Time to translate
Armin:"I know your attack titan can see the future. So you said those horrible things to us?"
Eren:"I was desperate to push you both away, I made up stuff as I went along. Sorry."
Armin: "It was all bullshit? I'm gonna tell Mikasa"
Armin: "All so that you could become a demon, and when we defeat you we'll be heroes to humanity?"
Eren: "right"
Eren:"you'll be the most respected people in the whole world"

He was Lelouching lmao
Eren: War is impossible cause I killed 80% of the world. You must protect the Island like the Tybur family
Armin: I need to know this, did you really do it for us?
Eren: let's go to a place we wanted to see. Have a walk and talk. I'll show you the story of our founder Ymir
Boring shit about river made of fire

Eren: so what did zeke tell you?
Armin: that.. Ymir stayed in paths cause she was linked with Karl Fritz
Eren: even after gaining the power of a god, she kept obeying the man who burned her hometown, killed her parents and cut off her tongue
Armin: why would she do that?
Eren: I couldnt believe it, but I saw it in paths.... Founder Ymir LOVED Karl Fritz
Last text bubble says "That was the true nature of her bond with the royal family. She was not a slave"
Eren:" It's impossible to understand the heart of Ymir. But it seems she too struggled to find freedom.

For 2000 years, she waited for someone to free her from the pain of love. That someone is Mikasa"
Time for some shitty Avengers humor

"What? Did you say Mikasa?!"
"Yeah I said Mikasa. You weren't even listening..."
"I was!"
"But why Mikasa?"
"I don't know Armin, only Ymir does"
"And I don't know what Mikasa will do next(after I die)"

Also hello to scarf-kun
Eren: everything happened cause of mikasa's choice (in 123 i think?). I picked a fight with all of humanity that I wasn't sure I'd win cause of that.
Armin: the future you saw at the award ceremony (chapter 90). I was so lonely afterwards. It hurt me so much....
Armin saying he was the most hurt is a gem of comedy.

Also last row of panels
Eren: Armin... I'm all fucked up in the head. The Paths, they work forwards and backwards in time. So I can't help what I'm doing. It just happens
Yeah you already know what this says
This is why we need homophobia 🙏
Armin: "do you think Mikasa will move on as you wished"
Eren: I dunno

This is the same guy who said "There is nothing further removed from freedom than ignorance"
I'm gonna have dinner. Be back in like 15 minutes
"You and me could never have a fair fight" well that was a fucking like


Armin: atleast she'll move on and find a nice guy

CHADmin: everything you say is pathetic

Eren: its the truth... but please dont tell Mikasa....
Eren: Mikasa, I love you. I want to be with you. I dont want to die

SIMPmin: Eren... don't give up!! We can still find a way to save you

Eren: no. Everyone wants me dead anyways (fuck you to the Reiss Cave scene I guess). I can't be allowed to live....
Grisha: His name... is Eren
Eren: I just wanted to know (i think it's meant like he wanted to have) freedom....
Grisha: You are free
Eren: Now's the time. Armin, I will erase your memories
Eren: Next time we meet we'll fight to the death. But you'll remember these memories after the fight.

Armin: I won't let your sacrifice (your sasageyos) be in vain. (He's talking the same way Erwin talked in RtS wtf)
Eren: I dont know what will happen after I die... but because of you I was able to reach the ocean... if anyone can save mankind; it's you, Armin
I really don't want to do part 2 cause I don't want to see Historia getting farmed. But unlike cuckren yeager, I just keep moving forwards despite adversity.
Boring. I wish you all ate the shifter who had the Interesting Character Titan.
Mikasa also got memories like Armin did, entirely off-screen lmao

In bold text, The Power Of The Titans Has Disappeared.
It's gone. With Eren dead I think it just went poof and fucked off to a better manga

Jean: That fool... he's so full loyalty
Reiner: Eren... You were just a [good] kid
Connie: He even turned my mom human!!!
Annie: That guy just told us he wants us to live long lives... Damn.. Suicidal... Blockhead
Reiner Helos stans come get your mans
This shit is so saccharine I'm going to puke.

Levi: So you've been watching? This is the end. I dedicated my heart
Falbi getting fed real good.

