Buying or selling any type of good or service creates a bond, and these bonds form the structure of an economy. This bond is more than economic, though; it's also emotional.

As more goods and services are produced outside the household, the bond between husband and wife...

...and, in some cases, children, is weakened.

When a wife cooks food, cleans the house, cares for and educates children, repairs clothing, participates in production by weaving or repairing clothes, caring for animals or gardening, provides care to sick members of the...

...household, every one of these actions is a gift that strengthens the bond of love.

Likewise, when the husband provides material necessities, including building the house, providing security for the community by fighting or participating in politics, and bringing in...

...important foodstuffs like meat, fish, and grain, or draws water from the well, all of these actions increase the bond of love and gratitude with his wife.

This principle is encapsulated in the hadith:

تَهَادُوا تَحَابُّوا

"Give gifts, and you will love each other."

So when deviated Muslims who are either conscious or unconscious puppets of the kuffar say things like "A woman isn't obligated to cook for her husband in Islam," what they are really doing is attacking the foundation of marriage and promoting divorce.

When these services are monetized and taken outside of the home, the bond of familial connection is diverted to institutions like governments, schools, hospitals, and factories, the family is sacrificed on the altar of capital.

The main beneficiaries of this process...

...are those in control of these institutions.

Women become obedient to their employers, rather than their husbands, and men enjoy flirtation and friendships with female coworkers rather than their wives.

Rather than the necessities of their lives stemming from labor...

...and love, all the essentials are mediated by the relationship with money. Once dependence on money is total, money can be abstracted by removing its intrinsic value, and sustain its valuation simply by the fact that people need it.

This is also known as "fiat currency."

Once this arrangement is in place, fiat currency simultaneously becomes a means of maintaining control over people and of sucking their blood and life force out. Both of these actions are achieved by controlling the supply of money.

In a multi-currency fiat based system, any country can be punished for disobeying the masters of capital through currency devaluation, resulting in widespread hunger and instability which leads to regime collapse and the installation of a more compliant regime.

Expansion of the money supply results in steady inflation, which eats away at the earning power and savings of the people, and transfers it to the holders of the newly created money; the banks.

Banks are the feudal lords of the modern system.

You can fully own a house in this system, but you can't sustain yourself at the level the system demands. If you want to be competitive, you need financing for your business, or you need to become the employee of a company that takes financing to remain competitive.

So your options are to be either a debt slave, or the servant of a debt slave. It's very strange, then, that Muslims think that they can achieve honor by running towards this humiliation.

(مَن كَانَ يُرِيدُ الْعِزَّةَ فَلِلَّهِ الْعِزَّةُ جَمِيعًا)

The last free lands on earth who have been spared from this system by the mercy of Allah and the faith and courage of the mujahidin are attacked by the worldview engineered by the kuffar; Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, the Sahel.

The places with the most honor and faith are insulted as being the least developed and most backward, but the reality is that the most humiliated countries are those who have sold their religion for a small price; where religion is replaced with a mythology of evolution...

...and the people have been reduced to pigs and apes, living for the sake of their stomachs and genitals.

It's by this worldview, propagated by the awliya of Shaitan, that Muslims are deceived into seeking honor through pieces of meaningless paper; fiat currency...

/16 degrees, and passports. And the pursuit of these pieces of paper tears apart the fabric of families and societies.

Given how important the propagation of this worldview is, it's clear that the distinction between "civilian" and "military" targets is a...

...modern innovation designed to solidify the thrones of the oppressors and corrupters. The school systems built by the kuffar, in reality, have two purposes; to replace the truth with falsehood, and to serve as slave recruitment centers.

It is reported in Tirmidhi 2154 that Aishah (radhi Allahu anha) said that the Prophetﷺ described six people who are cursed by Allah, subhanahu wa t'ala. One of these is " one who rules over my ummah with oppression, trying to disgrace those who Allah has honored...

...and trying to honor those Allah has disgraced." This is the function of the Western educational system, so believers should run from it as the munafiqin run towards it, and the mujahidin should rejoice that these facilities are less fortified than military installations.

The lives that are protected in Islam in times of war are women, children, and the elderly. However, if these protected ones engage in the fighting, they forfeit the protection afforded them by the sharia.

There can be no question that participating in the funneling...

...of children into the system of fiat currency and debt slavery is more evil and destructive than anything that can be achieved with bombs or guns. This is a weapon so big and so evil that we are hardly able to perceive it. To strike it is to protect both the religion...

...and the integrity of the institution of the family.

Islamic institutions, which must necessarily be the basis of an Islamic state, will never be constructed by participating in this system, any more than a body can be cured by feeding a tumor.


• • •

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Kibr is the most common root of kufr; this is what caused Iblis to disobey Allah subhanhu wa t'ala. It's also one of the reasons for the downfall of the kuffar.

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In Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Somalia, non-functional or weak states...

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When I look back at all of the attempts to remove or overturn stronger regimes in other countries like Egypt, Saudi, Algeria, or Pakistan...

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Granting rights and concessions to Muslim minorities...

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This is extremely destructive on the level of religion in a several ways. First of all, achieving limited concessions through...

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It seems some money has been thrown at developing this concept since MbS became the de facto ruler...

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By contrast, Zarqawi, founder of the organization that went on to become IS, came from a Bedouin background, and the strong tribal ties of the Bedouin were part of the reason for the group's early successes. He at first lived a rough life on the streets before...

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