There are protests against the chief archaka at Tirumala for saying jagan is “vishnu incarnate” - that he’s a ysrcp lackey and he should resign. I agree with them, it’s a disgusting thing to say - and shows how govt/political interference has corrupted traditional temple systems.
why should TTD appointees change every five years according to the election cycle? so that political parties can make appointments based on loyalty or who sells out to them the easiest? why does endowments even have a ministry instead of a govt-independent body?
this is another huge layer to the temple control issue. as long as temples are in the hands of governments and political parties, Hindu sentiments and Hindu wealth are at their disposal. both can and will be used to manipulate Hindus emotions to win elections.
until this dirty cycle ends, no politician will actually be willing to do any work or focus on development. communal rhetoric will continue to dominate election discourse and campaigns rather than governance. Hindus are literally bakras for slaughter in every single sphere.

• • •

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8 Apr
The inscription says: “This quadrant (turyam) was made by Buhlo-Varma, having worshipped the feet of the husband of the mountain goddess [i.e. Siva], so that the wise may know the time". engraved in Sanskrit.
Another quadrant from Kutch, 1815

inscriptions read: "Today, in the city of Bhuj, during the victorious reign of Mahārāja Rāu Śrī Bhāramalajī, this dhruvabhrama-yantra of Paṇḍyā Premajī, son of Śrī Paṇḍyā Vīrajī, was made [by] Sonī Morārajī." Image
Second inscription: "In the Saṃvat year 1872 of the reign of the glorious king Vikramārka, in the current year 1738 of Śālivāhana era, on Friday, the eleventh day of the dark half of Jyaiṣṭha. On this day the sun’s tropical longitude (sāyano raviḥ) is 3|0|0|0;
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8 Apr
“while the very forms of Indian art are moulded in a supernatural conception of the universe. So subtly poised is it upon this pinnacle that the mere touch of the freethinker and reformer, one fears, may send it shattered to the ground” Image
how Hindu social reformers ruined the devadasi/dancing girl traditions - subsequent refusal to support them as earlier turned them into outcastes where they were once happy, prosperous, religious, and dedicated to the arts with utmost personal freedom. ImageImage
the issue with all social reform, even if rooted in good intentions, then and now. is the current structure being replaced with something more functional, at a lesser personal cost to the lives of which change is sought? the answer is almost always no. Image
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6 Apr
came across some really sick sick stuff that windy doniger wrote. what in the bloody hell is wrong with her? she’s so perverted, sexually depraved, and nasty that I need to wash my eyes with gangajal after reading what she wrote. just have a look at the index Image
giving doniger the vedas is like giving కోతికి కొబ్బరికాయ Image
says “pāyas” (milk) actually means semen and writes a whole chapter. don’t ask me why ImageImage
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2 Apr
Two years ago, head archaka of Bhadrachalam Rāma temple was in tears about how, for the Sita-Rama Kalyanam, the temple administration would give them 2 lakhs and a string of pearls to conduct the entire festival every year. not for lack of funds! before all its lands were stolen
Bhadrachalam was one of the most well endowed temples in the state after Tirumala and Simhachalam. you can’t even pitch a tent and set up a proper stage for 2 lakhs they want an entire kalyanam to be conducted. now look at the incredulous proposal of some Hindus - instead of the
govt allotting a budget, an “elected body” should dictate to these temples how they’re allowed to allocate budget for various rituals/ festivities. it’s not enough if the admin is handed over to them, and a yearly external audit is conducted, whose findings are published online.
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20 Mar
Audrey is small fish. She's a bottom feeder and is just weaponizing already existing narratives about Aurangjeb and the rest of the Turkic invaders. Eaton is a much more influential and respected historian that puts forth pretty much the same ideas except with tact and class.
Both contend that Aurangjeb (and others) didn't destroy temples out of islamic fanaticism but in pursuit conquest, material gain, and slaves - and left some temples unharmed. But no matter how these actions are minimized, the bottom line remains the same - sparing a few temples
that didn't seem to suit their purposes at the time doesn't make them benevolent.

Destroying temples, beheading Brahmins and Hindus, massacring cows, raping and enslaving the women and children then converting the rest to IsIam doesn't mean they're "misunderstood".
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20 Mar
'Manifest destiny' was the continuation of the Christian Doctrine of Discovery adapted to 19th century US colonial aspirations. The US Homestead Act of 1862 quickened the long-term appropriation of indigenous land and its selective distribution to white Christian settlers.
The Act, which continued in force until 1976, distributed 270,000,000 acres – about 10% of the land in the US. This Native American land was given for free, in 160-acre allotments, to any white person who built a house, fence, and well and tilled at least 10 acres of it.
Though legally open to anyone who filed the papers and made the required improvements, few white women, free blacks, Jews or others who were not white Christian men were allowed to gain homestead status.
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