Thread.There is a lot of discussion on this question of "Who will control temples once Govt goes out?". There has been some contrasting views. One is from BJP regarding seperate Board of administration consisting of Saints and Scholars(which I disagree) .One is from the Hindu
Charter on so called "Inclusive management" to face conversions (final draft is not yet out but I still disagree with the broad idea). One is from @indiccollective and an excellent article by @Ravilochanan86 on @Swatantramag( which I agree) which provides answers to all questions
on alternate management framework and which provides major emphasis on Sampradaya. But there is 1 major issue which has not yet been touched upon. All these points of views from @indiccollective , BJP and Hindu Charter is only applicable for those temples which has been under
the control of the Govt for eternity( Around 40-50-70-80-90 years or even since the British times) because in some cases(not all but some) it would be difficult to determine the Sampradaya of that temple or identify who are the exact traditional custodians of that temple or maybe
identify what was the earlier scheme of administration. But What about those temples which has been recently taken over by the Govt( in the last few years(2017-2021) or maybe in the last 10 years from 2011- 2021). According to me, the suggestions and ideas provided by BJP, Hindu
Charter and Indic Collective wont be applicable for recent temples takeover(Minimum Year of Consideration would be 2011-From 2011 to 2021, all temples which are being taken over by the Govt) because you can easily identify from whom the recent temples have been taken over from.
Even, the devotees who would visit the temple regularly for so many years would easily be able to identify from whom these temples have been taken over from(Recent Temples Takeover from 2011-2021)
So, the #FreeHinduTemples have to start by giving those temple back to the
traditional administrators which was taken over recently as I stated that you can easily identify the traditional administrators for these temples.
So, these are the following Recent temple takeover cases which will be exempted from all suggestions and ideas on alternate temple
management framework
1) Vishnupad Temple takeover- 2011-2021(Case going on in Patna high Court and case being filed by traditional administrators)
2)Tripura Sundari Temple of Tripura which was taken over in 2018 where Chief Minister is Chairman of Board of Trustees
3)Deori Temple
takeover in September 2020 in Ranchi
4) Sadadshiv Mahadev temple, in Himachal Pradesh was taken over in 2018 and the case has been filed by traditional administrators.
5) Nilkanth Mahadev temple Kandapatna in Himachal Pradesh was taken over in Feb 2021. A 24 member executive
committee was formed, and out of this, 12 are government officers.
6) 2 temples in Haryana was taken over in 2017(Shri Mata Chandi Devi Temple, Chandi Mandir, Panchkula and Shri Durga Mata Mandir at Banbhori in Hisar district)
7) Everyone is aware of 51 Uttarakhand temples
takeover in 2019. Along with these 51 temples, Maa Poornagiri temple in Uttarakhand was taken over in March 2021 as per a local news channel. Also, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple located in Yamkeshwar block, Uttarakhand was taken over in March 2021.
8) In 2011, Gujarat Govt took
control of the famous Becharaji temple in Mehsana district.
I may have forgotten to add some more recent temples takeover cases from 2011-2021. But point is there should be no discussion on alternate management framework for the recent temples takeover. Give the temples back
to the traditional custodians as you can easily identify because the temples were taken over only recently(from 2011-2021). In the above 8 temple takeover cases, major recent temples were taken over on basis of allegations of financial fraud against traditional administrators
without providing evidence. What is the solution for this? There are 2 solutions. First Solution is implementation of the 2014 Chidambaram temple Judgement(Subramanian Swamy vs State of Tamilnadu) which provides the distinction between Supervision and Control as stated in
Article 25 of the Constitution.Chidambaram Temple Judgement states the following-Govt has to provide proof of financial mismanagement by private parties and once the evidence is provided for financial fraud then Govt can takeover temples only for a limited period(3 to 5 years) to
cure the financial fraud. After curing the financial fraud or mismanagement, Govt has to return the temples back to the traditional administrators. Second solution is that Govt should ensure a mandatory external audit for rich temples(under Article 25(2)(a) of the Constitution)
to prevent any financial fraud in private temples. My final point is that- Many hindus argue that "Govt cannot easily free temples because it has been under Govt control ever since independence and so it will be difficult to free these temples unless there is an alternate
management framework". My point -" Arrey, as a Starting point atleast free those temples which was recently taken over by the Govt in last 10 years.What difficulty is there to identify the traditional administrators of these temples which were taken over by Govt in last 10 years.
