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8 Apr, 14 tweets, 6 min read
1. When I said Brahmins must QUIT temples.. I didnt say it lightly... Its like saying "Quit while youre ahead" and there are greener pastures available... before you are either killed or driven out like KPs.. No govt is going to protect Brahmins..
2. Brahmins dont need temples.. and they need not pursue worthless, below coolie-payment careers in temples.. This doesnt mean they cannot or should not pursue the functions of priests/purohits elsewhere.. they certainly can.. @sudeshna2104 @DrlathaC
3. In my family.. there were many elders who were well-versed in rituals and we didnt need the professional pandits.. but still we hired them as tradition.. Brahmins can still do their ritual practice in private ceremonies.. So NO to temple slavery...
4. The population of all temples in India is roughly around 2 million.. so lets say 4 million Brahmins are working as Priests... Throw this stupid job... practice it privately.. and find something more productive and rewarding.. Let the temples be managed by "Sickularists"...
5. It is easy to miss what some govts are already doing to get rid of Brahmins from temples.. I am only saying QUIT before you are thrown out... Kerala is training & testing non-Brahmins for priesthood with "Exams".. @DrlathaC @sudeshna2104 .. Why desire this stupid job?.. LOL!
6. And heres the funniest part for all the morons that hate Brahmins like their life and libido depended on it... Hahahhahaa... Take it with a pinch of humour... but when push comes to shove & shove yields no results... they want "Brahmin Sperms"... END! @DrlathaC @sudeshna2104
PS: If anyone can become proficient in temple rituals and conduct ceremonies properly... we shouldnt worry if the person is a Brahmin or any other caste... God doesnt give a damn... neither should you...
I dont care about the motives... If someone wants to be a temple priest... give him that job... Kaunsa Bhagwan ka ghaas ukhaad lega... LOL! Why worry so much?...
No land is holy because there is some magic or gold in it... the Land becomes holy because of holy practices of people who live in it... If the holy people & their practices exit.. the land is nothing more than just a piece of real estate...
Hahhaa.. I dont think they want "Brahmin Sperms" to make their kid a temple priest... thats the lowest paying job for a Brahmin... They want their kid to be Google or Microsoft Head or a top scientist in NASA... LOL!
And these are obviously not his "Full time" jobs... so he must be doing some more "Freelance" work...
When holy practices exit a temple... when the practitioners exit... the visitors also stop... money also stops.. all that will be left is broken ruins... and this has already happened to 1000s of temples which Hindus are whining about...
I am all for taking temples out of control of CRIMINAL anti-Hindu Govts... and I support freedom of temples.... But Brahmins shouldnt be obsessed with temples anymore...
None of my family members/elders were ever priests... but when the need arose... they did the rituals without any external help.... one can be a doctor.. and still do Brahmin functions if one desires to do so...

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9 Apr
When people demanded cars in other colours... Henry Ford famously said.. "We have all the colours you want... as long as its black".. Sadguru is free to sell all the colours he wants in his "Engineering College" as long as he doesnt denigrate Hindu icons
Although I quoted it from memory... so it got a bit twisted.... Here is what Henry Ford is actually credited with saying about people wanting cars in different colours (although it could also be a myth too)... ENJOY!... Image
I didnt know a damn thing about this Sadguru.. I saw him on TV a few years ago... I felt hes an entertainer just like that Kapil Sharma.. what do I care?.. But he falls in my radar ONLY when he starts abusing Hindu icons.. otherwise nobody gives a crap..
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9 Apr
1. Theres a lot of misconception of US laws here.. Firstly .. I dont think HDK will do anything about being called "Kala" bec Indian laws arent very clear about what all constitute "Racial slurs".. Now.. US doesnt prohibit the word "Black"... @goyalsanjeev
2. Formally, the US uses "Afro Americans" but the usage of "Blacks" is NOT illegal in the US.. For eg.. #BlackLivesMatter is not an abusive term.. its always the context in which words are used..
3. Because of First Amendment.. words like Black or even "N*****" cannot be banned in the US... But if used in the context of harassing someone.. then such abuse can be tried under "Harassment" under hate crimes because of race or colour.. @goyalsanjeev
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9 Apr
1. #SadhgurusLIARS Now lets take this gasole @StringReveals systematically for his FRAUDULENT CLAIMS .. and he also plays victim like Rana Kana as if people are trolling him & threaten him.. Hes the jerk who called Hindus "MoFa" for criticising Sadguru...
2. #SadhgurusLIAR First of all.. Sadguru NEVER said "Free Hindu Temples".. his main plank was to support the election SCAM of BJP with "Free TN Temples" & liars like @StringReveals twist that nonsense & abuse all Hindus as if they are threatening anyone..
3. #SadhgurusLIARS Fact is.. Sadguru ABUSED the relationship of Krishna-Yashoda with FILTHY interpretation.. abused Yoga as not being Hindu.. abused Shivratri as not being Hindu... He wants to raise Christ in everyone... How in hell does this guy even represent anything Hindu?
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8 Apr
Its a miracle... Jesus has worked his miracle...
"Call the sun in the dead of the night
And the sun's gonna rise in the sky
Touch a man who can't walk upright
And that lame man, he's gonna fly"
#MukhtarAnsari "Raise the Christ in you">> #Sadhguru
Hehehe... The words above come from a famous Neil Diamond song "Holly Holy".. but guess where the original sprung from?...
Thats a Hindi song "Tum dena saath mera.. oh hum nawa".. something like that copied from "100 miles"... Not Holly Holy...
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8 Apr
What was the deal?... Maoists dont release captives without a deal... @AmitShah...
A) It would have been stupid of govt to do a surgical strike when a Jawan is held captive... and B) Are you saying GOI promised no surgical strike in exchange for the Jawan?.... Both are unlikely scenarios..
I think @AmitShah threatened the Maoists with coming to Sukma and holding a rally and giving a speech.. that must have scared the marbles of the Maoists... so they released the CRPF Jawan.. #RakeshwarSinghManhas
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8 Apr
Wrong Q Tannpoo... Do you see any Muslim/Xtian clerics abusing or denigrating their own religious icons?...Thats the right Q to ask... Borrow some brains from Sagarika and learn to ask the right Qs...
Dont BS me with childish nonsense.. Mia Khalifa also has 3.6mn followers.. So your Sadguru is the same as Mia?... All the good work of Sadguru you claim DOES NOT entitle him to abuse Hindus, Hindu icons or destroy Hindu ID from Yoga etc..
Read above... If @GargiZen is a sample.. It is evidence of the kind of brainless people Sadguru has as his followers...
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