Maybe you aren’t understanding the crisis in expertise. Many of us believe we’re lied to by institutions & experts as a matter of daily life. About masks. About time scales to flatten the curve. About economic destruction. About the virus origin. About long term personal freedom.
You and I are addressing different problems. You are trying to tell people who still believe in our experts to follow expert advise.

I’m trying to solve the problem of experts chasing away people from vaccines by promoting them after lying about PPE, Wuhan, Weeks to flatten...
Brian, our experts and institutions have lied a lot. I know many people who now disbelieve anything they are told by the CDC or NPR or WHO or NYT. They have responded to official lies by putting a giant minus sign in front of all expert recommendations. How are you reaching them?

• • •

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7 Apr
In strong GU:

SU(3) x SU(2) x U(1) (Standard Model)

Is contained in U(3)xU(2) inside


(Before the more difficult non compact Spin(6,4).)

I’d look first to the extra 1D reductive U(1) if the experiments hold up. Then to Spin(6) x Spin(4): Image
As far as Fermion quantum number predictions that could open up new channels, Strong GU makes clear predictions. Explicitly, here would be the next Spin-1/2 particles internal symmetries we should find: Image
Additionally, Strong GU predicts that there will be 16 Spin-3/2 particles with Standard model symmetries conjugate to the Spin-1/2 generations and gives their ‘internal’ quantum numbers as: Image
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7 Apr
Why the Left is focused on Climate & Vaccines even Beyond Legitimate Interest in Climate & Vaccines.

Let me say first why I hang out with libertarians despite being anti-libertarian. I enjoy liberty. I like personal freedom and think of personal responsibility as a core virtue.
It feels to me like conservatives and libertarians are all we have defending individuals from collective force. So I enjoy their commitment to one of my core beliefs: radical individualism and liberty.

Ok. So why be anti-libertarian? Because collective action is always an issue.
In my experience, libertarians pretend that the interaction terms linking the effects of our behaviors on each other are weak. This is crazy making.

OTOH, Lefties tend to exaggerate the interaction terms as being enormous making everything they don’t like into a communal issue.
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31 Mar
I think folks get confused that Jeffrey Epstein was valued for providing sex to his circle.

I don’t think that’s right. Many in his circle had access to sex.

You have to take a next step to see it.

The thing Epstein offered that his friends just couldn’t get...was silence.
Think I’m wrong? Then where are any competent probing articles on this story in national news media.

Every one of us who talks about this story knows fear. I do. All the time. Fear is the product. Sex silenced by terror.

Are you a reporter? Then why haven’t you filed the story?
Ask for the hedge fund filings. Ask on the whereabouts of the contents of his Villard House office. Then try to get some rest.

Not so easy as it sounded right?

No, Epstein provided a blackout curtain of silence woven from implied terror. And you need state cooperation for that.
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28 Mar
“My phone is in there.”

This is how I see internet culture & our degraded current version of life as a game.

Jan 6th felt the same: “You don’t get memes bro: a Viking is epic!”

All becomes LARPing. A man lies lifeless beside his own hijacked car: “My phone...”

On what planet?
Increasingly, nothing feels real or momentous. A man lies dead or soon to be dead and it literally has no impact on the person responsible.

“When everything feels like the movies...” was always a good line. It got a huge boost from the smartphone.

Nothing is worth this.
I’m sure somewhere in Brooklyn some writer at what used to be a newspaper is thinking: “Oh man, I have an epic white supremacy angle on this story that no one will see coming. This is the #1619project story only I could do.” I just want to know who this man was. What was he like.
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25 Mar
How can a political Left be:

Pro-billionaire and anti-worker?

Pro-empathy w ‘fragility’ accusations as its response to pain that cashes out in sky high differential suicide rates.

Pro-Science by not permitting questioning of public health/climate?

Pro inclusion, anti white.
Anti-McCarthyist, Pro-Cancelation blacklisting.

Pro-Diversity w zero-tolerance for viewpoint diversity.

Have a Magazine called Mother Jones and spit ‘Deplorables’ on those coal/steel families for whom Mother Jones fought.

Want “No more police” protecting. our most vulnerable.
Let’s be honest at least: This isn’t the Left. This is a hostile takeover of everything the principled thinking compassionate Left has ever stood for. Period.

And to my conservative friends, thanks for the invites. But I’d rather you help get our home invasion under control.
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24 Mar
Blues songs never come up in conversation in my life the way pop/jazz standards do. In 40 years of avid listening, no one I know has ever mentioned “The Sky is Crying”, “Dust my broom”, “Smokestack Lightning”, “I’ll play the blues for you.” It’s a purely personal interest to me.
Occasionally someone mentions “The Thrill is gone” but never “Sweet little Angel”. Or they’ll mention a song that they heard from Eric Clapton, the Doors, the Stones etc.

But I haven’t had a “blues friend” who deeply cares about this since Ed Tuttle in high school. Seems so odd.
Just curious if anyone out there has such an interest in the blues but finds it has ZERO social currency or resonance in their life.

This occurred to me when I was trying to formulate how both perfectly similar and opposite BB and Albert King are to me at exactly the same time.
Read 4 tweets

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