I often want to leave academia. The work I do has led to my being targeted by obsessive misogynists, getting speaking engagements but not job talks, and being left high and dry by people in power all too often.

This is a thread about why I stay.
I have at this point amassed a huge number of collaborators/colleagues/friends who are my generation or more junior, who are ten times the scholar I am and inspire me every day. They are my ride or die colleagues, we build better worlds together every day.
I have a small handful of senior women who I trust and have had my back, privately and publicly. They support, mentor, and sponsor me and I can be whiny and tired with them when I have to be impenetrable and perfect everywhere else.
The trainees in my lab have made me a better person and a better scholar. It's because of them that I returned to feminist theory after years away, that I now read critical theory regularly, that our lab's research is as forward-thinking as it is.
My trainees are why our lab's mission is justice and growth. I think about those two words almost every day - I ask if my decisions, my actions, are in service to what we decided would be our values. I am a better scholar and mentor only because I endeavor to deserve them.
My students more broadly - in my undergrad Humanizing Science class and my grad Feminist Science seminar - scare the crap out of me with how smart they are. They bring so many new ideas, disciplines, perspectives, that I am inspired to keep up.
And then there are all the people I read and fangirl about in my own head - mostly humanists and critical studies scholars of various kinds - whose work I wouldn't be able to access as readily without an academic affiliation. I think new thoughts every day because of them.
What's valuable about universities is that they enable cross-disciplinary & cross-generational conversation, collaboration, & mentorship. When done right, we create affirming counterspaces to at least partially protect ourselves from the abuse we endure by daring to do Big Things
That's not enough. Maybe one day the abuse & lack of support will be enough to make me leave. But until then, I enjoy imagining radical futures with my colleagues & students, learning from them, and making the closest thing to a just, inclusive academy in our labs and classes.

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Glad to see issues for menstruators getting wider coverage - thanks to @JulianneMcShane for the story and @ResourcefulSqrl for the inspiration on this project! Quick thread on this article: thelily.com/can-the-vaccin…
In addition to the past practices of excluding women from vaccine and drug research, menstruators are rarely asked to consider if and whether their periods have been affected by a particular condition, treatment, or drug.
Some issues don't get studied or taken seriously until enough menstruators make the connections themselves, as with depression and hormonal contraceptives.
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NEW PAPER ALERT! So proud of this one: "The Embodiment of Insult: A Theory of Biobehavioral Response to Workplace Incivility" with @LiliaCortina and @SandyHershcovis. This paper was years in the making as we met and theorized and wrote and wrote again.
The main contributions of this paper are that we: 1) theorize how workplace incivilities leave traces on the body. We offer our thinking on the relevant mechanisms - inflammation and HPA activation - as well as the limitations of some of the ways this is typically done.
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A colleague told me she has heard from others that their periods were heavy post-vax. I'm curious whether other menstruators have noticed changes too? I'm a week and a half out from dose 1 of Moderna, got my period maybe a day or so early, and am gushing like I'm in my 20s again.
I'm on day 3 of my period and am still swapping out extra long overnight pads a few times a day. Typical for me at this time is maybe one or two regular pads (though extra absorbent, Always Infinity ones) for the whole day.
Does this have to do with the way the vax response is mounting a broader inflammatory response, possibly moreso because of the lipid nanoparticle or mRNA mechanism? Either way I am fascinated! Inflammation + tissue remodeling = extra bleedypants!
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In December I was listed as a potential witness in a lawsuit filed against Balter. This week I sent a Declaration to plaintiff and Balter’s attorneys asking Balter to stop intimidating, threatening and harassing me. uofi.box.com/s/e80qqrxancrs…
tl;dr page 1: I was asked to testify about my personal experiences with Mr. Balter and to provide an expert opinion, which I have done before.
tl;dr page 2: I was not asked, nor would I have offered testimony in support of the plaintiff’s conduct.
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I don't have it in me to provide a nuanced take. So I'll say that the expectations on me as a WFH faculty require that I risk my family by sending our youngest to daycare. I feel like trash about it every day. I'm a caregiver from 6a-10p between students, colleagues, & kids.
So I may be working from home and therefore not on any vaccine list, but that doesn't mean work isn't forcing me and my family to take a major health risk.
And yes I feel terrible that I'm not one of those parents who can wake at 4am and then put in another shift at 9pm. My youngest can smell when I'm up, there is no time of day I can escape her.
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I'm thinking a lot about institutional betrayal, a concept developed by @jjfreydcourage and collaborators, in the wake of multiple sudden university closures and the several, like my own, gearing up to open anyway.
I'm going to share a few quotes from Smith & Freyd 2014. I'm going to let you use your own interpretive lenses as you think about how you might apply institutional betrayal trauma theory in this pandemic.
Institutional betrayal is "trusted and powerful institutions (schools, churches, military, government) acting in ways that visit harm upon those dependent on them for safety and well-being." p. 575
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