The basis of much authoritarianism is an attempt to scale up the strategy for effective agency at the individual level: Delaying Gratification (Generally understood in terms of impulse control and internal coherence). From fascists to tankies to leftists mocking youth liberation.
It requires framing authority as a matter of impulse control, with some individuals needing to have their time preference forcefully outsourced, lest they waste themselves.
Keyword is Discipline, not as a matter of individual self-management but as one of social organization. What is meant by "a revolution requires discipline" is "individuals, like arms, like brain modules, need to be directed". And same is the assuption behind compulsory education.
The more the paradigm of Power-as-Discipline is embraced, the more Power, that is to say control, is understood as "the method to get things done", the more is society seen as a "problem of incontinency", the more absolute and necessary authority seems.
This is why I think it's a good idea to reconceptualize Discipline in a way not intuitively projected as micro-government. Also to avoid the knee-jerk reaction "not delaying gratification is based, actually".

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25 Feb
Reason isn't a suppressor of free default impulses/unconsciouss desire/etc, on the contrary, it's a revolutionary agent against entretched neuronal interests. The former framework has it backwards, and it's part of why reactionaries often identify with abstract 'Discipline'.
Fighting against an addiction is not "being a tyrant over yourself", there is tyranny there, but it's the other way around. It's the rogue addicted module the one which excersises domination over the rest of the mind, trying to collapse its potential into-->
-->parasitic local unreflective utility maximization.
It's not that one uses willforce to take control over a will-less previous state, because habits, addictions, etc do have will, it's just that when unopposed it drags us without internal friction.
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23 Jan
Much confusion has arised about what #SlimeMoldTwitter (🟢) even is about, and it's really funny. I have no interest in controlling the meme, but I have an interest in clarity, so I will detail, once, how this came to be, the questions no one asked.
The whole thing is rather non-linear, but it could be said that it all started with Black Cat (For a while known as The Anarcho-Accelerationist) pondering on wheter capitalism could become Conscious.
-->The idea was that human desire wasn't yet entirely produced by it, but it could be, and once it was it would go from an unconscious intelligence that operates with externally recieved values, to a conscious one which created its own.
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18 Oct 20
The Syobon Action fanfiction I have been writing and worldbuilding for years now seems to have a mind of its own, its self-organization is always several steps ahead of my planning and understanding.
My adoption of anarchism and transhumanism is as recent as a year, and acc not much further. One would assume I would find political discrepancies in themes but the opposite is true, it only makes sense now.
I'm not going to start loreposting on tl but the whole thing includes sapient slimes who, upon industrializing their reproduction, are trashing all other civilizations and the herculean efforts of their State to keep them from breaking free from top-down-->
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17 Oct 20
Predation is the primordial oppressive relationship within life, an inwards replication of the externalization of entropy necessary for life to exist. It's more simple than mutualism, and quite good at driving evolutionary arms races. Parasitism (40% of the biosphere)-->
-->is its refined version. Human oppression can be understood as predation and parasitism leveling up into the mostly memetic stage of History. A fully mutualistic yet dynamic biosphere is ideal but also highly improbable for DNA blind selection. For similar reasons-->
-->but to a much lesser degree achieving perfectly balanced human social global biomutualism is HARD to spontaneously evolve without trying, and even trying.
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14 Oct 20
Social, but non-linguistic, animals, which is to say most, have complex forms of communication. But much of this communication is instinctive, rather than learned, which is to say genetic rather than memetic.
What we see is then a perfect or nearly perfect correlation between biological composition and social structure, in a sort of exagerated caricature of ethno-nationalist ontology, they are strictly tied (And equally slow).
This makes such forms of communication approach a system of strictly limited options, which can't be changed by the agents using them, a very limited bandwith which makes coordination flow into stable patterns.
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31 Aug 20
Bioleninism is a quick way to understand to the Neoreactionary worldview, extremely cynical and distrustful about power but seeing no alternative to it (And full of anti-left brainworms).

Central to this is its understanding of status, as everything one could desire beyond-->

Status is, of course, real. One could even say our desire to influence the world is mediated, calibrated, and incentivized by status. But not fully, there are annonymous heroes and villains, and those who sacrifice their status for exerting actual-->
-->influence in the world.

If it's all about status then freedom is a futile meme in service of it, because status is a zero sum game within a closed world. But as I said real influence takes primacy over status.

Positive Freedom is the actual emergent desire-->
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