Broke the news about my girlfriend to my parents last night. We are from Andhra. Girlfriend is Punjabi.

Fun times in the house. Mom is okay. Dad has gone completely silent.

Having fun observing this once in a lifetime reaction from parents (unless my brother drops a bomb too)
Dad's avoiding now. Hiding behind the phone to avoid further conversation
Dad wants her to come and visit him this weekend. Okay no, meet right now it seems. No covid and all. Book flight and come it seems.
My video call suggestion is banished before it was out of my mouth
Just found out from mom he said "I thought she was kannadiga because she studied in Bangalore which is still culturally closer but she is Punjabi!!!"

Total this scene happening:
Mum's being a total cutie on the side. Already dreaming about daughter in law and all and how they'll hang together 😂
Indian moms and melodrama I tell you
Ok. Sense has prevailed. Told my mom before leaving for office that she doesn't need to fly down. And also, it seems unwillingly muttered "his choice" before leaving.
What an exit it would have been. Sure must have banged the door close as he walked out, briefcase in hand. Full swag only.
Where was I all this while? Sleeping. Hello excuse me, I am on leave. Need to snore even if important life decisions are being discussed in the next room
Both my dad and I don't drink. Ah, we can't even settle this over alcohol.
But more than my dad, you know who's disappointed by this? My future father in law: "Wait what, with whom am I supposed to share this whiskey?'
Girlfriend is a lawyer. Just sent her this thread. She gonna NDA the shit out of me in the future
Ok. Break time. Dad's in office. No action now. Don't know when I will be back
Ok. Few quick updates.
Mom came up with brilliant idea of sending few photos of my girlfriend to dad on whatsapp. Because apparently, a picture can also get someone to shout 1000 words.
Actual reason - I forgot to show dad the pics last night when I told him about her. Don't blame me. You see, I quickly narrated my part of the story and ran away from the room incase some object comes flying at me.
I sent the pics that my girlfriend and I had curated beforehand. No response. Pin drop silence on the family group. Can you imagine? No forwards, no good afternoons. Just silence in an Indian family whatsapp group.
He has seen it. Pakka. Blue ticks and all. But hard core ignoring going on. Can't break character now, can he.
Also, since many of you asked, girlfriend told her parents few months ago. They are totally fine. No drama. I doubt they are from India.
That's it for now. Disappearing again. Don't know when I'll be back. You all have no work or what?
Update: Dad came back late from work (intentionally? One can never know).

The house is currently like someone farted loudly at the dining table. Everyone knows something big has happened but no one is saying anything.
Cool guy me waltzed into the bedroom and tried making conversation. Big mistake in hindsight
Dad's tying his lungi.
Me: "IPL is starting tomorrow"
Dad continues tying his lungi
Me: "Dad, IPL from tomorrow"
Still tying lungi.
Why is it taking so long? Arranged marriages get fixed in the time my dad ties his lungi
Finally, Dad says "hmm"
1000s of crores on ads later, IPL can only bring out a "hmm" from my dad. Big signal. Dad not getting excited about cricket. Dis Bad. Shit has hit the roof bad!
Again, I run out before soft rubbery things come flying. Life lesson here: Between fight and flight vs dad, always choose flight. I repeat, always flight.
Done for today. He's not a villain. He'll most probably come around. Love him lots ❤️
Gonna give him space to process this. This is gonna take few days. Or weeks. Don't know. Adieu till then. Be on the lookout.

• • •

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31 Mar
There are few good suggestions in the replies but also quite some incorrect advice (unintentional).
But the problem, as with most things on the internet, which are the good ones? Few good rules to keep in mind while sorting through pitch deck advice...

Stay away from this kind of advice
a) "very simple, use this 10 slide template & your pitch is done" - a template doesn't capture your story. It's also very tempting since it allows you to skip the hard process of asking yourself hard questions while making the deck

b) stay away from "just outsource it to a content writer or designer". At early stages like seed, best if founder themselves work on the pitch - they are only ones with all the info and vision in their head (maybe not articulated yet but it's in there)

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24 Jan
A little-known OTT app that is only 10 months old and with content only in one language has raked up 5M+ downloads on Play Store with a rating of 4.5 (1.9 lakh ratings).
AHA is an OTT service officially launched in March 2020 (soft launch in Jan 2020) with only Telugu web-series and movies. What's interesting though it is not a venture by a millennial aged tech or media hipster.
It is owned by Geetha Arts whose owner in turn is Allu Arvind - a leading producer in Tollywood cinema (Telugu film industry) since last few decades.
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23 Jan
Strive to remove as much unnecessary detail as possible. Outside eyes help. Whatever remains, make copy crisp/make it visual. As a founder, easy to get into mode of thinking every point is imp.
PS: It takes time & iterarions. Don't start working on a pitch a week before a meeting
But this step 2. Step 1 is to spend time & get feedback on the articulation of the company (2-3 lines that describe what you do). Through what lens you want someone to look at the biz. In what Bucket they slot you. Lot of this is decided by end vision, competition and sector.
My fav example is how Dunzo changed its articulation from personal concierge service to enabling local commerce.
As personal concierge articulation l, your only rev source is customer. As local commerce, merchant gets added in.
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10 Nov 20
Was looking at copywriting examples and ended up visiting login pages of a few sites we rarely visit anymore since auto-login.
For most, the copy is simple and to the point (how it should be). They tell you what's in it for you and that's it. No cute stuff.

Facebook - Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life

Answers the Q in your mind about what you can do with FB. They obvi do a lot more but they stick to their essence (connecting & sharing) without complicating matters (like they did with the product)

Simple. Secure. Reliable messaging.

Looks like the stress is more on 'we are about trust' than 'we are about messaging' (with the words 'secure' and 'reliable')

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26 Jul 20
A thread of startups attempting to do some really outlandish stuff - rethinking solutions ground-up or challenging industries/ideas that haven't changed for decades.
Thinking of calling them 'Musk-Type Startups' (better name suggestions welcome)


Spinlaunch (, USA
Their thesis is that rockets are an inefficient way to send things into space (burning fuel, high cost etc). Using centrifugal force is a better way. So spin stuff at a fast enough pace to reach escape velocity & launch into space

Boom (, USA
Air travel hasn't seen major innovation (regards to speed) in decades. Boom wants to bring supersonic flight to civil aviation. Few of the longest routes in the world will be cut short by ~50% with Boom (LA - Sydney from 14:30h to 8h)

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4 Jun 20
1/ Why are tech giants (FB/Amazon/Google/MS) buying stakes in Indian telecom?

Few initial thoughts from bouncing off ideas with @manchandarohit
2/ It's essentially a distribution ploy. But all these giants are demand aggregators (barring MS) who already own customers. So why?
3/ It's not for you and me but to get access to the new internet customer. And no prizes for guessing which country is expected to add the highest # of NEW internet users in the next few years.
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