How Democrats & the Biden Administration Lied about the Georgia Senate Bill, SB202 The Election Integrity Act: A Thread
1)Biden lied about “New Georgia Law” saying it “ends voting hours early.” It doesn’t. Source WaPo…
2)The law actually expands early voting access in most counties, including rural ones. Source: WaPo & direct bill text…
3)”It’s the new Jim Crow! It’s denying people the right to vote!”-FALSE
First off, the reason we had more absentee ballots this time was bc of COVID. They’re simply going back. You need to understand that we need both security & facility in elections.…
4)The area most ripe for ELECTION FRAUD is via unsecured Mail in ballots & Jimmy Carter agreed. Most countries in the world do not allow mail in ballots for all but only minimally & require ID if so, & they have far more transparent elections than we do.…
5)COVID allowed exceptions but only in few countries. Most nations in the global south including Venezuela, who has some of the best elections per the Jimmy Carter Institute, never allow absentee ballots & have ID laws, even thumbprints.…
6)Here is a map and more numbers and data from the WaPo on this issue. As stated, if you allow more flexibility in voting like vote by mail/absentee/online, you MUST add security. This is not undemocratic, but ensures transparency & a chain of custody.…
7)Bottom line: Most countries that allow absentees have paper ballots, transparency, or strong voter ID laws. So are all of them “right-wing fascist” countries for wanting to track or secure elections? In Georgia’s case they’re simply demanding more regulations like these.
8)So what is actually happening regarding the absentee ballots in Georgia? Going back to it’s PRE-COVID TIME, the voters will have 11 weeks or nearly 2 months to request a ballot. Deadline is now 2 Fridays before Election Day instead of one.…
9)This makes it less likely your ballot will be in limbo, will arrive too late, & be tampered with without an ability to resolve it. It’s worth noting that in most countries where absentee ballots are used-which are not many-they don’t allow this much time. Per WaPo South Korea👇🏼
10)Strict ID? Not really. But bc of the lack of “chain of custody,” i.e tracking & procedurals of absentee ballots, officials seek security so voters will have to fill an absentee FORM with either their ID license, voter ID or SS#. It IS NOT PHYSICAL & is only for absentees. WaPo
11)This can be done online & along w address, DOB & name will be used for verification, a change from using signatures. Extensive research in election integrity proves that neither barely trained workers or machines are reliable ways to verify…
12)In fact we interviewed journalist Whitney Webb on how the AI software used to verify these ballots is unreliable & how these Silicon Valley companies like Parascript are highly suspect. This same system was used in 2020, hence the desire to move away.
13)These systems have easy ways to turn sensors which verify signatures up or down & may either easily reject too many ballots bc of lack of resemblance or accept too many. We rely on machine manufactures who always say “they’re secure.” But we only do 1% audits IF THAT.
14)These companies are known as “proprietary software,” bc we don’t know who owns/accesses them. It’s a company of another. They’re not open source even if they say bc we can’t look into them. Some have ties to the defense industry-Lockheed Martin-& donated heavily to Joe Biden.
15)To learn more about just how corrupt & unreliable our election machines ballot marking devices are, how corporations like Microsoft run subsidiaries & programs for the benefit of intelligence agencies & the National Security State read this
16) Had to explain switch, back to GA. Ballots will be printed on a special “security paper”. Military & overseas voters will get both their regular & absentee ballots mailed w RANKED CHOICE VOTING ballots for run off elections, which will be 4 wks & sent out early. Source GPB
17) Ballot drop off boxes will be reduced in some areas & expanded in others, especially rural areas, ensuring no advantage to ANY party. Note these boxes only existed bc of COVID. There is no usually no security. Anyone could come & drop off ballots, take ballots etc.-GBP
18)The Bill text clearly states more protections, demanding the box be well lit, under surveillance by an election official, assigned delegate, guard or law enforcement official. No tampering allowed & must be properly labeled, w proper instruction on who is allowed to handle it.
19) The collection process is also detailed & streamlined for better chain of custody. There must be at least TWO PEOPLE handling the ballots, noting date, time, number of ballots, location, the names of handlers, & confirmation box is locked after ballots are taken.
20)The ballots are then handed to the board of registrars, absentee ballot clerk, or designated person, & there shall be a signature upon receipt. At start of next voting the manager of the location must open the drop box & check that it’s empty. If it is not tell superintendent.
21) 2020 saw drastic delays in vote counting leading to suspicion of fraud. Officials will now begin processing but not counting absentee ballots 2 wks before the election. Counties must count all ballots soon as polls close or face investigation & must also report ballots/day.
22) Counties must also finish tabulating all votes by 5 PM the day after the election & the election certification deadline is 6 days after polls close instead of 10. Reminder it’s no longer COVID measures. SOS is to create a pilot program for posting digital ballot images.
23) Counties must provide logic & accuracy testing of machines & equipment. Polling places with longer wait times must hire more staff or split up the precinct. Poll observers must be trained & not interfere in partisan behavior. Another attempt at tackling machines & influence.
24) The Secretary of State which has long been a position vulnerable to corruption or conflict of interest, will no longer be in charge of the State Election Board. This is KEY. The new chair MUST BE NON PARTISAN & will be appointed by majority of State House & Senate.
25) Lastly the Biden administration LIED & pretended on multiple occasions that this bill would prohibit people waiting in line from attaining water or food. This is false. Source again GPB & LITERAL TEXT. 👇🏼
26)The reason for this focus is bc of the many documented instances of buses of people dumped in precincts from breakfast/lunches for votes, for handing out of food or materials in exchange for votes, & for the influence by campaign staffers. This is a good thing for fairness.
27) I repeat, POLL WORKERS & non campaign or election staff CAN HAND OUT FOOD & WATER. The key is to ensure no solicitation for votes which does happen. The focus should be to find solutions for not having long lines! See our video on this.
28) This bill is ok but it does not touch on Black Box voting, proprietary software issues (said companies mentioned above are still in charge), REAL 100% public audits w backed paper ballots, tracking of ballots, voter roll issues, open source, public counting, etc.
29)To say it’s JIM CROW 2.0 is a blatant fabrication. Voter fraud does not happen nearly ever but election fraud is real & has been for yrs. I encourage ppl to do their research before having knee jerk reactions. I challenge anyone to debate me on these facts bc they are facts.
30)I saw many people call those of us who actually reported on this properly “right wingers”. It’s that idiotic emotional response that focuses on who says it rather than the content. Glenn is right & this is an issue about truth not where you lie on the political spectrum.
31) For those of you wanting a threader app for easier reading.…
If you let the duopoly divide you with lies we will never defeat them.

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I was traveling to Iowa to cover the primary & kept getting calls incessantly demanding I take a tweet down. They badgered my friends until they gave my PERSONAL #. I refused to it was my gd right. Especially since I was asked to use social media to find help. The job got done.
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Klain served as Ebola Czar under Obama where he was criticized by his handling of the H1N1 virus, especially since he was appointed with no medical background……
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