The reporting was all about vaccine 'crisis' - but if anything the news yesterday showed us how safe the vaccines are and strengthened the argument for taking them...
It demonstrated the level of scrutiny and the degree of action taken in response to even very rare negative events and even when their link to the vaccine is not yet proven. It showed that we can have confidence in the process of evaluation the vaccines are going through.
It also confirmed the rarity of the blot clots. 79 cases and 8 deaths from over 18 million people who have had the AstraZeneca vaccine. In absolute terms, the vaccine is - for the great majority - safer than having a bath, going down the stairs or having your breakfast!
Finally, if you take the news in the round yesterday it pointed more to the danger of not taking the virus than the danger of taking it. Slightly buried by this vaccine kerfuffle was a report showing that 1/3 of those who have severe COVID have subsequent mental health problems.
So, looking at the balance of risks we are learning ever more about how nasty a disease this is and about the harms even if you don't die. These are a strong argument for taking vaccines at all age groups and need to be factored in to the 'balance of risks' calculation.
If the evidence from yesterday points to the relative safety of vaccines, how come all the headlines were about dangers?
The answer is lack of communication.
Back in November, we in @IndependentSage argued that the vaccination needed to be accompanied by an information roll-out.
In particular we argued for transparency, for avoiding an overstatement of the vaccines potential, for acknowledging and anticipating the inevitable health issues that would arise (and have now arisen).…
Sadly, though, the brilliant vaccine roll-out was not accompanied by an equivalent information roll-out. And the mistrust our political leaders have for the public led them to avoid acknowledging problems and anticipating bumps in the road for fear of putting people off.
As predicted, this has come back to haunt us. The 'problems' of AstraZeneca only exist in comparison to the false expectation of perfection. Against initial expectations we are generally learning that the vaccines, including AstraZeneca are actually doing better than we thought.
In sum, this is a classic cautionary tale about the need for transparency, the need for good information strategies, the need to acknowledge limitations and the need to trust people with information.
It is not too late to put this right.

• • •

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