China has been criticised for quite a long time for its activities in Africa, and the western powers have been looking to stifle Africa's jump at China. But..why do these people get so riled up. Is spending so much money in Africa a taboo or something?
Despite all the noise and fear mongering China has invested hundreds of billions of dollars to support Africa, helping many countries stimulate their economies by building infrastructure. A strong infrastructure boosts a nations productivity. Most of the western worlds
view about Africa is based on stereotype. Our media have done a terrible job at showing how far Africa has come in recent years when it comes to infrastructure. From the view point of western countries China must have an agenda. Let's remember that China was only able to
eliminate absolute poverty by massive investments in infrastructure. Those critiquing China's involvement in Africa do not seem to understand or realize the dynamics at play, or they know but would rather feign ignorance
China has a foreign exchange reserve of over $3 trillion USD. Heck China by some account is already the richest country in the world. China cannot use that money in its own territory because the U.S Dollars is not a legal currency for circulation in mainland China.
How else can China maintain such reserves if it does not inject the same value of RNB into its economiy. We talking a staggering Y20 trillion. Contemplate the level of inflation this creates. Housing index go sky high. There are places in China today they call ghost cities.
Entire cities built from scratch with infrastructure EMPTY. This is a direct result of the excessive unusable foreign exchange. A healthy reserve of foreign exchange offers China a soft cushion when things go awry. But it also has an adverse effect.
Now remember China has $ 3trillion USD in reserve. Not digital money. Physical cash. By spending it's superfluous dollar on overseas markets like Africa China can ease the pressure of its overheated housing market and soaring consumer price index.
At the end of the day it's a win win for China and Africa. If the West think they can stop or stifle China's involvement in Africa they should think again. China needs Africa to absorb Its unusable dollars.
This is why China's commitment to strengthen China Africa solidarity and cooperation will not stop. Remember we talking about $3 trillion in cash reserves.
The United States is not happy with China is spending the dollars. It thinks China is violating the rule established by the U.S after world war two. America became the world's superpower after WW2 and It is America that crafted the financial world order as we know today.
Now take a look at the irony of this. The U.S to my knowledge is the only country that operates a FIAT currency. To put it in simple terms the U.S is generating billions of dollars with digital zeroes and ones.
America has thus bought cheap products from China to enable Americans enjoy and live happy lives at the cost of almost nothing. Not just that. It has been pushing its inflation to China and has filled treasury warehouses with both physical and digital dollars of negative value.
It will be nice if the U.S built roads, bridges, dams, rail lines, in Africa. They dont. U.S Africa relations is not based on mutual respect. It has always been, you must do as i say "slap", or else "slap". Imagine China insisting Africa adopt Chinese culture or start
offering Confucius in our schools if we want their investment. The U.S blocked Israel from selling us Cobra helicopters because they doubt Nigeria's ability to operate such an aircraft. What gets Africa riled up is not necessarily because America says NO. Nothing wrong with that
..rather is the follow up excuse they use that hits you like a brick. Africans are either not yet evolved to handle sophisticated machines or we have not done enough economic reforms or we are an achaic homophobic society that refuse to join the enlightened world of
LGBTQ, transgender, hyper feminism you name it. President Biden just approved another $1.9 trillion to boost the U.S economy. Who will foot the bill for this? the answer is undeniable..the whole world except the United States. But FIAT currency isn't as bad as what the French do African countries unlucky enough to have been colonised by France. There are 14 francophone countries in Africa. These countries pay colonial taxes to the tune of nearly $500 billion annually. Not just that. They force these countries to put their nations external
reserves in French treasuries. The French use these billions to trade the global stock, making sometimes six times that money in profit. Yet these countries do not get a dime. They are not even aware their billions are being used to trade and invest. To keep the people.
in check the French prop up dictators and supply them with all they need to shut their people up.

Now do i hate the United States? The answer is NO. The U.S with all its flaws is benign in a way that fosters their self interest first. They do not go about
raping and robing poor countries of the little they have and install despots to keep the people quiet. That title belong to the French.

I just found it aggravating that Africa is doing it's best to catch up with the rest of the world yet the U.S is looking to stifle
..the level of investment and infrastructure required to lift millions out of poverty all because of geopolitics. It borders on cruel. One would expect that Africa's desire to improve qualify of life to be greeted with enthusiasm and support. Instead its the opposite.
Nigeria obtained a loan U.S headlines read Nigeria has ceded its territory to China. This is a nation of 200 million people with the 10th largest proven oil reserve in the world..40 billion barrels worth $4 trillion in today's money.

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Nigerians cheering on acts of violence in the east, proudly proclaiming imo is gonna be the next Borno. Social media have blinded so many they are walking right into a mine field and they dont care. Some are saying if any "they could bomb bandits they way they bomb IPOB"
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How did we get here?. Part 1.

The spread of shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles from Libya after the overthrow of Muhammar Gaddafi’s regime has always been a threat to not just military aircrafts, but commercial aircrafts as well.
January 8 2012. The CIA is alarmed by the sudden influx of militant groups into Libya from the MENA region and calls on NATO to deploy troops on the ground to secure Gaddafi's stockpile of arms, which was at that time the 4th largest stockpile of arms in the world.
French President Nicholas Sarkorzy kicks against sending boots on the ground to secure Gadaffis amoury. It will be threading on a diplomatic mine field. NATO will be seen as an occupation force. The should be no boots on the ground. We came to literate not to occupy he said.
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