so, i’m negatively affected by both white supremacy & amerikkkan imperialism—black people can only experience liberation & freedom from the defeat of both. i *can* speak out against both, especially since i’m no longer enlisted.
also, y’all are going stop having more smoke for me tuning radios & teaching classes about sexual assault + suicide prevention than you do for these white leftists who deployed, shot/tortured people but they make being a “leftist” veteran their entire internet personality.
yeah, i was once an agent of imperialism in my life before i knew better but we aren’t going to pretend as if i am not engaging in anti-imperialist work to make up for my past.
also, y’all gotta stop bringing this up as a “gotcha” only when i tell white people to stop being racist.

• • •

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More from @birthmarxist

7 Apr
white leftists *never* bring up my veteran status on my broadly anti-capitalist posts.

they don’t even bring it up on my anti-imperialist posts either.

they ONLY bring it up—as an excuse for dismissal—when i talk about unlearning settler-colonialism & white chauvinism.
i’ve noticed it regardless of whether *they* even realize that’s their (settler) knee jerk reaction. hopefully y’all noticed it too.

that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone: demons always shout when you cast them out by name.
in no uncertain terms, i’ll say this to settler-leftists until i’m six feet under the topsoil:

you are the colonizer, i’m not. so, you’re the one who has to unlearn settler-colonialism, you’re the one who must be deprogrammed from the logics of whiteness/white supremacy.
Read 10 tweets
7 Apr
settlers—yes,,even settler-leftists—will require de-programming from their chauvinist logics, post-revolution, for any socialist project to center the liberation of black & indigenous people.

for any of us to be free, the last must be first.
no, i am not talking about “camps,” “golden gulags,” or “totalitarianism” (whatever that is) but a collective project of targeted education to undo the racial-colonial damages of white supremacy.

wealth redistribution + land repatriation must be part & parcel.
i use “post-revolution” to describe a whole affair (a series of conflicts that lead to a shift in political power–authority) while recognizing that “revolution” is itself a continuous process to bring justice to an unjust society built on enslavement & genocide.
Read 7 tweets
16 Mar
lil baby’s grammy performance, “judas & the black messiah,” & the forthcoming marcus garvey movie should worry us.

we are in the cultural moment wherein the ruling class is openly co-opting + commodifying revolution & selling it back to us.
they truly want us passively engaging with with revolutionariness. they want to capture & encircle our political horizons.
we are also seeing an uptick in tv shows & movies representing “morally upright” black police officers with internal conflict about being pigs & being black.

they are showing us these figures in popular media at the height of black-led revolts against state violence.
Read 10 tweets
15 Mar
if amazon workers were discussing low pay, heat strokes, not getting bathroom breaks, but one or two amazon workers kept saying, “i fucking love the warehouse! i bought my 2nd penthouse from smiley boxes!!!” who would listen to?

why do we do the opposite with sex workers?
what i’m saying is we should pay extra close attention to the most marginalized sex workers, meet their needs, & give them our undying support.

also, stop telling sex workers they can’t complain about their work. even if they aren’t enjoying their work, they’re still valid.
*who would you listen to?

darn grammar errors
Read 4 tweets
15 Mar
there is a significant difference between “empowerment” & “enjoyment.” we rarely conduct informed discussions about the nature of labor because we conflate the two.
under racial capitalism, no jobs are “empowering” because most of us are locked into a regime of exploitation for survival’s sake.

your job may be *enjoyable*, but it is not “empowering” simply because you enjoy it.

don’t get it twisted.
“well, [the job] is empowering for some, not empowering for others.”

no, it’s ENJOYABLE for some & not enjoyable for others.
Read 5 tweets
15 Feb
a disabled + queer comrade (wishes to remain anon) needs ongoing financial support as they are severely physically ill, unable to work, & they got unaffordable medical bills.
they have requested i take donations on their behalf & transfer them, just as i have done for others.

cashapp: $birthmarxist
venmo: birthmarxist
needless to say our healthcare system is so deeply broken that we are crowdfunding to keep each other safe, healthy, & well.
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