Minnesota called their paid “use of force” expert witness today — LAPD Sgt Jody Stiger. This may be the highest profile police death case ever. There are literally dozens of not hundreds of “use of force” experts in the country who are retained to testify in civil and 1/
Criminal cases in every state. Sterling credentials and long track records of testimony in trials and depositions. I’ve spent $50,000 on such an expert in the past. Sgt Stiger was paid $13,000. 2/
More significantly, this was the FIRST time Sgt Stiger ever testified in any trial, state or federal, civil or criminal — EVER. That is the paid expert Minnesota hired and called to the witness stand. They also had two MPD Sgt’s testify on Chauvin’s actions. 3/
Either they thought Stiger was really the guy they wanted (😂😭🤣) or they were unable to find a reputable use of force expert who would say Chauvin used excessive force against Floyd. 4/
This is a clown show prosecution.

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9 Apr
I do credit and explanation that has emerged this week for MLB's decision. It was Opening Day. MLB and the Player's Union anticipated that individual players would be pressured to not play in the game. Some would enthusiastically boycott, others would feel compelled to go along.
It would have been a story that consumed baseball for the next 3 months as the players selected to attend -- by fan vote -- would be ID'd and then the pressure would build. At the end of the day, MLB might have been faced with a complete boycott -- and no game.
It would have been the equivalent of a "scab" game where players who opted to play -- if any -- would have been vilified, and might have created internal issues on individual teams. To get ahead of that problem, MLB simply moved the game so it's not MLB's problem.
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8 Apr
1) I HAVE NOT watched Dr. Martin Tobin's testimony, I have only read news reports.
2) Based on what I have read, viewers are not understanding the issue. I do not think Tobin's testimony is as damaging as is being reported.

The issue in Chauvin's trial is "use of force". 1/
All the testimony about "dangerous" or "unlawful" use of force has to do with the knee on the neck.
As I am understanding Tobin's testimony, he is pointing to the fact that Floyd was on his stomach with his hands cuffed behind his back, with an officer kneeling on his back 2/
as the reason for his diminished capacity to breath, and eventually a heart attack inducted by a lack of oxygen.

That may all be true.

But for Chauvin to be guilty of a crime, that would require the jury to find expert testimony supported the idea that .... 3/
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8 Apr
This is the best podcast coverage of the Chauvin trial showing just how distorted the mainstream media's coverage of the trial has been. This podcast covers the previous days testimony. Based on what he is reporting, if I was prosecuting this case ...
I would be very unhappy about who the past 3 days have gone. The prosecutors have made a key strategic error -- they ignored the "primacy/recency" dynamic. Juries remember evidence they hear first and evidence they hear last.
It looks like the prosecution is heading towards the end of its case with the medical evidence which is some of the strongest evidence --- FOR CHAUVIN. That testimony should have been in the middle of the case. But it is coming on the heels of two bad days on "use of force."
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4 Apr
You know what is also true? Former defense attorneys who become federal judges also know that 99% of the defendants charged did, in fact, commit the crime they are charged with, and a very high percentage of that number will 1) minimize their conduct, or 2) falsely deny it.
Federal judges take thousands -- in some cases tens of thousands -- of guilty pleas over a career on the bench. And they hand down sentences to all those people. Over a period of time they become dismissive of the "woe is me" attitude about how unfair the system is.
My experience is that the Judge's profession prior to taking the bench is almost irrelevant to that progression in their attitude. They deal with criminals on a daily basis and they lose patience over time with the excuse-making .
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4 Apr
Election laws and Welfare -- it all makes sense.

Democrat run elections are designed to be inept. Purposely create long lines at polling stations so people have to wait hours to vote.
When they are dehydrated and hungry, come along with food and water for them.
Remind them that it was Democrat candidates who gave them food and water in their time of desperation, and to please remember that when they vote.

Same principle as welfare state.
Thru inept and wrongheaded policies, trap various segments of the electorate in abject poverty.
Pass every gov't handout and giveaway you can imagine to the groups that have been trapped. While they are dependent on the gov't freebies send messages via social media to the free cell phones you have provided, reminding them that it was Democrats that gave it all to them.
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3 Apr
@baseballcrank Nope -- the key problem is that the current electoral process CANNOT entertain election challenges that depend on ferreting out fraudulent practices in the timeframe allowed by the process when millions of mailed-in ballots were allowed.
The electoral process integrity safeguards are mostly aimed at ballot integrity from the polling station to the tabulation process. Voter eligibility is established by registration safeguards, and appearance in voting poll books. "Provisional" ballots examined after vote.
State level processes--in Georgia and elsewhere--were crippled by pre-election litigation that altered the processes from those crafted by legislative deliberation. Vulnerabilities were introduced into the electoral process without integrity safegaurds, but more importantly...
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