1/ “What did you do during the pandemic, dad?”

Fisman: Well son, I was proud to be part of @UofT’s-Gates Foundation-bankrolled disinformation campaign that undermined public health messaging & caused more people to die”

#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #Ontario
2/ “Really dad? How did you do that?”

Fisman: “Well kiddo, for starters, I was paid by the Ontario teacher’s union to spread disinformation about transmission of #COVID19 in children & schools, to make sure schools remained closed & kids couldn’t even receive a decent education
3/ Fisman: “And then, as report after report came out about the mental health of children being decimated & rampant eating disorders prevalent, daddy dismissed them w/ more disinformation”

#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #Ontario
4/ “Wow dad, that’s umm, kinda shitty. What else did you during the pandemic?”

Fisman: “Daddy was a bu$y bee! I also got paid by not 1 but 2 vaccine companies, so obviously I spread disinformation about the numbers of cases of Covid19 & people dying from it to promote lockdowns”
5/ “OMG dad, was there actually a tsunami of deaths that came like you had claimed?

Fisman: “Lmao no son! I was just making shit up to scare people, it’s how all @uoft_dlsph practiced public health during the pandemic! We lied to spread panic & fear, it worked really well tbh”
6/ “I…don’t know what to say dad. Did you at least list all your COIs?”

Fisman: “LOL don’t be foolish son! I had initially listed all the corporate money that I received during the pandemic, but I later deleted them WHILE demanding for transparency from public health officials”
7/ “Will you come visit me on Father’s day dad?”

Fisman: “I am so sorry son, but there is a tsunami of deaths coming”

• • •

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9 Mar
1/ Another tweet full of #misinformation!

Let’s fact check the fact checker!

Tweet contains nonsense about:
- HydroxyChloroquine “no good evidence” means lack of evidence? HCQ has been used extensively by countries w/ low CV19 mortality e.g. India. Tweet=❌

#cdnpoli #onpoli
- #supplements (reality: ditto)

Has this pseudo-expert fact checker never read a single trial on vit D? How about taking vit D or zinc supps to help increase your levels if you are low? We know these have direct effects on the immune system. Tweet=❌

#cdnpoli #onpoli
- variants (reality: yes, they ARE real)

Yes, variants are SO real, that we had identified around 12,000 of them by fall 2020. Regarding if they are of concern, the B117 is as much of a concern as eggs are to heart disease, aka zero. Tweet=❌ #cdnpoli

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27 Feb
Last week, Dr. Theresa Tam @CPHO_Canada & the Ontario Scientology table released their latest model that garnered criticism, ridicule, & shame at an international level. The now famous Covid Erection had risen 🍆📈

#Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli #COVID19
The Covid Erection model predicted ~5000 cases by the end of February. Well, now that we’re at February’s end, Ontario recorded ~1250 cases. It would seem that the Covid Erection encountered some...ahem, erectile dysfunction 📉

#Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
Since the Covid Erection model had become flaccid, Dr. Tam @CPHO_Canada needed another story to continue the propaganda of fear; public health by dread & distress. So she came out today to say that Canada was experiencing 75X more cases than the spring peak

#Canada #cdnpoli
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13 Feb

“That which was foretold hath come to pass”


Let’s look at some of the predictions made by this prophet, and collectively by the

🤡Ontario Scientology Table🤡

#COVID19 #coronavirus #lockdown #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
2/ The earliest model (Apr 3) predicted 80,000 cases “w/ the current scenario” at that time, by April 30th; but we only had 16,187. It can be argued that we weren’t testing enough back then. So here’s another example:

#COVID19 #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli #lockdown
3/ On Nov 26th, the OST predicted that by Christmas there would be 6000 cases reported daily, but only 2447 cases were reported. The SAT has consistently produced inaccurate & hyperbolic models to scare Ontarians & to promote #lockdown

#COVID19 #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
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28 Jan
1/ This is an open letter to Premier Doug Ford @fordnation from a very concerned Ontarian. Cc. @traviskann @yelich_ivana

#COVID19 #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli #lockdown
2/ For almost a year, Ontarians, including working parents, children & small business owners, have patiently listened to your press releases & complied w/ all of the restrictions imposed upon us, at great cost to our lives & livelihoods

#COVID19 #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli
3/ These restrictions, most notably the lockdowns & stay-at-home orders, have been based on glaringly inaccurate & misleading models from your COVID19 Ontario Science Advisory Table (SAT). Here are some examples:

#COVID19 #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli #onpoli #lockdown
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27 Jan
1/ Wow! So Fisman was likely paid $400-600 per HOUR consulting for teacher’s unions while promoting #school closures! He made money as the mental & physical health of #Ontario kids got destroyed!

#COVID19 #Canada #lockdown #cdnpoli #onpoli #coronavirus torontosun.com/news/provincia…
2/ As he advised that schools in #Ontario should remain closed, the #CDC says that MOST of the evidence indicates schools are safe. His advice as an “expert witness” has had dire consequences on children. How abt some #accountability

#COVID19 #Canada

3/ Fisman also advocates for harsh #Ontario wide #lockdown. So while ppl have lost jobs, their lives & livelihoods ruined, he not only got paid $400+ per hr from teacher’s unions, but also got paid from vaccine producers AstraZeneca & Pfizer. Conflicts du jour
#Canada #cdnpoli
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8 Jan
1/ There were countless theories put forward in 2020 on how we should deal with the #COVID19 pandemic. The most unscientific of them all was #Covidzero. To appreciate why, we must understand the concept of #endemic viruses; thread

#Coronavirus #lockdown #Canada #Ontario #cdnpoli
2/ According to the CDC, a disease is endemic when it is constantly or predictably prevalent within a population or region. Both #influenza & coronaviruses are #endemic; meaning that they constantly circulate within our population

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #Canada #Ontario
3/ Let’s look at the H1N1 influenza pandemic to illustrate how a resp. virus becomes endemic. #H1N1 entered the human population in 2008-2009. The following data is taken from the #US CDC’s Fluview Interactive tool

#COVID19 #Coronavirus #lockdown #science #data #Canada #Ontario
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