Hear my 3 minutes at 1:17:30 on dangers of masking kids at 04.06.2021 for Gainesville

My new article on #RationalGround on the dangers of masking children

@justin_hart @jhaskinscabrera @Rational_Ground @KristenMeghan
I say:
Good evening. My name is Megan Mansell.

My relevant experience is district education director responsible for site integration of immunocompromised, profoundly disabled, undocumented, Autistic, and behaviorally challenged students under full ADA, IDEA, and OSHA compliance 2/
with a background in hazardous environs PPE applications, which includes which respirators work when and why.
My experience grants me the capacity, for instance, to understand specifically how none of you sitting before us tonight are protected against Covid size particulates 3/
nor are you protecting others.
Had you taken pause before jumping on the mask mandate bandwagon, you’d have considered that there are ZERO efficacy standards for child size masks. You are requiring untested, unregulated apparatuses which restrict breathing, cause increased 4/
CO2 exposure, and are a petri dish of secondary pathogen directly in front of oral/nasal mucosa.

The real kicker? Cloth and surgical masks are expressly non-mitigating for airborne pathogen. Covid size particulates have a minimum particle size of .06 microns, which even if 5/
part of a larger cluster still easily falls within the radically behaving particulate range. Add in plosive force, which is the varying outward respiratory pressure, and you have much like water through a garden hose on the mister setting - droplet into aerosol - where the

greater the fit, the greater the pressure of fine particulates in an outward plume, effectively taking what falls in a predictable 6 foot arc and sending it an 18-20 foot trajectory, remaining aloft for hours in enclosed spaces.
This exacerbates the spread of airborne

particulates. Immunocompromised individuals are better served through identification and separate access to shared spaces with environs sanitation between use, staffed by your employees in need of greater protection.

Additionally, you were all required to take extensive 8/
child psychology and human growth and development coursework, yet are seemingly ignoring the requirement of seeing lip, tongue, and tooth placement for linguistic onset and development, and the ability to emulate caregiver social cues. These missed milestones can take years to 9/
remediate, if remediation is even achievable.

By following these practices, you are in direct and constant violation of federal IDEA student integration rights segments 300.114-300.118, denying the children you serve least restrictive educational environment access, while

creating a heightened discriminatory atmosphere for employees you serve without accommodation required under ADA federal workplace integration access law, wherein mere presence does not constitute direct threat, even if transmissible with contagious pathogen. These practices

are OSHA noncompliant, as workplace respirator use for known pathogen requires medical clearance, medical consent, and a fit test of PPE correctly matched to the pathogen provided by the employer.

Best practice in accommodating this chaos would be to survey all within the 12/
district and match employees in need of additional precautions into tiered protective groupings, serving families with vulnerable members under stricter protocol based on buy-in and actual need. This does not require such extensive additional resources as you're currently 13/
burning through, and can be staffed in under the current matrix of services.

Your employees who want to be maskless should be able to breathe freely, as should the students you serve. Accommodation is about fitting the square peg students into the round hole classrooms by 14/
whittling away the restrictions of the classroom, not whittling away at the child, otherwise you are failing all whom you serve.
You can do far better.
Thank you.

Note: this was my working script. Changes were made as I spoke so it isn’t exact. Were I to add anything, it 15/
Would be that 90% of respiratory emissions have been shown to be in the <.3 micron range. The majority of masks not only do not filter Covid size particulates, but can exacerbate its spread in concentrated respiratory range plumes, increasing atmospheric viral load
My segment trimmed. Audio improves after about 20 seconds.
One of the other speakers from our concerned parent group

• • •

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23 Mar
On the verge of quitting.

This is all nonstop futility.

