There is zero doubt that the majority of South Asian studies and Indology departments and the twisted colonial gaze and agenda they normalize and that filters down into K-12 curriculum, constitutes CURRICULUM VIOLENCE for Hindu students and on Hinduism.…
Ighodaro & Wiggan "coined the term curriculum violence in their 2010 work "Curriculum Violence: America’s New Civil Rights Issue." They defined it as a 'deliberate manipulation of academic programming' which 'compromises the intellectual or psychological well-being of learners.'
Unlike some of the examples in the linked article, curriculum violence on Hindus and Hinduism is not about reenacting ancestral trauma. Instead, it entails the distortion, misrepresentation, mockery, and gaslighting of our truth and our ancestral and contemporary trauma.
It involves denying us the authority to re-examine colonial scholarship about Hinduism & Hindu history, and reducing any attempt to do so as a part of the "Hindu nationalist agenda". That unexamined, un-critiqued, colonial scholarship then continues to be heralded as the truth.
The resulting curriculum violence impacts Hindu students and families and also biases the general public consciousness about Hindu Americans, Hinduism, & India in violent and dangerous ways. It is nothing short of dangerous propaganda and has little to do with academic freedom.
CURRICULUM VIOLENCE HAS HAPPENED AND DOES HAPPEN TO EVERY OTHER MINORITIZED COMMUNITY IN THE UNITED STATES. There should be ZERO hesitation in recognizing that it is probably the case vis-a-vis Hindus.

• • •

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More from @indumathi37

6 Apr
This tenured white prof whose career is built on Indian land (ie the womb of Hinduism) has the AUDACITY to perform solidarity with BIPOC in one tweet and deny the very existence of Hinduphobia in another. These are the scholars supporting AT. 👏🏽PAY ATTENTION👏🏽 @RutgersU 👏🏽 ImageImageImage
These BLATANT colonizers continue to plunder and manipulate and twist and steal and profit off of Bharat and our ancient knowledge that our ancestors died and fought to preserve.

And they silence ANY DISSENT by crying Hindutva.
They will not be happy until Hinduism is destroyed and then they can profit off of benevolently studying its remains. Our remains. Look. Around. The. Planet. Look at what they’ve done already. They’re still doing it. To us.
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4 Apr
A suggestion if you’re interested in being more than a Twitter rant Hindu: We need more specialists & fewer diagnosticians & generalists.

Anti-Hinduism/Hinduphobia/-misia - all the manifestations of the colonial gaze & agenda - are mechanized w/in social & public institutions.
These institutions include education, academic disciplines like Indology & South Asian studies, law, entertainment media, journalism, social media, literature.

What I‘ve observed is that folks easily diagnose the “ecosystem” and suggest building an alternate one, which is super
But we also cannot cede, imo , the existing ones. We have a right to have access to and be included in them. And we can learn from them.

My humble suggestion: it’s understandable to be angry when you see all the horrible ways in which hatred for and distortions of our tradition
Read 13 tweets
3 Apr
Folks who call themselves Hindu and actively deny that Hinduphobia exists are grossly miseducated about our community’s historical and contemporary targeted persecution. They need to stop, listen, and learn. (I’m being generous. At this point it’s willful ignorance. )
Hindus who deploy their identity to actively erase and silence their own people are weapons of Western imperialism. Their job is to invite the neocolonization of Hinduism and to make the West feel justified in their past and present “interventions” of Hindu civilization.
Hindus who don’t actively deny Hinduphobia but also don’t speak out and *do something* about it are complicit in this.

We get to be Hindu now because some of our ancestors fought, resisted, and rejected Western imperialism ...
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31 Mar
I suspect that a lot of Hindu Americans of Indian descent don’t actually know much about Indian socio-politics and Hindtuva but are so afraid of being vilified by American society because of xenophobia and anti-Asian hate that they simply adopt the popular progressive stance.
My experience & my research show that Hindu Americans are actually very open minded and want to better understand what’s happening in India but they can’t find spaces or resources that resonate. Or the sources use so much Indian inspeak and jargon that they make no sense to them.
Once they subscribe to the progressive stance (or don’t reject it), their identity is then leveraged by others as a weapon against Hindu Americans and Indian Hindus who do recognize that Indian sociopolitics are not being depicted accurately by the Western progressive press.
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27 Mar
Hinduphobia (-misia,-dvesha) is the logic of colonization. (Like racism is the logic of enslavement.)

It’s not that people misunderstood Hinduism and therefore colonized Hindus. It's that they demonized Hinduism *in order to justify* colonizing, genociding, raping Hindus.
Therefore, it follows that helping folks understand Hinduism better will not undo or unravel Hinduphobia. It's not a matter of education.

The source of the problem is that some people benefit from Hinduphobia AND from denying its existence.
It is really important for there to be better Hinduism education. 108%. That work has to happen. It is a part of recovering from the damage of colonization, both past and present.

That can happen in tandem with working to address the roots of Hinduphobia...
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25 Mar
It is significant that on 3/23/21, the U.S. Congress recognized the 50th Anniversary of the Bangladeshi Hindu Genocide. This is an important step, although Congress doesn't get cookies for simply doing the right thing.…
"Ms. JACKSON LEE. Madam Speaker, I rise in sad remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the Bengali Hindu Genocide, and celebrate and honor the
lives of the more than two million Bengali Hindu persons who were systematically killed by the Pakistani Army when it launched an..."
"offensive into East Pakistan, present-day Bangladesh, thus beginning the 10-month reign of terror known as "Operation Searchlight.''

Over that time, approximately 2 to 3 million people were killed, over 200,000 women were raped in organized rape camps, and..."
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