So proud of newbie xrp hodlrs who asked for help last summer that didn't sell like an idiot at a dollar the other day. However I noticed in comment sections that alot of you guys are hodling your xrp on exchanges which is of grandest mistakes. I'm gonna break down a screenshot ..
tutorial below on how to safely store your xrp OFFLINE to keep from being had by sneaky conniving online exchanges. I know $ is tight right now with alot of you and so there's an alternative method to store digital assets offline rather than spend $170 on a ledger nano s or x
.. I own both the nano hardware S and X but there are several alt coins I hold that ledger doesn't support and so the only way to store them offline was to download good mobile wallets like EXODUS WALLET .. here's what I did..
Went down to QFC( Kroger, Safeway, aldi etc) purchased a prepaid dummy phone.. make sure it's touchscreen and android with play/app store. $29.. those that have a phone laying around the crib that you don't use, go ahead and skip this part. Don't buy a minutes/data card..
You only need wifi signal..
Get back home, set up the phone. With your wifi on, Go to your play store and download EXODUS WALLET app
Open exodus and begin setting up your new wallet. You will be prompted to create a 12 key word phrase .. WRITE IT DOWN ON PAPER(I recommend a composition notebook).. DO NOT SCREENSHOT EVER.. this is the most important step in cold storing digital assets create a passcode and again write that down on paper.. follow the screenshots
K so you got your login pass code set, now you wanna Holla at your settings and read whats available to you. Remember a few steps back I mentioned that 12 key word phrase and how important it was? Guess what happens to your xrp thats worth MILLIONS when mr blackout hits, if you..
stupidly forgot to write down your key pass phrase? You're fckd and you won't be able to recover it. A blackout is definitely coming and if you haven't backed up your digital assets offline CORRECTLY, then generational wealth will not be yours.
Next.. while still in settings.. DO NOT SYNC SHT.. this is no different than screenshotting your 12 key word phrase. Don't do it guys
.. so now you understand your settings.. next you want to get your XRP and other alt coins OFF online exchanges.. follow the screenshots..
Copy that xrp RECIEVE address OR you can QR code it to the online exchange which you are withdrawing from
For me, HBTC.COM solves my #XRP needs for buying. Very user friendly and they verify quick asf.. they don't play games like uphold and coinbase etc.. whenever I withdraw to my nano x wallet, it's lightning quick..
K so you sign up and go through the verification process.. once you get through, head straight to your profile and complete the circled titles before doing anything else..
Go back to your play store and download GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR.. follow the instructions in the red circled "google authentication"
.. so now you've done all your verifications and you've set up google authenticator app on your phone. You are ready to buy #XRP ... "BUY CRYPTO" , look for that header at the top of the page..
It then takes you to this page where you can choose your debit/credit card.. notice the red circle.. set your currency to usd AND usdt/tether (usdt/XRP is the pair you're buying)
Go back up to the very top of the page where all page headers are and click "SPOT" as shown in this screenshot...
K you've clicked SPOT and it took you straight to the exchange.. USDT is the first base currency you see.. notice all the currencies listed .. that's your currency pairs that trades with USDT.. #XRP is right there for you.. you can't miss it..
After you've located xrp under the USDT column (and clicked xrp)as shown in the last screenshot, under the graph you'll see a green header showing "BUY XRP" .. but first click on market order. Your available funds will show right below it. Make sure to put the mouse arrow to max.
Yayyy you purchased #XRP .. guys do not panic if you don't see it show up in your hbtc wallet right away. It can take 3 seconds to 30 minutes for your xrp to show up.. so yeah after you've bought, find the "BALANCE " header at the top then click wallet.. wait for your xrp to show
... on your wallet page, use the search feature to locate xrp.. your balance will show in usdt value along with total amount of XRP just bought from the exchange..
over to the right you'll see options of you want to proceed with your purchased xrp. We obviously want it offline so we click withdraw. It'll take you to the withdraw page next.. go back to your mobile EXODUS WALLET retrieve your xrp RECIEVE address remember?
Copy that RECIEVE address into the red circled withdraw address box shown in the screenshot.. thee amount of total xrp you have will show and you have the option of withdrawing ALL of your xrp.. OF COURSE WE WANT TO WITHDRAW ALL OF IT🙄
In the screenshot where it says RECIEVED, it'll show how much fees taken out for you to withdraw your xrp to another address/wallet.. should be cheap ..
The dummy phone is to store my coins OFFLINE, which means You should ONLY use this dummy phone when you're sending xrp to your exodus wallet. DO NOT use this phone for anything else. Remember the idea is to use it as a cold storage. Keep off wifi unless recieving XRP💡

• • •

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