Thabo Mbeki believed that HIV was not the cause of AIDS and refused a nationwide rollout of Antiretroviral drugs in South Africa. Whether he was right or wrong, many of us still don't know how Mbeki reached the conclusions he did. Let's look at some facts on HIV

Firstly, what is HIV?
HIV is a retrovirus. A retrovirus reproduces by attaching itself to the host's CD4 T-cells, penetrating the cell and encoding its RNA into the cell's DNA. As the infected cell multiplies, so too does the virus
(mRNA COVID-19 vaccines...🤔? OK nevermind)
Like any other viral infection, HIV reproduces quickly through the cells immediately after infection. This is what leads to the production of antibodies that track down infections until all invading germs are dead/inactive. This is how we heal & become immune to future infections
It is very important to note that HIV like all other viruses becomes inactive and harmless after the body has produced antibodies against it, this is why we never hear of recognisable "HIV symptoms", unlike flu and other viruses with identifiable symptoms, for instance
Now, when you give blood to test for HIV, you are not testing for the virus, instead, you are testing for the antibodies generated by your body to stop it. So, when you test positive for HIV it means you have produced antibodies, meaning you are now immune to the virus
For the virus to kill a person it needs to escape the antibodies, and disease only emerges BEFORE the host produces antibodies. Yes, some diseases come back after immunity...
...however, there is no disease that causes illness ONLY AFTER the body produces antibodies. This is how HIV is said to work. It is said to wait until there are antibodies before causing the disease (AIDS). This goes against how microbes, antibodies and esp. retroviruses work
AIDS patients get progressively sick because they lose CD4 T-cells, and because these are the cells HIV infects, it was concluded that it was HIV that was killing them. However many scientists grow the HIV retrovirus on T-cells precisely because it grows well on them
Thabo Mbeki's advisor Dr Peter Duesberg became suspicious when it was said HIV was killing T-cells when it had always been known that retroviruses are the only viruses that don't kill the cells they infect
Scientists agree that HIV does not infect enough T-cells to do what it is said to do, i.e cause AIDS, because as soon as the body produces HIV antibodies the billions of virus particles become dormant until they can't be detected in T-cells. Meanwhile, the T-cells multiply daily
By the time the antibodies are done with HIV, it only infects as little as 1 in 100K cells. Therefore, HIV cannot kill enough T-cells quickly enough to bring down the immune system to cause a syndrome, because to get sick and die from a retrovirus it needs to infect 1 in 2 cells
AIDS patients have AIDS because they lack CD4 T-cells. Robert Gallo, the doctor who linked HIV to AIDS could not find any virus in the T-cells of the AIDS patients he monitored, only the antibodies against it. So what is killing the T-cells, then? Anyway...
HIV has no "AIDS gene", i.e it has no unique reason to cause AIDS. Genetically, HIV is identical to every other retrovirus in the human body, and there are up to 100 of these retroviruses in every healthy human body, all under the control of antibodies.
All these retroviruses behave the same in how they mutate, become dormant and reactivate. In fact, none of the other retroviruses causes disease, so what is so special about HIV? Conversely, If HIV causes AIDS why don't all the others? What is so special about HIV?
HIV/AIDS supporters say HIV is a "slow virus", taking up to 12 years after infection to cause AIDS. This hypothesis was formulated by HIV/AIDS founders Gallo and Daniel Gajdusek to effectively buy time when HIV failed to produce AIDS
The slow virus hypothesis was said to be based on the herpes virus which lies dormant for years and then causes disease in people who can't generate immunity due to ACTIVE viral levels causing specific symptoms. HIV is INACTIVE, but suddenly causes 30 random diseases 10yrs later
Not all viruses cause disease. Those that do, it happens within days, maybe weeks as a direct function of the time a virus needs to infect a cell, generate new viruses in enough quantities to overcome T-cells. So, whatever a retrovirus can possibly do has to happen within weeks.
(Sidebar: You know what causes a new disease pandemic? A new virus. Using virus dating methods used on all viruses since the 19th century reveals that HIV cannot be a new virus. Even HIV proponents have not bothered to address this specific issue objectively)
Now for some statistics: in the US, HIV is evenly distributed between males and females. However, after 15 years, AIDS remained at 90% males and 10% female. Why would it keep bypassing females for over 15 years if it was an infectious sexually transmitted disease?
As we have seen with recent "pandemics", a viral pandemic affects people similarly everywhere it goes. However, AIDS statistics are different in developed countries than in Africa. e.g. in the US, AIDS patients are 90% male, but in Africa, it's 50/50 between men and women... America, AIDS is directly linked to specific risk groups (drug users, homosexuals, etc), but in Africa, there are no risk groups, anyone and everyone seems to be getting it. Also, AIDS-related diseases (i.e the symptoms) are vastly different between the US and Africa.
Furthermore, in many cases, AIDS occurs without HIV and most people with HIV never develop AIDS. The hypothesis that HIV causes AIDS comes about because people with AIDS test positive for HIV antibodies so, "HIV must be causing AIDS". Correlation. Hence it's being called HIV/AIDS
In the end, whether what the media and AIDS industry says about HIV and AIDS is true or not, everyone needs to do thorough research and make up their mind if we're to make the correct decisions for ourselves because what's best for corporations is not always best for the public

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