I have a medical exemption and have fought this for a year now, facing harassment and just positively ridiculous, horrible behavior from others, and I’m exhausted.
Dear very worried folks,
Ok so for starters, I picked the worst time to tweet that, as I was going to a farm in the middle of nowhere and some people took this *super* seriously - my DMs are stacked and I had like 100 responses.
I’m ok, but also not.
Let me explain. 1/
I have 3 young kids. My eldest was to start school this year, and @LeonCounty is a remaining district under mandate in Florida. I drove over 2 hours today carting my kids around to co-ops and normalcy, because were my son enrolled in school, I’d be unwelcome to visit is masked 2/
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20 Mar
@bobbygraham23 @AlexBerenson @abirballan @jhaskinscabrera I’m rather triggered by Howard, but think the following right off the bat should’ve had him laid out flat by someone who knew better: here, he claims that transmission is from infected droplets, when looking at minimum possible particle size under pressure would’ve shown that 1/
@bobbygraham23 @AlexBerenson @abirballan @jhaskinscabrera Covid is in the radically behaving particulate range when aerosolized, and aerosolization of droplet through a membrane would have removed masks as source control from the conversation. This is because as a droplet, this particulate range falls in a predictable 6 foot arc. 2/
@bobbygraham23 @AlexBerenson @abirballan @jhaskinscabrera When aerosolized, there is an 18-20 foot trajectory, which you can clearly see in an outward respiratory-range plume of fine particulates (downward trajectory of unmasked emissions next) 3/
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19 Feb
@bsmithtampabay I discuss further here, rationalground.com/indignation-in…

- but don’t you find it critical that we never had a national pivot after the CDC readily acknowledged airborne spread of Covid?

We never changed mitigation measures.
Masks exacerbate airborne spread.

Let’s talk about why
@bsmithtampabay When you force particulate through a membrane, you have to consider the behavior of the minimum possible particle size under pressure.
If your particulate (regardless of whether it contains a pathogen) falls under .4 microns, it no longer settles in a predictable manner.
@bsmithtampabay When a pathogen falls under that threshold, masks (or higher grade PPE) must be of a specific minimum grade to account for the radical behavior of particulates within that range. The minimum for personal protection is N95s plus eye protection.
Why not cloth or surgical?
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2 Feb
@RyanKemper10 @ScottAdamsSays @TherealzCRS Meaning to do this anyway. Strap in.

My main concern with masks is their ability to force filter droplet (with a predictable 6 foot arc) into aerosol, which has an 18-20 foot trajectory, remains aloft for gravity. It remains aloft for hours, and doesn’t respond predictably 1/🧵
@RyanKemper10 @ScottAdamsSays @TherealzCRS to gravity. It remains within respiratory range for hours, responds to airflow patterns, and is much harder to mitigate.

The process of forced filtration of droplet into aerosol:

@RyanKemper10 @ScottAdamsSays @TherealzCRS Exhale clouds in masks, right within respiratory range


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31 Dec 20
Sneezes are plosive events that send airborne Covid up to 10m in range.
Why do we sneeze, and do sneezes in masks exacerbate airborne spread?
Let’s discuss fiber friability as a catalyst.
A sneeze thread 🧵🤧
@crislerwyo @andrewbostom
First, the fibers themselves. Here, we see the longterm detriment that mask fiber friability causes, but short-term, these rogue fibers act as irritants increasing likelihood of sneezes in nasal irritation, and coughing in respiratory tract.


So the masks, which filter exhale at 4 μm or greater, not only do not block the Covid particulates at .06-1.4 μm, but pressurize exhale of smaller particulates that don’t respond predictably to gravity within respiratory range, increasing atmospheric viral load.
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21 Dec 20
@EnnalsEthan What you missed in your article regarding masks is the most critical oversight in all of Covid. Current mitigation efforts are solely for droplet - not airborne - and don’t address that masks make Covid MORE airborne during a plosive force generating event. 1/
There’s a reason surgical masks are expressly not for airborne contagion mitigation per OSHA and other governing agencies. This is general respiration. Notice anything?
How about here, in an N95? See anything concerning?
Basic math tells you why.
That’s the space remaining around aerosolized Covid particles through the exhale opening size in the best commercially available masks.
See the problem?
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