Shared with permission, Dr Mike Yeadon:
Doctors and Scientists Accuse Medical Regulator of Downplaying COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers
The European Medicines Agency is misleading citizens into medical experimentation, experts warn
April 7th, 2021
2/ "As vaccine passports are being proposed around the world, doctors and scientists from 25 countries have contested regulators' claims that COVID-19 vaccines are safe.
On April 1st the experts issued a rebuttal letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA),...
3/ ...following the regulator’s dismissal of their earlier warnings regarding COVID-19 vaccine dangers from clotting and bleeding.
Within days of the EMA receiving the group’s original letter on March 1st, outlining risks of blood disorders from COVID-19 vaccines, ...
4/ ...over a dozen countries suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine following deaths from clotting and bleeding, as the doctors had warned.
On March 23rd, however, the EMA dismissed the group’s concerns as relating to “minor” and “rare” events, concluding that...
5/...“a positive benefit-risk balance has been established.”
The doctors and scientists have hit back, accusing the EMA of misleading the public on the vaccines’ true risk-benefit profile. “Your reply of March 23 is unconvincing and unacceptable,” they wrote, ...
6/ ...noting that recorded cases of life-threatening cerebral venous thrombosis (CSVT) post-vaccination likely “represent just the tip of a huge iceberg”. Common reactions to vaccination, including headache, nausea, blurred vision and vomiting, they state, are symptoms of CSVT,..
7/ ...and should be assessed as such, immediately.
Clotting and bleeding after vaccination can also “be expected to increase with each re-vaccination, and each intervening coronavirus exposure” the group warned. Over time “this renders both repeated vaccination and...
8/ ...common coronaviruses dangerous to young and healthy age groups, for whom - in the absence of ‘vaccination’ - COVID-19 poses no substantive risk."
“Such is the real risk-benefit analysis of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’. ...
9/ ...Either the EMA lacks the subject-matter expertise to appreciate the molecular science of this reality, or it lacks the medical ethics to act accordingly.”
The group, Doctors for Covid Ethics, which includes professors of immunology and microbiology, ...
10/ ...described the EMA’s responses to their concerns as “unscientific”, “vague”, and lacking credibility. They have offered to liaise with the agency to mitigate against vaccination risks and ethics violations, including helping the EMA to ...
11/ ...“craft a focussed pharmacovigilance plan.” The experts stress that all signs and symptoms of thrombosis post vaccination, such as headaches and nausea, must be assessed using D-dimer tests, in order to “rapidly diagnose” thrombotic events. ...
12/ ...The group warned that continuing to administer inadequately tested, and inadequately monitored, gene-based COVID-19 vaccines represents dangerous medical experimentation, whose “true risks far outweigh any theoretical benefits”, reflecting “serious violations of ...
13/ ...medical ethics and citizens’ medical rights.”
“Misleading populations into accepting investigational agents such as the gene-based COVID-19 ‘vaccines’, or coercing them through ‘vaccine passports’, constitutes clear and egregious violations of the Nuremberg Code”, ...
14/ they caution.
The letter is addressed to Emer Cooke, Executive Director of the EMA, and was copied to the lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, Charles Michel, President of the Council of Europe, and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission."

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18 Mar
From Mike Yeadon on Telegram:
"Hello everyone! Alive & kicking. I don’t have my own channel but o am still doing what I can to keep science honest.
Here’s my take on vaccination. I don’t think there’s a more important time to think, be still, anticipate where your near term...
2/ ...decisions will lead us.
Here’s my take on vaccination:
1. Healthy people under 60 are at a very low risk from the virus. If you didn’t seek a flu vaccine then you definitely don’t need this vaccine because flu risk is greater than covid risk...
3/ ... for the under-70s.
2. I do not believe for one minute that vaccination will result in our freedoms being returned. The whole coercive act around forcing people who won’t benefit to get vaccinated is to get digital ID on everyone.
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15 Mar
Mike Yeadon’s thoughts on Vanden Bossche video from Telegram:
1/ Tbh I’m unsure what to make of it.
I just don’t believe the basic premises. He’s saying vaccination while the virus is ‘prevalent’ will force ‘escape mutants’.
2/ First, the virus isn’t prevalent at the moment. Testing outside hospitals is no longer finding genuine positives. Lateral flow tests have been sitting on the stops for a month at least (pretty much in the false positive rate, net zero in other words).
3/ Probably true too for PCR, but the criminals running that never acknowledge or report the FPR.
So there’s that.
As for ‘escape mutants’, there’s not the slightest solid evidence of any, contrary to lies in the media (& even some bad science published on the preprint servers..
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Article by Dan Astin Gregory on FB
Many people are angry and frustrated with the UK governments handing the of the Pandemic, with many questioning Boris Johnson’s leadership...
2/ However, as I learn more about the situation globally I believe that the focus on any individual government is misguided.
Rather I have come to believe that the WHO, or more specifically the leadership of current Director General Tedros Adhamom Ghebreyesus...
3/ is at the very heart of the problems we are experiencing as a result of the measures that are being implemented.
At the latest WHO press conference a concept called ‘supported isolation’ was revealed.
The WHO’s own definition quarantine means;...
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