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7 Apr, 16 tweets, 4 min read
I have been on the pursuit of ‘less but better’ this past month and wow what a difference to life it makes.

Slowing down has helped me focus AND achieve more.

If like me you’re used to running your life 100mph but want to slow down, here are a few things to help:
On work:

Defining what I want my work to look like is the first step I took. What work do I like and enjoy? How can I do more of it? What don’t I like doing and how I do less of it? Success is waking up and going to bed and in the middle doing the things that you love and enjoy.
I made a list and had a conversation with my boss. It wasn’t all yes sure but it did open a door to where I would like to be.

I’m always amazed at the power of asking for what you want. Sometimes all the answers we want are behind the door that we’re too afraid to knock on.
I spend too much of my life at work to not at least enjoy or like what I’m doing, or at least be doing things to my own terms at a reasonable level.

Working hours, type of work, flexibility, progression, extra help: all in a conversation. Ask and ask for more.
On finances:

I’m at a point where my focus is 100% on earning more. I touched more on this on my @savespendinvest Instagram page.
@zimism has recently been talking about the idea of ‘quiet wealth’ which has been on my mind since the year started so I sat down to ask myself: what do I want to earn this year and how do I get there?

There are 365 days in a year, why do you only get paid 12 days out of them?
I’m a lazy hard working girl. I maximise efficiency so I don’t have to do much work because really and truly enjoyment is why I’m here and God promised me an abundant life.

I digress. I currently have two businesses- one product, one service based @adayahouse @savespendinvest
I sit down and do the crazy numbers it’ll take to get there. Build the audience first and it’s 50% easier from there.

Service based biz is currently easier to scale with my audience so I work out what I can sell to less people with a higher price. More money. Less stress.
On relationships:

Showing up in your relationships is different in each season but communication will always be important.

I cannot stress how important it is to know your friends love languages. I find that I’m my happiest when my friends are also at their happiest.
2 hours of quality FaceTime instead of 100 texts allows you to be more present, with more focus and less stress of being out of touch for too long.

Scheduling helps a ton and the occasional I’m thinking of you texts go a longer way than you’d know.
Making time for your partner through date nights, whether virtual or IRL will make your relationships better. We get so busy with everything and everyone else that taking out time to prioritise your significant other for a small but focused time works wonders in reconnecting.
On knowledge/ learning:

Idk how many newsletters you’re subscribed to but I was desperately struggling to curate the way I consume all of my very helpful but often unread email newsletters.

I pride myself on being able to curate my online content so well but emails? Lol.
To pursue less but better I asked myself what sort of information I am in pursuit of *right now*. Whilst I’d love to consume information that could help me in a years time, I don’t have the mental bandwidth for all of that.

And so I prioritise what I want to learn more of now.
I unsubscribe from everything that’s not that and set reminders to read the remaining at a set time every week.

Regardless of when they come in, they’ll all be read at the same time which also helps me focus my ever wild running creative mind.
I would love to build an email system that helps filter and read the most important ones first and archive/bookmark them in a way that I could easily go back to or reallocate them but that’s a project for another day!
And that’s it folks, if you made it this far thanks for reading! Let me know what you think and retweet so other people can benefit from it too :)

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