Ukraine Redux: War, Russophobia & Pipelineistan — Deep State/NATO combo using Kiev to start war to bury #NordStream2 & German-Russian relations. To contain Russia, US/NATO need to control Black Sea. To control Black Sea, they need to “neutralize” Crimea.…
Deep state/NATO combo is imprinting 24/7 that whatever happens next is due to “Russian aggression” even if Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) launch blitzkrieg against Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics. (To do so against Sevastopol in Crimea would be certified mass suicide).
Washington/Brussels only have total narrative control fueled by rabid Russophobia. Merkel & Macron are fully aware that if US/NATO attacks Russian forces or Russian passport holders in Donbass, devastating response will target the command centers that coordinated the attacks.
Zelensky visited Qatar and clinched raft of deals, not circumscribed to LNG but including direct Kiev-Doha flights; Doha leasing or buying Black Sea port; strong “defense/military ties” – which could be euphemism for transfer of jihadis from Libya and Syria to Donbass.
Zelensky meets Erdogan next Monday. Erdogan’s intel services run jihadi proxies in Idlib, and dodgy Qatari funds are still part of the picture. Arguably, the Turks are already transferring those “moderate rebels” to Ukraine.
The top three targets for the hegemon amid all this mess, short of war may be:

1⃣ to provoke an irreparable fissure between Russia and EU, under NATO auspices;
2⃣ crash Nord Steam 2 pipeline;
3⃣ boost profits in weapons business for the military-industrial complex.
On the ground, the outlook is grim. Denis Pushilin, one of the top leaders of the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics, stated that chances of avoiding war are “extremely small.” Serbian sniper Dejan Beric expects a Kiev attack in early May.
Igor Strelkov, sharp critic of Kremlin’s policies & one of few warlords who survived after 2014, stated only chance for peace is for Russian army to control Ukrainian territory up to Dnieper river, war in April “very likely” & 99% possibility that US will not fight for Ukraine.
US/NATO want a war fought to the last Ukrainian. Americans do not give a damn whether Ukraine will hold out for any time or whether it will be blown to pieces in an instant. They believe they stand to gain from either outcome.
Assuming the worst in Donbass. Kiev launches its blitzkrieg. Moscow uses full authority to enforce Minsk 2 ceasefire. Russian forces smash whole blitzkrieg to smithereens. Russia may send advanced subs plus surface fleet anywhere around Black Sea.
The absolutely key issue is that Russia will not “invade” Ukraine. It doesn’t need to, and it doesn’t want to. Moscow will support Novorossiya people’s republics with equipment, intel, electronic warfare, control of airspace and special forces.
NATO puppets do not have the balls to get into an open conflict with Russia. NATO had its collective behind unceremoniously kicked in Afghanistan. It shivered when it had to fight Serbs in late 1990s. In the 2010s, it did not dare fight Damascus and Axis of Resistance forces.
When all fails, myth prevails. Enter US Army occupying parts of Europe to “defend” it against – who else? – those pesky Russians. That’s the rationale behind annual US Army DEFENDER-Europe 21 mobilizing 28,000 soldiers from US & 25 NATO allies & “partners”
NordStream2 is not a big deal for Moscow; a Pipelineistan inconvenience at best. Russian economy did not make a single ruble out of not yet existent pipeline during 2010s – & still did fine. If NS2 is canceled, there are plans to redirect Russian gas to Eurasia, especially China.
Berlin knows that canceling NS2 will be extremely serious breach of contract – involving hundreds of billions of euros; Germany requested pipeline in the first place. Germany’s “energy transition” policy has been a disaster.
German industrialists know very well that natural gas is the only alternative to nuclear energy. NATO provocations against NS2 proceed unabated – via warships and helicopters. Deep state/NATO using Kiev to start war to bury NS2 & German-Russian relations.
Possible new alignment: US/UK pitted against Germany/France. Toxic encounter between Russophobia & Pipelineistan will not be over even if NS2 is completed. There will be more sanctions. There will be an attempt to exclude Russia from SWIFT. The proxy war in Syria will intensify.
Hegemon will keep creating geopolitical harassment against Russia, a wag-the-dog op to distract domestic public opinion from massive money printing masking looming economic collapse. As empire crumbles, narrative is set in stone: it’s “Russian aggression.”

• • •

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Multiple overland railway corridors across Eurasia featuring cargo trains crammed with freight will all be conducted on high-speed rail in a few years. The key overland corridor is Xinjiang-Kazakhstan – and then onwards to Russia and beyond.…
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Eurasia, the Hegemon, and the Three Sovereigns by Pepe Escobar — There are essentially four truly sovereign states in the world today, at least amongst the major powers: the United States, the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
These four sovereigns—the Hegemon and the Three Sovereigns—stand at the vanguard of the ultra-postmodern world, characterized by the supremacy of data algorithms and techno-financialization ruling over politics.
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A lot of changes are set in motion. Many long-overdue changes are coming to America & those that have been doing quite well want to fight change and will go as far as to start a nuclear World War III to guarantee that their lives never change.…
The corrupted American system today permits people, and companies to become fantastically wealthy while all the time making everyone around them much poorer. The “little guy” has too many hurtles to overcome. Leaving only the existing wealth structures in control and in power.
To keep the people from rising up in revolution, you need:

[1] propaganda
[2] control of media
[3] armed, strong militarized domestic police forces
[4] distractions, wars & chaos
[5] constantly decrease the standard of life of the rabble so that you can maintain your own power.
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The Western Empire is failing, principally the US dollar, and to a large extent the US itself. There are many reasons why the US is failing — arrogance, ignorance, and treating everyone with absolute disdain. It's no longer sustainable.
The Western financial and economic models have failed. The US has stagnated for decades. Instead of recognizing that it has failed, the US got fat on everyone giving it free dollars and spending beyond its means.
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