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8 Apr, 36 tweets, 12 min read
• Don't write lengthy messages, I'm a lazy person.
• Be honest without galis.

I'll put the link in the bio for a few days.
• Lengthy = Paragraphs 😐 Bandar
• Alien jaat
• Hyderabad, did my MBA, searching for a job.
• Arijit. But I don't listen 🤐 too painful.
• Hiii 😂
• 👀 I won't tell
• I'm scared of cats.. Wormld peace 🤝
• Life is life. From Hyderabad, I do nothing.. searching for a job.
• Looks rounds from Mercury, you could feel it is flat because you're on it.
• No one 🤷‍♀️
• Rhyme nai hua but ok.
• Hyderabad, Telangana.
• Ok.
• Nai.
• Baat mat karo usse fir.
• I didn't even read that..
• No, I don't. Don't put an effort to teach me the full form now.
• Ye tum normally bhi bol sakte ho.. secret message me kyu 😐😂
• Ya ok.
• Apne bhai ka jeevan bacha rahi hoon🤷‍♀️
• Bhaiya, shayad Antartica ki team jeeyegi
• Ghar wale 😐
• जय श्री राम 🙏
• Google nai hoon na.
• Koi nai hai.
• Okay.
• Dharti pe raho.
• Pappa se puchna padega, party fund degi toh ladungi 😂🤷‍♀️
• Thank you, I'm sure you too are good!
• Oh ok.
• Mai padhi bhi nai wo.
• Ayush kahi aur time pass karo.
• Haan.
• You can go die, I don't mind.
• Itna dimag mai use nai karti 😔
• Ok, great.
• Haan karo.
• 😐
• Bhai 😭 tu 😭 ye 😭 sab 😭 mat 😭 kar 😭 aur 😭kitna 😭roo 😭ke 😭bolu 😭
• Wo sab ke bhaiya hain, tum cancil.
• 😐 Billa
• Haan, kal deactivate kardungi. Bye.
• Ayush single hi acha hai.
• 😐😂😂😂 Theek hai, bolti hoon unko.
• Itne bure din chal rahe hain kya apke?
• Mere fans tumhare messages mei aur tumhare mere messages mei. @Ayush_Shah_25 Haan babe bohot shok hai, apko kya tapleek hai?

• Thanks Tauji..👀? Lekin Grill😂
• Wow, nice! :)
• Nai re, bohot corona hai tumhare pass.. baad mei aaungi 😂😂
• No one cares.
• Thank you so much :)) 🤝 Take care!
• He's straight forward and you can't take it.
Partly correct. IPL or Cricket is like a celebration and I too used to fall in the same category. Few boys like to play a sport than to watch.
And birthdays are boring 😂 IPL is all dramatic for me & fun too! 🤩
• Itni bezzati kon karta hai yaar 😐
• Haan😂😂😂😂 pata nai kya username hai apka but pehchaan gayi🤣
Ram Ram ji 🙏
@Ayush_Shah_25 🤷‍♀️
• Thank you, My name's Praghnya, Aamani is just my nick name.
• Swagat kya karna hai, aajao khaana khaayenge aur kya.. 😅
• 😂😂😂 He'll never love you if you secret message me, talk to him directly!
• Why? Are you Gay and want him to be your...?
• 😂😂 thenks.
Oh no problem, that happens to everyone!
Hello! Thank you so much 🥰
• Thank you!
• 😂 theek hai, lekin mili toh batau kaise apko?
Hadd hai Vikas, bas karo ab 😐
• acha sawal hai, aur nai mai nai patungi.
instagram.com/simplepickupli… Iss page pe dekho milenge bohot 🤣 kaam na kare toh don't blame me.
Mere already bohot bhai hain + merko aise hi kisi se rishta bana na acha nai lagta. Baki ka nai pata ab 😐
• Hyderabad. Chalao fir Anant Ambani se baat..

• Aamani is my nick name. Praghnya Datta is my real name + Datta is not my surname. My family added Dattatreya Swamy's name to our names.

• Haan, Treat You Better na!! Uske dusre gaane bhi ache hain, suno 🤩
Ofcourse it is overrated 😂😂 aree saar Dosa, Rajma chawal, paneer masala, aur ap jo bole wo 🤩 @its_venkatesh_
Jo bolti hoon uska ulta kyu karte ho 😒
• No favourites but I like Anushka Shetty's movies (Telugu)
• 😂🤣 Math ke formulae na puchle koi.
• Vikas gay sound kar rahe ho
• Ok, but who are you? 🙂
• 😒 Ambani jitni toh nai hai ab
• Pata hai Series nai jeetegi 🤣🤣
• Hey Me :)
• Haan ok ok I'll do.
• Haan bhaiya karti hoon ab 🥳
• Ye achi nai hai kya 😐
• :)
• Ik, take care!
• Itni bhi hindi nai aati ab. Vaandey kya hota hai ?
Oh.. all material things 😂 + peace + kindness + people like me.
There's less peace, less kindness around me. And I need people who are similar to me around me.
Ask me again if I still didn't get the question.

• • •

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8 Apr
Word to word meaning of Gayatri Mantra.

अस्य श्री गायत्री मंत्र:।

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्।
भू: bhuH
भुव: bhuvaH
स्व: svaH
तत् tat
सवितु: savituH
वरेण्यम् vareNyaM
भर्ग: bhargaH
देवस्य dEvasya
धीमहि dhImahi
धिय: dhiyaH
य: yaH
न: naH
प्रचोदयात् prachOdayAt

Now let's understand the meaning of each word..
ॐ (AUM) -- It is the premordial sound.
A combination of sounds corresponding to CREATION, MAINTENANCE & DESTRUCTION.

भू: (bhuH)-- It represents भूलोक: The material world in which we live.

भुव:(bhuvaH)-- It represents अंतरिक्ष लोक: in which the material world exists.
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7 Apr
Peacefuls at work! Kindly read.

The Muslim problem had been created in lndia with the very first conversion to Islam in Debal, Sindh, Pakistan.

This man was promptly named Maulana Islami and sent, with a Syrian noble, to deliver a message of Muhammad bin Qasim to Raja Dahir.
When the two entered Dahir's court. the Syrian bowed low to salute, but the newly converted Muslim refused to bow or to salute.

Raja Dahir recognised him and asked him why he was not observing the court etiquette, and then he said that with his change of religion..
..his loyalty now was to "the king of Islam''.

Change of religion had resulted in change of nationality!

The Pakistani mentality had born.
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6 Apr
Oleg Kalugin, Counter Intelligence head in Soviet union, wrote in 1973 that, our agents are in every department of India.

Whether it is Intelligence, Count. Intelligence, Police, Defence Ministry, Foreign Ministry.... everywhere.
In 1978, around 30 Indian traitors were working under him in which 10 were Intelligence Officers.
Kalugin remembered and said that,

Once ek indian minister ne secret information dene ki peshkash ki and demanded $50,000.

KGB said Mantri ji jo secrets aap hame dene aye hain, wo foreign & Defence Ministry already sold us.
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