Folks, I need to bring to your attention details about the Corona Vax that are deeply disturbing.. I have been busy digging through Medical Journals and Articles from Doctors warning people about the intended results from the Vax. Just so you know right off the bat..cont
What this is about, the mRNA Corona Vaccine does NOT fight the Corona Virus. Instead it commands your body to start producing the Prion that causes Mad Cow Disease !! The ONLY reason why the Corona Vax is an mRNA Vax ( and the first one to boot) that programs your body ..cont
Rather than trigger an immune response..The ONLY reason for this is because if they injected the Prions, they probably couldn't put enough of them in a reasonable shot to do the trick, and because a conventional vax cannot be made to force your body to start producing..cont
It's Destruction !! A conventional shot can be very destructive, but to make it bad enough it would have to be too devastating too often early on.. They wanted a shot that would cause delayed devastation and death and there was no way to formulate a conventional vaccine ...cont
To do that without killing too many people up front !! However, if they instead made a vax that, for the first time in history caused your own body to make something ( under the ruse of being protective)- if they caused your body to do that it would do it immediately, time..cont
Would have to pass before it finally got programmed well enough to produce the destructive agents.. Agents that were not even in the original DNA vax to begin with.. YOUR body made them.. There's another layer of deniability.. This is precisely why the Corona vax..cont
Is an mRNA vax, lots of people wondered why with this new disease you were given a totally new tech when the old tech ought to work.. And now ya know... They openly stated it's a vax that causes your body to produce a spike protein, and if analyzed, there are ways ..cont
To prove the different variants of that vax would indeed produce a spike protein, and the false advertisement that it was a spike protein that would give immunity to the corona virus. Quality checks could prove the spike protein would be consistent across different...cont
Vaccine brands, but it would NOT be so easy to realize that it was the Prion that causes Mad Cow Disease.. The Corona Vax DOES NOT fight a virus !! Instead, it programs your body to produce Prions so on a delayed timetable people start going Zombie or start having seizures...cont
Or whatever ( depending on what part of the brain the Prions built up in first).. 6 months to a year down the road, you'll end up with a modified version of the Walking Dead, where the Zombies don't necessarily bite you, but plenty of scary stuff is visible as they ..cont
Don't live very long.. It was a trap.. The entire Covid ruse was a con job to get people to accept a shot that would cause their body to attack itself.. All Americans who got the shot will die from this or become non-functional within 6 months to a year,..cont
And they intend to blame Trump for it.. Here's the kicker..Lately in MSM media reports, they are already starting to report mysterious ans un-traceable pockets of Mad Cow Disease popping up in people in geographically separated areas, with no way to draw a link
To a contaminated food source.. What's worse, going thru old medical journals, I discovered this entire scenario was on the planning table 10 years ago. Originally Covid-19 was being discussed as a Prion disease that is the same as the Mad Cow Disease.. Their original...cont
Outbreak plan did not use the Corona Virus, it used Prions and THAT'S why the shots were ready so soon.. They had been working on them since 2010. A Prion shot that goes in, produces no symptoms for 6 months or so than BOOM your brain is GONE!!.cont
You should have noticed how popular the "Walking Dead" has become.. Everytime I turn around, another Walking Dead movie or series being aired.. PEOPLE!!! You have got to get this information out !! DON'T even bother telling those already vaxxed.. It's too late for them!!
This news has just gotten exposed.. You might have heard about it other than here.. But, as soon as it was exposed, MSM came out with "1 in 3 Covid survivors suffers from neurological or mental disorders"!!.. Now, why would they come out with this practically immediately..cont
After the Prion exposure?? Answer: because the first early cases of this are now showing up, and they need to lay the groundwork for blaming the virus entirely for what the vax does.. If any of this is legit it's a bad omen, because it would mean the virus was not stable..cont
Enough to hold onto it's Prions and even those who had no symptoms from the original may have a looming Prion disease that's going to show it's face in a few months.. It turns out, the protein the virus uses to bond with cells is the Prion from Mad Cow Disease!!...cont
The Vax commands your body to make that Prion !!! This DID NOT happen in a lab!! Things are going to get real interesting real quick, 3-4 months from now when the first cases begin to show up!! REMEMBER what you've learned here!!! They will no doubt try to conceal it...cont
My guess is that the virus does not disintegrate in a way that will give people a Prion disease when the immune system takes it out, and it's ALL vax. Because if the virus DID NOT designate, there would be a lot of cases of Mad Cow Disease by now and there are not !!..cont
Does anyone remember when they started pushing the Zombie Meme, to get people ready for this ?? The Walking Dead first aired in 2010..Which was also the first year any documentation for Covid-19 showed up, and at that time it was supposed to be a Prion disease..cont
That caused people to contract Mad Cow Disease and die.. Having it be a Corona Virus infection was a twist in the plot, with the Corona Virus carrying the actual Prion.. It all ties together.. Covid-19 was originally a Prion disease.. They ended up needing a Viral Carrier..cont
"Getting Over" the Corona Virus may mean nothing if it plants the seed for future doom!! While the whole time Covid-19 was the Prion for Mad Cow, they were instead saying the protein, the virus used to bind the cells was unique in a virus..cont
So, a mRNA vaccine could be made to combat it for that reason..What they didn't say is that the protein was unique because it just so happened to be the Prion from Mad Cow Disease.. THAT ended up in a virus NATURALLY!!.cont

• • •

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