$CORE is a 10K total supply token native to cvault.finance

98 and change were burnt to mine $FANNY

So total supply is 9901 tokens and change
$CORE is paired in three liquidity pools, wrappers aside:
- $ETH - By far the largest
- $BTC
- $DAI

And the liquidity in each pool is Locked, meaning LP generation is unidirectional, and no one can redeem LP token for underlying liquidity
This locked liquidity means that (due to AMM rebalancing mechanism), you can't sell enough $CORE to ever remove the last $ETH from the liquidity pool, which means there is an absolute floor price in $ETH (denomination is more complex with three pools, but for simplicity...)
Right now that floor price is $3,699.24 (1.8584 ETH).

$CORE is trading at $5,389

Cvault.finance has amassed $89M in LP liquidity that is locked. $73M of that is permanently locked, meaning if you sold all existing $CORE into the pools, the pools would total $73M.
So, your maximum downside on $CORE, assuming constant $BTC/ $ETH/ $DAI prices, is 32%

And $CORE is effectively permanently backed by this stable of asset to the tune of 68% of its trading value

All swap fees go to the pools, so the floor price increases indefinitely with volume
Volume comes from speculation of course, but also inter-pool arbitrage, and of course #CoreDEX

You know... the whole reason $CORE exists? 🤦‍♂️

Most are used to buying hollow tokens for hype/tokenomic tricks

This token is not hollow, as you can see - don't let it weird you out.
What about those LP holders? You know, the ones who contributed to LGE1/2/3 and got LP tokens and can't get their underlying liquidity back? Folks like me?

Well, we have eternal farming of $CORE

That's right, you can literally farm $CORE backed by $ETH, $BTC, and $DAI forever
Hope you made that little jump there with me, because I'm not going to spoon feed you harder than that.

(Your shitcoin can go to 0 when they remove liquidity and there is no backing. $CORE can't go below 1.85 $ETH, so worst case you farm 1 $CORE, you farm 1.85 $ETH -- feel me?)
It turns out that the LP tokens:
1) Permanently farm $CORE from multiple sources of yield, a list that hasn't even started growing
2) Will be governance token for #CoreDEX
3) Can be borrowed against: 1/4 LP Floor price
4) Trading at a 70-80% discount to underlying liquidity rn
LP floor prices right now (wrappers obviated):
Core/Eth = $6,081.42 (3.055 ETH)
Core/Btc = $29,271.95 (0.5171 CBTC)
Core/Dai = $122.79 (122.1545 DAI)
So if you own a Core/Eth LP token, you can borrow 1/4 of $6081 in $DAI against it when #CoreDEX Lending is available, or $1520.25.

Core/Eth LP costs $1510 on Balancer as resale.

Why? Because the devs are coding CoreDEX right now and degens wait for no one to give away profit.
I love degens because they allow me to:
- Buy Core/ETH LPs for $1500 knowing I can get $1500 in $DAI back at today's ETH/BTC/DAI prices
- Farm CORE, or supercharged ETH/BTC/DAI in the meantime, where yield is up nicely bc $DELTA (5% of $DELTA yield buys/airdrops $CORE to LPs)
For $15K, you get:
- $73,970 worth of underlying liquidity control
- Ability to take out $15K $DAI with #CoreDEX lending
- About 1/1,300th of the yield of #CoreDEX megaDeFi platform, given in $CORE, a micro-supply token 68% value guaranteed by the top 3 assets in the world.
Why do you all suck at this? I've been explaining $CORE for months, and I keep seeing shitcoin tweets.

$DELTA is just as fucking cool.

You wish you knew $DELTA, trust me.

But the big picture here is that these devs did all this, from design to ORIGINAL code, from scratch.
This team invented:
- Locking liquidity pools from user redemptions (now commonplace)
- Fee on transfer token that redistributes to stakers (now commonplace)
- ERC 95 standard for on-chain 20 block TWAP and volume info reporting, that can wrap 100 tokens for indexes, leverage etc
- $Delta token with inherent vesting schedule as a superior options liquidity
- $Delta rebasing LP that increases LP mint price to create a fuctionally limited-supply LP, protecting liquidity providers from system yield dilution (from people forever minting new LPs) - Scares $UNI
...and managed to scare the poop out of Hayden Adams, who has since thrown a massive tantrum and exposed his conflicts of interest with the public and his nasty style of business versus any truly threatening competitors (first $CRV, now $DELTA, then $LINK and $BNT).
Imagine not hitching a ride to #CoreDEX with @0xRevert and @x3devships

Imagine not understanding $CORE LPs and how freaking free they are right now

Imagine being in CT and literally chasing run of the mill shitcoins all day for Binance scampumps, and ignoring this tweetstorm
Fah king imagine.

Most of you are exactly there.

Hey look, your favorite 6-digit follow account has a new private sale coin launching on Uniswap for you to buy into😲

Run along and catch the dump!

/end MusingstoSelf
Fuck it.... wen #CoreDEX already ?? $CORE $DELTA

• • •

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