Indian Society has indeed changed a lot post 1980s.

The joint family has broken to nuclear families, whose first inclination is on self preservation, as they dont have the support offered by the joint family in the event of any difficulties. 1/n
Added to this, both the parents are working to make a good living, and they have limited the children to at best one or maximum two.

The family doesnt have time for anything other than their day to day activities and social media interactions. 2/n
They do not get involved in civic problems nor to they have active participation in nation building.

They feel their role is limited to paying taxes, even that they do grudgingly, and then question everyone without taking an iota of self responsibility. 3/n
The motto of life is to get ahead in any way, damn its impact on the society.

Hence, garbages are thrown out, plastic is used indiscriminately, bribes are paid to get things moving, waste is prevalent 4/n
and the kids are pushed to his limit so that they undercut their classmates and come ahead in the rat race. Is it any wonder that a kid, who was brought up in this environment, and who is of voting age now, gives a damn about the society and the country?. 5/n
The schools and colleges that should have developed the civic duty in the kid are doubly bad. The child sees in them the pinnacle of everything that is wrong with the society - Teachers who are underpaid but who have got the job by paying capitation fee 6/n
Teachers who depend on private tuitions to get the money back, the School/College Management that squeezes the money at every opportunity, poor quality of teaching, obsolete methodology, and education limited to text bookish knowledge. 7/n
When I studied, we had strong students union that used to raise protests whenever the society/administration erred. At times, they exceeded their limits, but they served a purpose in kindling our interest in national issues. 8/n
We had elections in the schools and colleges, giving us a dose of the democratic set up. It too helped. Today, most Private Professional Colleges are run like Schools with Students aged 20 treated like 8 year olds 9/n
Finally, the NCC, NSS, Scouts & Guides were very active in the schools and colleges.

We developed a vegetable farm in our Government school, did kar seva during Gandhi Jayanthi day, collected money from the motoring public on Flag Day, 10/n
the collections going to the Jawans and we raised money in the event of a national calamity.

Today, all these things are passe. I see kids going around with ticket books for School Carnivals!!!! Do I have to say more? 11/n
Our society is made up of this generation and their self serving parents. I used to do a regular quiz at my MBA class, asking my students (mostly in the age group of 23 - 45) to name all the Prime Ministers and Presidents of India. And 99.99% of them can't nor do care. 12/n
I have done the same exercise here in my TL with same results. This is just an example of the malaise.

It is easy to identify the problem areas. Anyone can do. What is important is what can we do to correct this or,

How do we get out of this? 13/n
Instead of pointing fingers and outraging, we should start at home. Ensure we spend enough time with kids. Tell them, coming top in the Class is not the only thing in life. 14/n
Get them interested in a variety of topics – from Religion to Ithihasams to Correct History to Politics to Social issues.

Tell them to go out and take leadership. 15/n
I ask many of my wards, whom I mentor, to organize Independence Day Celebrations. Many have done and has thanked me. They became better for planning and organizing events. 16/n
Elders can conduct group discussions in their area with youngsters as participants – at least once a week for 2 hours – 3 or 4 GDs half an hour each. I have again done this when I was in Thanjavur with considerable success. 17/n
Towards the end I used to get students from Engineering College far off from the location of GD participating on a Sunday morning. This was done free of cost 18/n
There are Elders with lot of experience and wisdom in your housing locality. Give them a platform to talk to kids and youngsters twice a month in a common hall. Some residential apartments have such halls which are free of cost. Let this be a regular feature on fixed days. 19/n
Again a Zero Cost operation. I am desisting suggesting Video Conferencing because the idea is for improving people to people contact. These discussions will lead to more ideas and an awareness about others problems. It will create empathy, which is sorely lacking 20/n
These are just small examples of what you can achieve with no cost.

There are many such ideas if you put your mind to it.

All it needs is your willingness and a little of your time.

Question is 'Are you Willing to Take up the Challenge?"


• • •

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Guru (Jupiter) transits in Athisaram from its Neecha House Makaram to Kumbham

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One of the tales Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to tell is about a holy man who had given up all his possessions.

His teacher had advised him to make a little hut thatched with palm leaves, in a solitary place away from the public. This he did. 1/n
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I can say with Pride that overall I am better than my Father in many areas, including as an Individual and in Values

One of the areas he was better than me was that he had to fight poverty to study and get a job, whereas I had it much easier, though I won everything on Merit 1/n
He was more ambitious, money conscious (maybe due to lack of it in his formative years)

I am laid back, content with what I have and dont care for money

My father compromised on few things in life, while I stuck to my values at all times.

I could cook, he couldnt 2/n
As a Workaholic, I match him. Ditto with my Carnatic Music knowledge. Am a better communicator and an even better decision maker.

Both of us are equally well read, though I am good at sharing that knowledge

I am a far better communicator than him

I have wider interests 3/n
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Vilwamangalathu Swamikal had a special relationship with Sreekrishnan who was visible to him as a playful child. Swamikal was eating lunch when the playful unnikrishnan pestered him. 1/n
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Unnikrishnan got angry at being pushed away with 'Echil kai" (Hand covered with food), took offence and vanished saying
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A distraught Swamikal realized his folly, and full of remorse searched all over Kerala for Ananthankadu but to no avail

He became desperate.

Once when he was travelling in the outskirts of a City 3/n
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@DigantRai As promised the anecdote on this 👇

LPG was just getting popular and there were lot of apprehensions about its safety in late 1980s and early 1990s. As HPCL Sales Officers we had Targets for Conducting LPG Safety Clinics 1/n
Easy way out was to approach a Women's College, ask to be allowed a Lecture Demonstration. The local dealer will arrange, and all I had to do was to walk in and conduct the clinic. Whether College Students cooked or cared about LPG was never an issue 2/n
2 of the 3 Coimbatore dealers were of my same age or slightly elder to me. I was 26. They made money through LPG Distributorship and spent lavishly. All HPCL Managers were fond of them because they gave gifts, did obligations, supplied liquor etc. 3/n
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19 Mar
It was 1991. I was Sales Officer of an Oil Company. One of the Leading Industrial Group was owning one of our Petrol Pumps and I was close to the Elderly Owner, a Naidu. I learned entrepreneurship from him. He used to run his companies in a loose manner with trusted CEOs 1/n
who were given absolute freedom (a la JRD Tata) and only focused on growth and diversifying. Terrific Guy. Soft spoken, very tolerant of youngsters like me, paternal and courteous. He always had time for me as an individual and not as a HPCL Officer 2/n
His son was US Educated and returned to take over some of the activities of the group. Son was very structured and did not like what he saw, with fathers CEOs, who had direct access to Father, not following procedures and each having his fiefdom (in his opinion) 3/n
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