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8 Apr, 36 tweets, 13 min read
"we discovered niacin, or vitamin B3, to be effective in stimulating tumor necrosis factor-α from human microglia. Furthermore, niacin was able to significantly enhance secretion of this cytokine from bone marrow-derived macrophages of young and older mice,
in addition to enhancing phagocytosis in young and aged (from > 15 months donors) mouse microglia as well as human microglia through the scavenger receptor CD36."
The magnitude of hypoxemia must be responsible for the consumption of niacin and the diversion of the tryptophan cascade to form more vitamin B3. However, highly inflammatory medium tends to cascade to the formation of Kynurenine and its toxic metabolites.
"People who have inflammatory diseases naturally have macrophages and monocytes tending to undergo anti-inflammatory polarization to attenuate the stress caused by inflammatory comorbidities. Figure 4a shows the two poles with intermediate diseases that may course with severity"
"demonstrated the novel role of niacin in the regulation of energy homeostasis by fine‐tuning of hepatic de novo lipogenesis, energy expenditure, and intestinal fat absorption via GPR109A‐mediated signaling.
Our findings provide a critical clue to the potential new therapeutic strategies that could treat obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease."

"Blood NAD+ increased in all subjects, up to 8-fold, and muscle NAD+ of patients reached the level of their controls. Some patients showed anemia tendency, while muscle strength and mitochondrial biogenesis increased in all subjects. In patients, muscle metabolome shifted
toward controls and liver fat decreased even 50%. Our evidence indicates that blood analysis is useful in identifying NAD+ deficiency and points niacin to be an efficient NAD+ booster for treating mitochondrial myopathy."

"On the one hand, we have the infection promoting a tendency towards TH1, but inhibited by INF-gamma regulation. The lymphocytes tend towards Treg and this TCD4 + Th2 function establishes a negative relationship in the control of the Th1 pathway, thus NK, Th1, TCD8 +
initiate a process of apoptosis and downregulation of its active pathways in inflammation."

- The acute phase of the disease is viral and inflammatory, with the inflammatory component being responsible for severe acute respiratory failure.
- The chronic disease is due to changes in the metabolism of tryptophan and the lack of niacin (NAD/NADH+). Tryptophan has its metabolism altered by the lack of intestinal absorption due to internalization of ACE-2 and hypoxemia and inflammation
Sufficient flush niacin protects against and reverts over all stages of pathogenesis

Sufficient niacin is also key to counter thrombotic events occurring along the #COVID19 pathology.

Sufficient niacin intake/supply permits potential energy to be made readily available to prevent/revert ensuing inflammation, which depletes niacin & tryp

Back to the underlying thermodynamics going on

"thought that TRPV1 serves its physiological role in these organs as a nociceptor through activation induced by endogenous ligands or extracellular H+ (eg, under inflammatory or ischemic conditions). Nicotinic acid seems to be yet another chemical compound that TRPV1 can sense"
Niacin prevents / reverses the associated kidney injury too ...
“TRPV1 activation results in extracellular Ca2+ entry down the electrochemical gradient at physiological membrane potentials”

"JPT2 was also required for the translocation of SARS-CoV-2 through the endolysosomal system. Thus, JPT2 is a component of the NAADP receptor complex that is essential for TPC-dependent Ca2+ signaling & control of coronaviral entry"

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8 Apr
In this randomized clinical trial that involved 240 hospitalized patients with moderate to severe COVID-19, a single dose of 200 000 IU of vitamin D3, compared with placebo, did NOT significantly reduce hospital length of stay (median of 7.0 vs 7.0 days)

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8 Apr
"Obesity is caused by an abnormal excess storage of energy as lipids in adipose tissue due to a net imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure"

Replace obesity w/ any condition/disease, and it's the same thing: manifested by thermodynamic (energy transfer) misbalance
In terms of dementia prevention, this circuit is governed mechanistically by limiting the progression of accumulating thermodynamic net energy forward as we become increasingly more sedentary and immobile after age 70.
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7 Apr
"The chronic disease [of #COVID19 is due to changes in the metabolism of tryptophan and the lack of niacin (NAD/NADH+)."

Sufficient niacin supply: the missing puzzle piece to COVID-19, and beyond?
- Dmitry Kats

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6 Apr
Gov. Cooper Having 'Discussions' About Creating NC Vaccine Passport | WFAE 90.7 - Charlotte's NPR News Source wfae.org/politics/2021-…
Hope this is brought up in the discussions, @NC_Governor newsobserver.com/news/state/nor…
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6 Apr
Ivermectin “works” but Flush Niacin works much better
Doesn’t Merck own IVM?
Guess who owns flush niacin?

Mother Nature
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5 Apr
Remember they were trying to say it was “safe and effective” so everyone could get it, but little did they realize (or as for the “experts” who made sure not to mention) how its “safety” and “efficacy” were not known beyond a few weeks follow-up.
💉s showed minimal reduction in covid cases & basically meaninglessness in terms of preventing hospitalizations in the trials, and this so-called efficacy was for only a few weeks follow-up. We’re seeing now how effective they really are beyond few weeks follow-up in application
Based on new surges now, it would only be logical to infer that these jabs, although demonstrated to be marginally (really minimally) efficacious in the trials and effective in applications for the first week weeks, appear to be effective but only in causing COVID beyond that
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