Hindus should tell the govt that as a starting point free all those temples which were taken over recently(as examples of recent temple takeover are provided in above 8 points). There is no discussion and debate required at all for recent temple takeovers(from 2011-2020). In the
above 8 temple takeover cases, if the Govt does not provide in writing the "the proper proof of financial mismanagement(by traditional administrators) and the period of takeover of these temples" then the temple takeover by Govt is unconstitutional and illegal and so my demand as
a Hindu to the Govt -"As a Starting point, free all those temples which were recently taken over from the period 2011 to 2021."

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7 Apr
#SaveTemples #FreeHinduTemples. Awareness phase is over. Time for some sort of action. What is the action? If the Govt is not not going to free hindu temples, then legal action is the only way to free hindu temples. Pujya Sri Swamy Dayananda Saraswati ji had filed a writ petition
in 2012 in Supreme Court to free hindu temples in state of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry. There has been legal petition to free Tiruchendur Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple by @indiccollective and TR Ramesh sir and J Sai Deepak in the Supreme Court.Even the 51 Uttarakhand
temples takeover is being challenged by Subramanian Swamy sir, @indiccollective , @People4Dharma and Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha which is now in the Supreme Court. Ahobilam Mathahipathi is challenging the takeover of Ahobilam temple which is a Math Temple in the Andhra Pradesh
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6 Apr
Irrespective of the massive awareness campaign of Sadhguru and the missed calls, I can see Hindu Temples(all over India) being freed only through legal means(through landmark court judgements like 2014 Chidambaram temple Judgement, Shirur Mutt Judgement of 1954 etc.) I dont know
what is the next action plan of Sadhguru since elections are over today?Will Sadhguru still pursue #FreeHinduTemples Cause after elections result on May 3rd? If yes, what is the next step of Sadhguru? Going to Courts?or Just Continue with awareness campaign but will it be enough?
When you are pursuing a civilizational cause which by nature is challenging, you have to somehow strive and be show consistent determination for the civilizational cause. Fighting for a Civilizational Cause cant be for a temporary period just for political election purposes.
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10 Dec 20
I am sick of this question of "who will administer our temples once temples freed from State Control" but I will try to answer this question one last time.Also I will try to address and provide solutions to 3 major issues in temples managed by private parties as per some RW
Hindus.According to me every temple is a Dharmik Sampradaya as per Article 26 which is clearly stated in the 1987 Hindi Constitution as every temple belongs to a unique Sampradaya due to the unique traditions of that particular temple on the basis of historical significance of
that particular temple and in some cases traditions could be unique due to the nature and character of the deity in that particular temple(Sabarimala). So Once temples are freed from Govt control, temples need to be managed by those priests or trustees who belong to that
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10 Dec 20… A section of the priests and temple staff under Malabar Devaswom Board(Govt) by staging a relay Satyagraha raising long pending demands including parity of pay and clearing salary dues in temples.Joint agitation council convener stated that despite High
Court calling for reasonable remuneration and parity of pay for priests and other temple staff in Malabar way back in 1994, it hasn't been implemented. He also stated that Malabar Devaswom Board(which has 1300 temples under it) pays salaries classifying temples as per the income
generated by the place of worship which is unjust and discriminatory .Measly salaries for staff in C and D category temples have not been paid for months even as income from offerings at temples had also stopped due to Corona. Monthly salary of cleaning staff is as low as 2500
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20 Nov 20
A rant. I had taken a twitter break and after this thread, I will continue to take a twitter break after this rant thread. My mind is restless and I am feeling disturbed and I am almost crying and I am feeling a bit of unrest with an incident. Mahakali Moorthi broken at
Doddagaddavalli Lakshmi Devi Temple in Karnataka. I am not able to see the pictures. I am feeling helpless. Hindus, how long will you show no interest in protecting our temple ecosystem? How Long? For Free Hindu Temples Cause, I am almost trying to beg people to join and show
interest in this cause. But Very few people are showing interest. Now, this incident will be forgotten after 2 days and everything will be normal. I have to be still optimistic and positive.
Dear Hindus,
Please show interest in protecting our temple ecosystem as you show
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13 Oct 20… High Court of Karnataka stayed further constructions at famous Sri Renuka Yellamma temple(Govt controlled temple) at Saundatti in Belagavi district, Karnataka. Vijayanagara Inscription of Krishnadevaraya in the temple is a protected monument and as per
Section 20-A of the Act, illegal construction being put up on the south-west side of the temple should have been stopped within 15 days from the date of the show-cause notice.But still construction activities are going on. Constructions carried out are in violations of provisions
of Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 1958. Sri Renuka Yellamma Temple is a State Protected Monument and it is under the control of Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments and Charitable Endowments Department as given in website
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