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8 Apr, 9 tweets, 3 min read
Remember, when packing up for a move, you gotta prioritize. Get the most important stuff first.

Specifically, that's Manos on VHS, Intel 486 poster, TransBot for the SMS, and 1" Tungsten cube.
Thankfully I still have my carrying case.
All sealed up and ready to go.
Hang on I found something even more important
BTW, to ruin the mystery, I have a one inch Tungsten Cube because I used to work for a company that had a product code named Tungsten, which they launched successfully and celebrated by buying Tungsten Cubes for all the employees.
They sadly didn't do the same when Osmium launched, because that would have been expensive.
I haven't worked there in a couple years so I don't know if they have launched any new products with element codenames that would lead to hilarious disaster
The launch of Uranium92 was going great until too many developers put their gift boxes together on the third floor, causing a minor criticality incident
This was aided by several developers still having their Beryllium4 launch gifts nearby, and they acted as a neutron moderator

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9 Apr
My favorite thing about tiktok videos is how they can be partially one video (as a prompt) and then a second video as a response.
And tiktok has great tools for adding in-video captions, so the first video is nearly always captioned, and then the second one... Just isn't!
It's great because it's a well known fact that people only need closed captions for the first 5 seconds of a video!
It's a very well known fact that all sorts of auditory disabilities only last 5 seconds into a video, then after that every one can hear like a bat and process speech like a linguist
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9 Apr
I'm at Walmart and they just interrupted the music to announce the sad news of the day...

Rapper DMX has passed away.
No mention of Prince Philip. Who cares? What songs did he release?
No one ever worked out to PHIL GONNA GIVE IT TO YA
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9 Apr
heads up: as a hacker, I promise to do this to all your bockchan art. all your NTFS? now they're minion memes.
you're gonna tell people you spent 20,000 Elonzoids to buy a certified certificate proving you own a once of a kind selfie of Lil Nas X and when you scan your retina to show it to someone, it pulls up this Image
your EnEffTee is just an overly fancy pointer to another URL hosted somewhere else.

back in my day we called those AOL keywords
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8 Apr
Try to imagine the various design decisions that lead to this dialog being a thing Image
"Stories" are an alternative kind of video youtube has recently added, which are mobile-focused. They're vertical, short, and looping.
And being mobile-focused they'd look kinda silly if you cast them to a TV, since they'd have to be heavily pillarboxed.
Google, having the best engineers in the world, solved this by just not letting you view them while casting
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8 Apr
Someday I'm gonna build a robot army powered by surplus 386s and take over the world and my first order as supreme ruler will be to replace all four-way stops with roundabouts/traffic circles. Same for most traffic lights on small roads.
And my assistants will be like "OK, it shall be done. What's your next order?"
And I'll say "I dunno, I'm retiring. That's all I really needed to get done. Ciao!"
This idea inspired by the idiot who decided to stop in the middle of a roundabout to let me enter. NO, DUDE, YOU ARE ALREADY IN THE ROUNDABOUT, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT-OF-WAY
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8 Apr
Fun fact: this would be a disaster, yes, but not as bad as it would be on telescopes like the Hubble.
Because the JWST doesn't have one mirror, it has a METAMIRROR made of 18 smaller mirrors
It's 18 hexagonal mirrors.
So if you did drop a hammer on the JWST, they'd only have to replace that single mirror, not the whole thing.
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