You'll be shocked to learn that NC's Bill 514 is a mess of lies and misdirection, in addition to being one of the most straightforwardly fascist anti-LGBT bills the GOP has mustered in recent memory.
Apologies while I go through this.
a) 'Encouragement' is untrue. It's unclear what 'assisting' means.
b) 'Experimental' is a loaded term. It's off-label, yes, but puberty blockers have been long studied for precocious puberty. That is, we know what they do.
Once again, this is untrue. No one is doing bottom surgery on minors. And regarding cosmetic surgery: This is actually legal... for cis people. But it's still untrue, because if you went on puberty blockers, you're less likely to need cosmetic surgery.
a) Yes, that's the point.
b) This is incompatible with an earlier claim they make that most children desist (thank you fucking Jesse Singal).
c) This means... that most children who take these steps are actually transgender.
d) 'Poorly studied' and 'unproven' is false.
The overwhelming majority of evidence finds that transition helps people, and this is true for minors as well, though it has less study due to, well, the nature of it.
Once again I am baffled by the narrative that every major psychological organization is somehow being controlled by trans activists, or postmodernists or whatever. Again, with no evidence other than feels.
a) 'Sterilization'... This is untrue if you go off of puberty blockers.
It's true that you do need to make that choice and it sucks to have to do it so young. But you can bank sperm, for instance.
Note that they don't say how MUCH of an increased risk is posed, nor what KINDS of cancer risks are increased.

'Lifetime' of 'infections' is just straight up false. There's a risk of infection with any surgery, but, again, minors are not having these surgeries.
You absolute fucking ghouls. Eat shit.
TO BE CLEAR: What studies DO show is that medical interventions alone are not enough. DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS NEEDED? IN FACT, WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING???

This is such a fucking skeezy move. Does anything else define 'minor' as being under 21? IANAL, but. This is a trick to let them talk about 'children' and 'minors' when it actually applies to adults as well.
Good thing they remembered to put in that intersex people can still be operated on without their consent.
#SB514 makes conversion therapy explicitly legal in NC. This doesn't restrict it to trans people, either. I'm honestly rather frustrated that this isn't getting much attention.
What's particularly galling, but not at all surprising, is that this entire section is about parental rights, while the previous section says that parents DON'T have the right to make any decisions. We all know that conservatives have no morals or principles, but still.
And here's the infamous 'reporting for gender nonconformity' clause. Again, I'm not a lawyer but isn't the first part really broad? None of this seems to apply specifically to trans people so much as LGBT people in general and anyone who acts out of expectations. It's wild.
Again, this does NOT specify 'minors'.
I'm not a lawyer, but some of these things strike me as... unconstitutional or in direct conflict with other laws, particularly privacy laws and sex discrimination laws. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets toned down by the time it gets vetoed and then overridden, etc.
But I don't think that's the point. The point is to send a message to everyone that NC does not want transgender people and to try to reach for as much as they can, so they can 'compromise' down.

• • •

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7 Apr
Real talk: I'm not going to say that journalists shouldn't ever cover any difficult trans issues. I couldn't say that.

But... it's honestly bizarre how many people seem to believe (or at least argue) that their work exists in a vacuum.
It's not particularly controversial to know that if a topic is covered in a particularly biased way, if it is lopsided, if it is sensationalized, etc. then that will influence people's beliefs, even if a particular article is factually correct.
Most people in this country know very, very little about trans healthcare, what it entails, what the process is for medical transition, and things like that. They have no basis to understand what is normal and what is not.
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7 Apr
I think part of my problem with genius worship is that it's rarely historically accurate. There have occasionally been people who work far ahead of the cutting edge, but those instances are incredibly rare.
Like, science is an iterative social process, it's not a bunch of dudes with big brains thinking really hard and then lives get better. You look at a lot of innovations or discoveries and in their proper context, they seem inevitable.
There's a reason that when you learn about the history of science you often come across disputes about who discovered or invented or whatever something first.
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6 Apr
One thing that annoys me with the sort of surgery-first framing is that when we're talking about gender confirming treatments for youth, we're talking about two things: Puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy.
But for those who are still uninformed: The entire point of puberty blockers is to give a child more time to decide what they wish to do.

That is to say: If your concern is with young people thinking they are transgender then regretting it... THEY WOULD HELP.
I have to explain it repeatedly, but there is NO NULL CHOICE. Not doing anything results in people going through puberty. HRT results in going through, well, a different puberty.
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5 Apr
I feel like I am going insane looking at boomers seeing a pretty simple chart and completely refusing to understand it.
I don't see how you see A NEW CATEGORY FOR 350k DEATHS and go, "Pandemic fake". Like, MAYBE you can argue that if the jump in injuries, if it likely means a jump in ODs, was caused by the lockdown, but... it could also be caused by the pandemic in general.
Or by neither! Causes are hard! But you know what you can't deny?
a) The pandemic killed a lot of people
b) The lockdown did not cause suicides to rise
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5 Apr
Once AGAIN I constantly need to remind super smart, ultra intelligent dudes who are fans of only the smartest men that infectious diseases that spread by airborne transmission are not the same as others.
While, yes, sure, a mosquito spread disease could be transmitted from me to you without my knowing it, you can see why it's far more likely to happen if it's airborne right???????
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