As we try to ground ourselves & find peace within the most chaotic & threatening times of our lives, I am constantly lead back to God & prayer

I can't say I'm a Christian or religious. I don't yet attend a church nor have I yet been baptized...
But I've taught myself how to pray to God in Jesus' name, worked on recognizing what my values are and what is most important. What to be thankful for, ask forgiveness for and what to ask for to protect my family & others from the evil which surrounds us, humbly...
Praying and asking to be shown truth & gain wisdom as to better prepare to defend my children from this blatant psychological and spiritual war we are all engaged in right now opened up a door I didn't even know existed. And certain individuals at just the right time always...
...began to show up when I need them @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU is that person right now for me. My 3 year old is supposed to be enrolled in our town public school this September. I had an idea of how horrible the, "education" being taught is but not to the level which Alex has worked yrs..
...of his life to expose. It is grotesque what is being done to children while mom's & dad's happily drop their kids off at schools & the teachers smile politely while the children are indoctrinated. It's none of our fault's. The evil/deception has been of massive proportions...
...but something must change. We must change. To set ourselves apart from a corrupt generation will take the people who can see to unite. I just ordered one of Alex's books and still have much to learn in a short period of time...
I know I'm far from alone in these thoughts. There are countless of like mind searching within for answers and truth today. It is validating to know you're not alone during times of grand chaos & change.

• • •

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7 Apr

I have several @YouTube videos uploaded on my channel and this is the first one that they have removed for, "violating their community guidelines".

That means you should watch it :)

Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics on Vitamin D, Ivermectin, vax.
Dr. Cole:
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6 Apr
Ontario Teachers Federation website.

It's the same theme throughout ancient civilizations.
Make sexuality the driving force behind humanity and target the children.

Then watch that civilization get destroyed.
Over and over again.
@otffeo @ONeducation
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21 Mar
The truth of what's happening hits home listening to holocaust survivor Vera Sharav compare then to now.

"The medical professions & institutions were radically transformed.

Academic science, the military, industry, clinical medicine were tightly interwoven... as they are now"
"Fear & propaganda were the psychological weapons the Nazi's used to impose a genocidal regime."

"Medical mandates today are a major step backward towards a fascist dictatorship & genocide."
"What sets the holocaust apart from all other mass genocides is the pivotal role played by the medical establishment...the ENTIRE medical establishment.
Every step of the murderous process was endorsed by the academic & professional medical establishment."
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20 Mar
It's all a show. An act. A scripted play to divide, distract, misdirect, misinform, dumb down & dehumanize

To create & spread so much fear & chaos that between the opposing groups, ideologies, races, religions etc etc they make the pain of it all exceed the pain of uniting it.
"It doesn't matter if you sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives to achieve your objective, because the end justifies the means. It really is a terrible doctrine."

Professor Walter J. Veith explains.
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19 Mar

Actors, musicians, media, politicians, religious groups, scientists, "top doctors", educators, athletes, etc.

Not all, but the ones who elevate to celebrity wealth & status are who the general population in the west have heard & "learned" from for a very long time.
Manly P. Hall quote.

"When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, A GREAT VEIL will fall from the eyes of men."
"But their minds were made dull, for to this day THE SAME VEIL REMAINS when the old covenant is read. It has not been removed, because only in Christ is it taken away."
~ 2 Corinthians 3:14
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18 Mar
Nothing changes until the general population learns to read their symbology & how it correlates to their plans for humanity.

We have been made intentionally illiterate to this language they use. ImageImageImageImage
If you're someone just waking up to this truth, can is be scary? Yes.
No you're not going crazy. No it isn't some coincidental or random act

👀 at the money, power & influence they have. And they do this within a great many things right before our eyes

They are few, we are many ImageImageImageImage
Does this look like a group of people who have our best interests in mind? ImageImage
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