Reiner: Mom... I- I'm not the Armored Titan anymore...
Karina: Really? I'm glad.
Reiner: WUH
Karina: I'm sorry Reiner... That's all I can say
Mikasa: I'm going
Armin: where
Mikasa: I cant bury eren here... I'm gonna put him at that spot where he can rest.... he always loved snoozing there
Armin: Ah, that would be such a nice place for him

The tree from episode 1 for those who are slow
Annie's daddy: listen, Muller. The power of the titans is gone. Eren yeager is dead. We are just ordinary humans now.
Muller: can you prove it?
*Marleyan soldiers telling Muller to let them fire*
Armin: If we had the power of the titans, we would have used it. However the fact that we let you aim guns at us is proof we are ordinary humans
Muller: Who... even are you?
Armin: Armin Arlert, an eldian from Paradis Island who killed Eren Yeager
It doesnt come at all. The manga doesnt even show the Talk no Jutsu succeed. We just skip ahead a few years
Remember when you guys said this was fake?

"3 years later"
She gets it from eren. Along with her eyebrows

Based Yeagerists form a fascist dictatorship so they can defend Paradis from the world and other traitors. I love their symbol.

You've already seen the text in the leaks, their motto is "if you fight you win, if you can't fight you lose, tatakae, tatake"
these two pages are great for playing "Spot all the side characters"
"Eldia. The world. One must disappear for the other to live. I don't think Eren did anything wrong. Nobody can say they know for sure. But he left this world to us, to *me*. I chose this path. And because of Eren, we now can live"

Historia is a yeagerist but not a yeager :(
Armin:"A world with no titans"
Reiner: beautiful handwriting, letter smells nice
Jean: stop lusting after a married woman
Pieck: why are you styling your hair
Jean: For the girls who read history books
connie: dont you mean horse encyclopedias?
jean: sad that eren let you live
they do be dripping tho. its clear that the Alliance now live with humanity, rather than Paradis.
Spoke too soon lol
Annie asks whether the peace negotiations headed by Armin will work.
Pieck says she wouldnt be surprised if they failed
Connie says Her Majesty will protect them and wont fail to bring peace
Annie: "even when we (marley) are weak the fight dont stop huh?"
Armin says "But when everyone sees us together like this they'll change their mind"
Armin: And so our story ends. Which path will Paradis choose? Will they answer our appeal to peace?
Armin: "We can always talk it out..." :)
Now that we are 3 pages away from the end... this is the ending ost. put this on and read from the beginning

"Eren is coming to see everyone soon..."
*looks to gravestone*
"Are you happy?"
*crying* "I just wish I could meet you again"
bird eren: dont you dare let that scarf get loose, hoe. You're my bitch forever and that's your collar. don't you forget it.
"Thank you... For wrapping this scarf around me, Eren"
And that was SnK! Sorry that Isayama had to change the ending from AnR + EH. Maybe we'll get a real ending some day. This chapter was one last, great fuck you from Isayama to everyone. Hideaki Anno wishes he was this good. Its been a pleasure tweeting this with you all
To the readers, this story did not exist until 2009 when Isayama wrote it with his hand, it became a picture, gained meaning, became a story, was published in Bessatsu Shonen mag. These 11 years and 7 months we've shared more than good times, we've shared sorrow, trouble 1/
seperations, but through this story I believe many people have found themselves expressed in ways they cannot put it in words. I don't think this manga was anything important/worthwhile. I am glad we could share these emotions through "Attack on Titan". 2/
The series has ended, but this memory will always warm our hearts. Thank you for not speedreading. the real tatakae begins now (telling us to tatakae in our lives and move on)!!!
I will now read all your comments and pretend like I never read this garbage. shoutout to @Beruyumiru, go follow them

• • •

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Levi guesses that Eren took Armin to Paths like he did Zeke
Past memories are revealed
Armin saw someone waking up in Paths that we didnt see in chapter 137
Armin sees mikasa come out crying,holding eren's head Image
Titans have changed back to the way they were, everyone is fine

Levi saw the commander HanJi and others in paths

Jean and Connie saw Sasha smiling in paths

Reiner, mother and son embrace Armin to deal with the endgame

Mikasa takes the lead
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