1/ Want real-world evidence that vaccine side effect databases do not capture ANYTHING close to the real number of adverse events, even extremely serious ones?

Here goes.

Britain has a system similar to VAERS, with voluntary reporting of post-vaccine side effects...
2/ Just a week ago, the British reported 30 cases of severe blood clotting problems, including 7 deaths, after 18 million doses of the @AstraZeneca vaccine. This is a very serious and unusual problem and it should pop out to doctors.

Yesterday, the Brits updated the number...
3/ Now they report 79 events and 19 deaths out of 20 million doses - a near-tripling of events and deaths in a week.

Did all those extra problems happen in the last week/2 million doses?

No. They are coming now because physicians are finally LOOKING for and reporting them...
4/ But if a voluntary reporting system can’t catch more than a fraction of cases like this - cases where young people are dying bizarrely days after getting vaccinated - what are the odds it will pick up the deaths of older people dying in more routine ways like strokes?

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7 Apr
1/ This fascinating @CDCgov review of Covid death certificates in 2020 deserves way more attention than it's received.

Among the findings: of the 182 deaths under 18, 65 were probably unrelated to Covid. So 117 deaths out of 70 million kids and teens...
2/ Overall, @cdcgov found almost 10,000 deaths had "no plausible" connection to Covid.

Further, another 67,000 deaths were reported only as having a plausible "significant contributing condition" (this was defined very loosely and included hypertension and diabetes)...
3/ And those deaths disproportionately took place in homes, nursing homes and hospices, rather than hospitals. In other words, that 67,000 figure is probably the minimum number of "WITH" rather than "FROM" Covid deaths...
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5 Apr
1/ Legacy media simply can no longer be trusted.

As for @DKThomp, I will say only this: standard journalistic practice on ANY story, much less a piece focused on one person, is not to ask one round of questions and then try to discredit the answers without following up...
2/ Had I tried that at the Times, my editors would have laughed. Then they would have been angry. The harder you want to hit someone, the fairer you need to be.

That’s the way it used to be, anyway. No more. And the places that had the highest standards have fallen the fastest.
3/ Here’s one more small example of the deceptions and elisions that riddle the @dkthomp piece. Read this VERY carefully. Does Segal say I’m wrong? No, he knows I’m right, so he points to something ELSE the piece says...
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4 Apr
Holy moly. Did anyone else notice that @google just declared the pandemia over?
I hadn’t seen this before the Final Four ad
The version I saw didn’t have a vaccine reference! Unless I blinked and missed it
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1 Apr
1/ Read it. So much lamer than I feared it might be. From the bluecheck panting, I thought maybe @DKThomp had something. Instead the piece simply ignores the central issues I and others have raised for the vaccines:

The clinical trials largely ignored the at-risk population...
2/ The side effects profile for the mRNA vaccines - both in the trials and VAERS - is off the charts, far worse than the flu vaccines;

EVERY country (without exception as far as I can tell) has had case and death spikes following the first dose of mass vaccination campaigns...
3/ The preclinical safety signals (probably around potential LNP toxicity) do not appear to have been chased, and regulators do not seem to care;

The political pressure to approve the vaccines was overwhelming once the topline data came out;
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30 Mar
1/ Okay, a bunch of countries have decided @AstraZeneca’s #Covid vaccine is double-plus ungood because of a tiny ittybitty lil risk it will cause horrible deaths in healthy young adults.

But no worries about the @JNJNews @pfizer @moderna_tx shots, right?

Well. Hmm.
2/ All these vaccines work the same way - by hijacking your cells and making them crank out massive numbers of #SARSCoV2 spike proteins, leading to an antibody response far more intense than most people have to the actual virus...
3/ However, they deliver the molecule that causes the hijacking differently. The JNJ and AstraZeneca vaccines both use a modified cold virus hitched to a piece of DNA (which converts to RNA in your cells); the Pfizer and Moderna shots use RNA itself, inside a tiny ball of fat...
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28 Mar
1/ More evidence of a massive backlog in making #Covid vaccine side effect reports public - each VAERS report gets a unique ID, numbered roughly sequentially. Thus in 30+ years pre-Covid (to Dec. 2020) VAERS had received 770,000 reports, and it was at roughly VAERS ID #902,000...
2/ In fact, the IDs were only six digits long, allowing for a maximum of 1 million reports. Which should have lasted at least late 2022 - in recent years, the system has averaged ~3,500 reports a month, mostly non-serious (from 2018-2020, it averaged 13 death reports a month)...
3/ Then the mRNA vaccines showed up. With a few weeks the odometer rolled and the system needed seven digits. Now the IDs are past 1,115,348 (a death report received March 19) - implying ~180,000 reports received from early December (assuming the ID sequencing has not changed)...
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