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11 Apr
i had a dream last night i was klaus hargreeves and i got sent to boarding school and they put us into this like. dungeon made out of purple stone it looked like a wizards layer or something and they started giving us homophobic speeches and that when we go back upstairs+
if we see any gay ppl we have to report them and they’ll be taken to this dungeon so me/klaus stands up and am like “my siblings are gay this is disgusting” and they’re like shut up and sit down so then we all go upstairs and i’m washing the dishes and some posh british+
girl comes up to me and is whispering like a way to escape from homophobic boarding school and i was like “i mean we could just fly” and she was like alright but then i went into the tea room and they had loads of tea bags and i sent a snap to my irls being like+
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11 Apr
me when i’m excited to go back to school
i don’t wanna do exams but....... that week after easter back was the most entertaining week i’ve had in months
and sitting here shouting at loyalists isn’t going to drive me crazy💀💀
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10 Apr
(thread of info)
noah was a 14 year old boy from belfast, northern ireland. on the 21st june 2020, noah left his house to go to a friends house, and showed up 6 days later dead in a storm drain in north belfast. immediately after finding noah, the police claimed the death was (1/?)
not suspicious, and that there was ‘no foul play’, even though there was no way noah could’ve entered and closed the drain himself. the police continue to ignore and refuse to do a full investigation, despite his mother asking for one. (2/?)
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10 Apr
psa: the reason i have northern irish in my bio instead of irish is not because i recognise NI as a valid state, but is both because i want people who want to spread my threads to know that i am from northern ireland and am therefore a first hand source, and because i feel+
like, especially right now, i feel like my experiences as someone from ireland differ from those of someone in the south, and i feel like the only space available exclusively for me with those who have the same experience are others from the north. yes, i identify officially+
as irish and i always will, but if i had to break it up further, i identify much closer to the northern irish identity than the irish, because i will never have the same experience with the identity as others do.
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9 Apr
everyday i wake up Image
no casey. i’m not from here. i have just spent my entire easter break educating americans and brits on a situation completely unbeknownst to me. and NOW i have to back to my NOT NORTHERN IRISH SCHOOL and sit NOT BIRTISH EXAMS THAT I HAVENT FUCKIN STUDIED FOR
i just sit here on my silly little phone every silly little day retweeting every silly little tweet kevin scott makes because it’s fun to me, casey!!! not like i’d love to stop clogging up all my mutuals timelines because i don’t know what other way to spread awareness!!!!
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