1. This is Abbey Caoimhe.

Which is unique, because Caoimhe is normally a first name.
2. Caoimhe posts to Twitter regularly with a lot of comments about race, and other stuff.
3. Like "The War", national service, flags, etc.
4. Naive young women who want to date, then marry illegal immigrants.

That kind of thing.
5. A lot of people have publicly wondered whether Caoimhe’s photo is a real person.

Or whether Caoimhe is genuinely a young 20 year old Tory activist.

Who is extremely interested in refugees and overpopulation.
6. Some of Caoimhe’s comments about social media and online fakery are quite genuinely sensible.

She seems spot on with this advice about fakery on Twitter, for example.
7. Anyway, Caoimhe has a twin sister.

With their own account.

The other account is pretty much identical in content to Caoimhe’s and also promotes the same blog.

But identifies as Andrea, also from Wales.
8. Both profile photos have been heavily photoshopped, but Andrea and Abbey Caoihme are almost certainly the same person, underneath all the image manipulation.

They also seem to be wearing the same top.

Which would make sense, as their accounts are virtually identical.
9. On Caoimhe’s political blog / website, “TheThatch”, she posts podcasts (well short speeches).

That mostly focus again on the idea of "overpopulation" and immigrants.

As well as celebrating the Conservative party & Boris Johnson.

10. The voice of “The Thatch” is “Abbey Caoimhe” who introduces each audio clip with:

“Hi, Abbey here”.

But the voice sounds more like the other identity, Andrea.

Who does presenting and posts showreels to Youtube.

And interviews, like this:

11. Andrea / Caoimhe used to have a popular Twitter and Instagram account.

The old account, was much gentler, positive and less focused on immigrants and politics.
12. @andreamoignard
13. When did it all suddenly change from posting about indie films, recycling & positive tweets about Lobsters?
14. To suddenly switch to regular party political content, advertising the Conservative party as Abbey Caoimhe?
15. JoinMe VoteConservative to save Britain
16. From indie films, recycling and other friendly tweets, to partisan political audio clips.

Focusing on “overpopulation”.
17. Who knows. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

Welcome to the @TrollZoo
18. Not included in this thread was the fact that the first account to follow Abbey Caoimhe was @ Nova_Remnant
19. "Nova_Remnant" was the only account, other than Caoimhe, to promote The Thatch blog on Twitter.

But the connection was left out of this thread to keep things simple, as it's confusing enough already.
20. Caoimhe didn't seem to post any rule breaking Tweets.

Many accounts are left active that pose as doctors (a crime), but for some reason Twitter suspended these.

Twitter decided to suspend "Abbey Caoimhe" and her duplicate account, simultaneously.
21. Even though the it was not mentioned in this thread, Twitter also suspended the connected "Nova_remnant", at the same time, too.

Nova_Remnant joined Twitter in 2009.

22. "Nova_Remnant" didn't have many followers.

But some of those followers were quite surprising.

For example, the UK government Embassy in Iran's Twitter account, followed "@ Nova_remnant".
23. Seems totally legit! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This @TrollZoo exhibit is now closed.

• • •

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