COVID-19 likely under-counts in the US in 2020. (Please follow the thread before responding)

Trying to shed some light on the accuracy of US COVID deaths in 2020. Currently, the CDC shows…
…US Deaths,
2020: 3,373,010
2019: 2,854,838
Increase: 518,172, +18.25

C19 deaths 2020: 380,959

Increase non-C19 deaths: 137,213, +4.8%

Total US deaths were up 4.8% in 2020 over 2019. That would be the largest year-to-year increase in total deaths since 1928. Non-C19 deaths were 8.0% higher than the population adjusted 5-year average.

Obviously, non-COVID deaths increased substantially.
This counters the theory that non-COVID deaths were reported as COVID deaths. If that were true, other causes of death would be down. But other causes of death had record increases, so the "marked as COVID" theory is obviously inaccurate.
Specific causes of non-C19 deaths seem to drive this increase.

The leading natural causes of death, showing the percent increase in 2020 over the population adjusted, 5-year average.

Specifically, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, strokes, other respiratory diseases and heart disease.
Looking at each of those causes by week, reveals that there is a clear under-counting of COVID.

First: Diabetes. Looking at diabetes deaths year-over-year, 2020 appears to be following COVID deaths. Notice how diabetes deaths spike in Apr, surge in July & Dec, just like COVID.
I’ve defined excess diabetes deaths as any number above the 5 year average. By comparing excess diabetes deaths per week to COVID deaths, you can see a clear correlation. Excess diabetes deaths rose and fell in sync with COVID. (.86 correlation coefficient)
This indicates that 10,000 to 15,000 reported diabetes deaths were likely COVID-19.
Next, Alzheimer's: Same pattern as diabetes, with an even stronger correlation through the end of Oct. (.91 correlation coefficient) There's little doubt that a number of reported Alzheimer's deaths (5K -8K) were actually due to COVID.
Strokes (Cerebrovascular diseases):
Again, huge excess in 2020, well timed against COVID (.63 correlation coefficient) Clearly some proportion of reported strokes are actually COVID deaths. Perhaps as many as 2.5K to 5K.
Influenza & Pneumonia. Influenza is almost nonexistent right now. But, it wasn't in the 2019-2020 season. There is an odd, out-of -season spike in I&P deaths in Apr. Influenza & pneumonia deaths usually peak in late Dec through Feb. I can find no past season that peaked in Apr.
There's even an odd bump in influenza & pneumonia deaths during the July surge.
This evidence is pretty definitive that to some degree, COVID deaths were inaccurately classified as non-COVID deaths. Clearly COVID deaths were undercounted in 2020.
Finally. I looked at excess, non-COVID deaths. There's an obvious correlation during the Apr and Jul surges, although there doesn't seem to have happened during the Dec surge. Through Oct there's a near perfect correlation (.98 correlation coefficient)
It's rare to see a correlation coefficient that large. It means that from Mar-Oct, non-COVID excess deaths were moving in perfect synch, by week with COVID deaths.

This completely dispels the idea that these were "lockdown" deaths.
There's no way "lockdown" deaths would be perfectly synched with COVID deaths. The correlation is absolutely timed with COVID deaths, to the week. A large proportion of these deaths have to be under-reported COVID deaths.
Typo. Total "non-COVID" deaths were up 4.8%. Total deaths were up 18.2%

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