PSA: Does the Swedish Constitution protect its citizens from forced vaccinations? (Sources:
1. Basic protection against forced body intervention

In the Constitution "2 chap. § 6 first paragraph Government Form" – Every citizen is, against the public, protected against forced physical intervention.
This right may only be restricted by the Parliament by law. One such right is the right to bodily integrity as stated in "ch. Section 6 Government Form (Chapter 2, Section 20, paragraph 1, paragraph 2, p."
In order for the legislator to be able to enact a law that restricts this right, the restriction must meet the purposes of a democratic society "(Chapter 2, Section 21 of the Constitution)."

A possible loophole? (Declare "pandemic", write law that protects "public health")
2. European court Article 8 – Right to protect private and family life

In addition, the protection is also regulated in Article 8 - The right to protection of private and family life in the European Convention.
The European Convention is incorporated as Swedish law, see Act (1994: 1219) on the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
Should an individual citizen consider that a fundamental right has been violated, a complaint can be made to the European Court of Justice. The complaint must then be directed at Sweden as a state.
Could this be a way to object against a theoretical local judgment?
3. Work Environment act – Employee protections against employer forced vaccinations?

(Chapter 2, Section 2 and Chapter 3, Section 2 of the Work Environment Act).
The constitutional protection explicitly applies to the public and not to private employers, instead it becomes relevant in this context to talk about risk analysis regarding the work environment.
An employer has an obligation to ensure that the work environment in the workplace is safe. When choosing measures, a balance must be struck between the employer's interest in taking the measure and the employee's personal integrity.
In addition, this assessment must not be contrary to law or good practice in the labor market. It is worth noting that an employer can never force itself into a physical procedure such as vaccination of workers.
That's what I've gathered so far. If anyone has anything to correct or add to strengthen our protections of human rights, please let me know.
It is different in different countries, do yourself a service and see what the laws state in your society.

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