SIMP 1: Validates the "queen" hoping to score some points BUT gets a not so favourable response

Treat her like a celebrity & she'll treat you like a fan. Any man with self respect will not validate random women on the internet
SIMP 2: Posts "his girl" regularly on Twitter to random strangers - to validate the "queen" & applauds from said strangers. Now complains when she attracts attention of other guys

Advertise your treasure to potential pirates & come back shocked when a raid occurs??? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
THE WINNER: It's the "queen" all of her pawns elevated her, they're playing checkers, she playing chess.

•got to boost her ego by humiliating some random simp
•another ego boost from her simp boyfriend fighting for her
•an extra ego boost from all the attention


• • •

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7 Apr
If you don't give a woman space, she will make space.

Yes you feel her & she loves you, so it's only logical that you guys are always together

But women aren't logical creatures, they're emotional beings
Women live in their feelings & emotions & they need space to engage their feelings & emotions

•to miss you
•to wonder about you
•to day dream about you
•to anticipate the next time she's going to be with you

If she can't feel these emotions, you're robbing her
If you're robbing her off these feelings & emotions, you become BORING

And by now you should know the most fatal taboo you can commit to a woman is being BORING

She can't feel those emotions if you're always with her

And the end result is her saying "I NEED A BREAK"
Read 4 tweets
7 Apr

If you want women, then you must learn game, then become good at gaming.

Your looks, money & status will get your foot into the door but it will not cure your beta. Only game can change that.
Only practice & taking Ls over & over, learning from the mistakes & understanding what NOT to do until you become one of those guys who can walk up to any girl & be a naturally smooth talker. That is game
Malcolm Gladwell said you have to have 10,000 hours in a subject to be an expert. NOT that I'm saying spend such hours on women. A lot of dudes think that they can just walk up to a woman, say some magic words, get her number & the next day they're in her pussy...
Read 11 tweets
6 Apr
Majority of men had their first sexual experiences with older women when they were still kids. Very few men lost their virginity to females younger than them. The sad part is these older females were relatives (sisters, cousins, aunts)...
Or those left to take care of the kids (teachers & maids). And what's even worse is these young boys never looked at as rape. Because they've been programmed having sex is an achievement. Rather they viewed it as being "naughty" just kids being mischievous...
And even with all the evidence, the anti rape culture brigade, ignores this. Why? Because males can't be raped. They enjoyed it. These very same people then wonder why these young males end up preying on women in their adult life...
Read 7 tweets
31 Mar
Good girls don't exist.

The very same sweet innocent girl is a nasty freak as well

It just depends on her perception of you.

And that perception is based on how you carry yourself.
If you carry yourself like a simp then she will potray to you a holier than though character.

If you carry yourself like an alpha then she'll show you her nasty side

Never ever think she's too innocent, it's just part of her act

She's selling PURITY - doesn't want to be judged
The very same girl telling you "no sex till marriage" will gladly give her virginity to a guy she barely knows

That girl who's telling you I don't do ABCDE during sex, telling you her asshole is a taboo will passionately give it up when she meets an asshole.
Read 4 tweets
31 Mar
Women want the FORBIDDEN.

Why would a woman date a well known criminal?

Why would she date the guy everyone hates?

Why would she date the guy her parents disapprove?

To understand this, let's go biblical, the story EVE
God gave freedom to do everything she wanted with all the fruits & flowers in Eden except for only one, which He forbade her to touch.

We all know how it ended. Eve would have never touched this fruit, if she had not been forbidden to.
Women do lots of things just because they're forbidden, which they certainly wouldn't do if they weren't forbidden.

Because when something is forbidden, it leads to curiosity & fantasy which is driven by emotions. And who are the most emotional beings? —> women.
Read 4 tweets
30 Mar
If she is 30 yrs old that means she has 12 yrs sexual experience (provided she started at the legal age 18). In these 12 yrs, if she is "decent" then let's just say she had a new partner every 2 yrs = 6 different dicks...
Now with each guy during her 2 yr relationships, she had sex once a month. Sex once a month doesn't mean 1 round, the least being 3 rounds. 3 rounds for 12 months, that's 36 rounds of sex with just one guy. Now multiply 36 rounds with 6 different dicks = 216 times she had sex...
And this number is when we give her the benefit of doubt that she was "decent"...not considering if she was in varsity (one night stands) & ignoring her being employed (the work boyfriends & bosses)...Why would any sane man go crazy over a 30 year old woman...
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