Remember the NIC 2020 Project report? It was published in 2004. A year later, the Bush administration took action:…
The word “mysterious” tells me it was probably another manufactured, inflated, fake event – or maybe I should use the word tale. Barry is a football-coach-turned-author, expert on pandemic preparedness, advisor to Bush, Obama and WHO. His true profession: freelance spook.
So Dumbya was on a vacation, flipping through a book written by a former football coach, and the book said that such events occur every 100 years, and here we are, exactly 100 years later, another “killer” pandemic. How pathetic, I mean prophetic.…
It is also just a mere coincidence that the upper class is cashing in on medical equipment again:…
So this SARS/Covid thing is just a scam replicated a hundred years down the road.
Even Barry himself admits it is a scam:…
Chilling tale, pulp fiction, serious fiction, grabbed her chest. The world is a stage, as Shakespeare would say. From what I see here, the 1918 flu sounds like a fictitious scenario created to distract from WW1 and related (banking) things and to make profit at the same time.
Not to mention the fact that we actually don't know where the “Spanish” Flu originated at all:…
Another mystery, huh? The fake Great Influenza served as a distraction from the manufactured Great War (and creation of the FED). The 2009 pandemic a distraction from the 2008 global financial theft, and Covid-19 a distraction from the 2020 global financial theft and shenanigans.
These guys are using the same tactics, methods, and strategies over and over again, quietly taking our money and freedoms. The bigger the theft, the bigger the fake event fronting it and other lesser ones surrounding it.
We are supposedly in the middle of a health and job crisis, but governments around the world are spending money for military like crazy. Is there another major psyop on the horizon? I guess so.
Let's continue with the article on Bush:

There you have it, he described it with “stunning prescience” how the pandemic would unfold. Prescience means foreknowledge.
An obvious steal.

• • •

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