find the crater is too large for your prop it's important to then place 2 metal stops across the hole to stop your cylinder falling through.
In staging the scene it's important to ensure that all the props are in view of the camera images. If not, it's important to move them around until you get the best shot.
The cylinder may also need to be moved around to sit right in the artillery crater and to ensure it rests appropriately on the two metal strips you've laid down.

OK, so this cylinder is not positioned right and will need to be rotated to rest on the metal strips.
That's much better now...and note we have the "wheels" prop now moved to the top corner as well so the camera can get them in shot. Lovely. Optics is everything in staging your chemical attack.
If you need to suggest that the cylinder was fitted with an explosive charge, then the next step is to place the cylinder over the hole and light a fire in the room below in order to burn the top of the cylinder.
When you've done that, the stage is set, so send the video shot to your public relation dept at Bellingcat and let them sell your narrative to the world.
Damn! The cylinder is the wrong way around. The indentation part needs to rest on your metal bars and it's that side that needs the smoke damage! If this happens, immediately demand that your PR team pull the tweet. Have the onsite people fix the scene then send out a new tweet.
You will now have several issues to contend with. Firstly, the outside world will now have told you these cylinders don't carry explosive charges nor are there any signs of such having been placed on this particular cylinder. Secondly, how do you explain the smoke damage?
You now need to reach out to some large media publication and ask them to help cover for the huge error. In such a circumstance there is no one better than the @NYT. They work alongside a group of fraudulent investigators called @ForensicArchi so hopefully they'll come onboard.
Excellent news. You've just found out the fraudulent investigators are in! You need for them to now explain how that smoke damage got there.

"this is caused by a corrosive acid created when chlorine gas reacts with the water.."

Now you'll need the NYT to step up and publish this completely fabricated claim in such a way it sounds authentic.

When the OPCW inspectors eventually get to the scene to investigate and find that there was indeed a fire lit in the room below that likely caused the smoke damage to your prop...
Or note that the rebar in the roof was splayed denoting a projectile had pierced the ceiling and entered the room...thus ruling out our cylinder causing the crater...
Or actually all but conclude that the entire chemical attack was staged...
If this happens & you're found out to have staged the entire thing, charge those that have uncovered your fraudulence with being 'war weapons deniers' and refuse point blank, to debate their findings with them. Ignore, attack, defame and lie you're way out of it.
I hope this guide was useful. If you need any further help or assistance on how to stage a chemical weapons attack see @SyriaCivilDef. If you need help covering one up and lying see @bellingcat, @nytimes & @ForensicArchi. If you need an idiot for anything else see @Brian_Whit.
*war-crimes deniers* typo
For my investigations into this staging see the following studies:


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7 Apr
Three years ago today, tens of innocent civilians, including young babies, were massacred in #Douma #Syria and their corpses placed inside a building to set the scene for a staged chemical attack that was carried out by Jihadists aided by #WhiteHelmets.

Jihadist apologist & British FCO mouthpiece @Brian_Whit would be rolled out to offer apologia and cover for the radical Jihadists organisation that carried out the staging. Here is part 1 of my exposé of Whitty's fact-shifting and misinformation on #Douma
In the 2nd part of my exposé of @Brian_Whit as a tool of the UK FCO, I lay out how Whitty's remit was then to attack the brave scientists of the @OPCW who went to #Douma but found their reports doctored and themselves sidelined from the investigation.

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On masks. Their introduction was a political intervention, not a scientific one. Since then crazy modelling has been carried out trying to create the "science" to support their introduction. Masks are about messaging. They are to remind you there's a virus, in case you forgot.
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Pressure is being brought to bear on the Executive and they are listening. 😉
I'm hearing chatter. Will update when I can confirm.
DoH and PHA still pushing back against any expedited lifting of anti-freedom measures. Swann and McBride are still of the mindset too much too soon will result in everyone being wiped out. Elected reps are feeling the pressures to expedite reopenings.
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129 days ago NI's ZeroCovid CMO, Michael McBride would tell the BBC there had been "some sizeable [Covid] outbreaks associated with gyms".

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The PHA responded to a FOI saying they had recorded outbreaks surrounding gym use but they can't say where the spread occurred. It may be been spread in cars, or at home or at private events. Just that some people who tested +ve claimed to have been at gyms at some point.
I will now be challenging the PHA on their response and will be drafting a report for the website with a timeline of all my current and previous communications on the matter along with the content of all that communication for complete transparency.
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This is *VERY* bad news for the #ZeroCovid zealots who warned of an impending doom if kids were allowed back to school! Again, this is further *proof* that schools do *NOT* drive transmissions but rather reflect community transmission rates. Kids are NOT killing people! Image
I really look forward to my next exchange with the NEU's Mary Bousted when I will ask her admit I was right in our first exchange.

The data just doesn't like the #ZeroCovid'ers! Image
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"Data, not dates"

So let's look at some of that data for NI: 1/1/21 - 1/4/21

[Month] - [Individuals Tested] - [+ve Results]
Jan - 107,473 = 31,440 (29%)
Feb - 51,687 = 8,357 (16%)
Mar - 54,760 = 4,604 (8.4%)

Case Positivity Rate (%) - See Graph


@carlheneghan Image
COVID-19 Inpatient Data: 1/1/21 - 1/4/21:

1 Jan = 821
1 Feb = 827
1 Mar = 337
1 Apr = 112 Image
COVID-19 ICU Data: 1/1/21 - 1/4/21:

1 Jan = 35
1 Feb = 67
1 Mar = 34
1 Apr = 17 Image
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