People making big deal about opposing CRT and "wokeness" don't seem to realize, or don't seem to care, that folks are leaving churches (or never being part of them) not because there's too *much* talk and action around justice, but because there's too *little.*
Study history. What has done more harm to people and the witness of the church--whiteness or wokeness? The consolidation of power among a select (white, male, wealthy) few or attempts at fostering racial equity? It's not even close.
Would Jesus' words from Matthew 23:23-24 seem to apply more to those saying #BlackLivesMatter and talking about systemic racism or to those talking about wokeness as a "threat to the gospel"?
Too many people treat racism as fodder for articles, arguments, and conferences when it is truly a matter of life and death (and we've got plenty of receipts to prove it). Stop playing. Get to the work of racial justice or at least get out of the way of those doing it.

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7 Jan
It is clear that a consequential portion of Republican elected officials hold a particular view of America which only benefits “their kind of people.”

It is a vision so anti-democratic that secure it through exercise of raw, brutal power.

So what is to be done...
Unequivocally and boot these opponents of liberty out of the Republican party or start a new one.

Accept the repentant, but don’t waste time trying to persuade the obtuse, arrogant and violent.

Remember who caved and never, ever, ever vote a Trump lackey into office again.
Make repair for the damage the party has wrought.

Extend and protect voting rights for all. Act in true democratic fashion and listen to the will of the majority.

Aggressively enact policies to disrupt white supremacist extremist activity. Disassociate from racists.
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19 Dec 20
When indeed?

“When did the theological architects of American slavery develop the moral character to tell the church how it should discuss and discern racism?” @CharlieDates…
And don’t miss this part: The GOP-ification of the SBC

“I’ve learned there is an unwritten rule in the SBC: Don’t criticize an entity head.

It’s the same approach that created President Donald Trump, that makes sure that no Republican leader will challenge him publicly.”
A sad commentary:

“Mohler hijacked the affirmation meeting of the Baptist Faith & Message, turning it into a conservative resurgence revival. In all that, he can never be criticized within his ranks. That’s the good ol’ boys’ club. That’s the old SBC.”…
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2 Dec 20
I take no pleasure in writing posts like these. But certain things must be said...

New Post: Southern Baptist seminary presidents reaffirm their commitment to whiteness…
"By highlighting [Critical Race Theory] as particularly acute threats to Southern Baptist orthodoxy, the seminary presidents take aim at virtually anyone who advocates for racial justice beyond hugs, handshakes, and symbolic statements."…
"For several years, fundamentalist Christians have positioned CRT as an epithet...It's the theological and ecclesiastical equivalent of the 'Red Scare.' Slap anyone with the label 'Critical Race Theory' and they automatically become enemies of the church."…
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1 Dec 20
This attempt to silence a professor (and one of my advisors!) for calling out racism and holding people accountable for injustice is appalling. It resembles the asymmetrical and scorched earth tactics of the GOP. It’s an abuse of power, self-aggrandizing, and wrong.
The great reporting by the @MSFreePress lays it all out. Dr. Thomas participated in the #ScholarStrike to raise awareness about racial injustice. The state auditor said the action ran afoul of an anti-labor law where any teacher who strikes can be fired.…
That law was passed after Mississippi teachers in 1985 went on strike for higher pay. They were successful, but the powers-that-be said “never again.” I mean...if we pay teachers their due, what’s next? Socialism?! The demise of the Republic itself?!? 😱
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16 Sep 20
There's a lot to unpack in this data, but my top line observation is this: If racial justice was about popularity we'd never see change. Progress has always come from a small but committed group of people. Never let the numbers crush your conviction.…
While the numbers for white Christians were not great, I was more interested in the data around Black Christians:
Motivation to address racial injustice:
2019: 63% (very motivated: 33%)
2020: 70% (very motivated 46%)
AND Black *Christians* were more likely than Black people as a whole to say that the country has a race problem:
Black People: 76%
Black Christians: 81%
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15 Sep 20
#OnThisDay: September 15, 1963
Four young Black girls—Addie Mae Collins (14), Denise McNair (11), Carole Robertson (14), and Cynthia Wesley (14)—were killed by a white supremacist in a terrorist attack. But there’s so much more to know...
The blast injured about 20 others including 12 year old Sarah Collins, Addie’s sister, who was blinded in one eye. The 15 sticks of dynamite shattered all the church’s stained glass windows except one—an image of Jesus Christ. The face of Christ had been blown out.
Also...Here's the story of the new stained glass window that replaced the damaged one. It's inspiring!…
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