QUICK Summary of INTEL Updates

"We were in the Eye of the Storm.

General Flynn & General McInerney were warning of a Cyber War within the US and that Cyber warfare flipped the 2020 Election – Trump legally won.
The US Military was very busy taking down the Chinese Communist Party, the communist US Inc. and their pedophile politicians, plus saving millions of children from this Cabal’s vast international Child Trafficking Ring including those being confiscated at the US Border and
from refuges of Third World countries.

US Special Ops and those of other countries have completed millions of underground tunnel DUMBS rescues of children worldwide including those beneath the US Capitol Hill.
Right now Special US, Russian and Indian forces were taking out DUMBS in China.

Those Special Ops forces have cleared gold, ancient documents and precious art out of a 150 mile tunnel that ran beneath the Alps and Vatican.
Scott McKay Intel Report by Colonel SJD on Operation Evergreen (the ship that blocked the Suez Canal with hundreds of trafficked children and Weapons of Mass Destruction on board):

The operation was performed by Navy Seals, Russian Special Ops and our Protection Team
They found 1,366 humans dead and rescued 1,245. [Quantum Shift & Storm Rider said in the last 2 days... over 8000 rescued.]

The heavy weapons were to take out the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

The ship was also loaded to detonate if compromised –
which was avoided through Peterson Air Force Base and personnel on board by jamming the signal.

Evergreen came from China and was headed to 100 different drop off points.
IMO, when the Internet is down worldwide with global martial law, that's the END of WW3 and WW4 -- end of all cyber wars. Be patient and just wait for it. Keep calm and celebrate at home!
* Pls MEDITATE and send LOVE, SUPPORT & PROTECTION to all White Knights, White Hats, & all Military Soldiers working tirelessly to win the FREEDOM fight for HUMANITY.
* Pls MEDITATE for a swift, smooth, secure & successful "Transition to GREATNESS" for 1,000 year GOLDEN AGE w/ LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY, FREEDOM & ABUNDANCE.

* With gratitude, LIGHT & unconditional LOVE to all.

• • •

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6 Mar
QUICK INTEL update 03.06.2021

"Navy SEALS Arrest Hillary Clinton – Real Raw News
The chant “lock her up” has finally seen fruition. US Navy SEALS loyal to Donald Trump raided Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua, NY estate and arrested her on charges of treason, destruction of government
property, and aiding and abetting the enemy, Real Raw News has learned. The arrest happened on Tuesday night...

US Navy SEALS loyal to Donald Trump raided Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua, NY estate and arrested her on charges of treason, destruction of government property, and
aiding and abetting the enemy, Real Raw News has learned.

The arrest happened on Tuesday night, only hours after Trump had spoken to Rear Admiral Hugh W. Howard at US Special Operations Command and given him a “mammoth trove” of evidence of Clinton’s criminality dating back to
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6 Mar
As promised to some of you, here are TOP 10 DETOX tips:

1) Drink lemon / lime water to alkaline body

2) Bath entire body or soak your feet w/ baking soda + epsom salt + sea salt (all 3, or 1 at a time)

3) Do monthly hydrogen perioxide cleanse - check YouTube "1 minute cure"
4) Make & drink "activated charcoal" lemonade - check YouTube

5) Do monthly distilled water cleanse w/ organic essential oil, e.g., holy basil, lemon, orange, thyme, peppermint...
6) Do white sage smudging weekly for SPIRITUAL cleansing

7) Burn natural incense sticks, or use aroma diffuser w/ essential oil DAILY to cleanse & purify your AIR / living environment
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6 Mar
Quick Summary of INTEL Updates 03.06.2021

"Since 2017 the Alliance and US Military have been rescuing children and cleaning out hundreds of miles of the Cabal’s Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS). The vast worldwide underground tunnel system was used
to kidnap children for their mind control, organ harvesting and child torture Adrenochrome production facilities.

As with all major cities across the globe, the DUMBS ran beneath Wuhan China where the C 19 Pandemic began, and connected to the Three Gorges Dam.
Since July 2020 there have been rumors of structural faults in the Three Gorges Dam that held back a staggering 39 billion cubic meter reservoir of water so huge that it had a measurable effect on the rotation of the earth. Experts say the dam was about to burst and if so,
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4 Mar
Majestic 12 (MJ12) messages

This will keep you all busy READING & LEARNING :)
Every AWAKEN SOUL must read this...
This file answers MANY many of your questions...

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3 Feb
Quick Summary: INTEL Updates

"Tue Jan19 DoD (& Congress) received DNI Ratcliffe report on foreign interference in the Nov 3, 2020 election showing that there WAS foreign interference in the election by China, Venezuela, Germany, Spain, Iran, Italy [Vatican], et al
And, DoD is conducting its own investigation internally from the evidence in DNI Ratcliffe’s report and from the evidence seized by the Marine Raid on CIA headquarters on Sat Jan 09, 2021 which yielded unequivocal evidence of the stolen election to the military as well as
a CCP Chinese communist “KILL-LIST ” of US military Generals that would be killed by Chinese & American [Deep State] communist leaders in order to purge the military of patriot military leaders that would stand in the way of the Deep State CCP plan to
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3 Feb
Latest INTEL Updates 02.03.2021

"On Mon Feb 01 as per Executive Order #13848, those who were found to have conspired in and/or covered up 2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud – which included a majority of Congress, Big Tech, major corporations and Mass Media – would have all
of their assets frozen for thirty days during an investigation – the completion of which would likely result in assets being frozen permanently.

The old Cabal fiat US Dollar Central Banking System was no more. The Quantum Financial System Computer was in full control of the US
and global financial system.

The above were reasons experts predicted that there would be a major Stock Market Crash during Feb. and March 2021 – the DEATH of the CABAL.
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