#DerekChauvinTrial thread

This thread is going to contain triggers that I cannot label every time, including police brutality, murder, torture, medical descriptions, etc.

I also won’t pretend this is unbiased. I am an anarchist and #derekchauvinisguilty.
Annnnnnd they just called a 20 minute break lol be back shortly.
Alrighty. We’re back.

The prosecution is continuing with the lung specialist.

At first glance this might seem like a pretty dry expert witness, but this will go a long way to illustrate with George Floyd died of suffocation regardless of drug use.
I’m gonna do my best to break this down but the lung expert has a bevy of complex charts here.

Essentially they’re showing not all of the air you breathe in is exhaled out, which was particularly dangerous for Floyd. He could gasp in, but if you can’t repeat the process...
... that doesn’t do you much good. The same as if you hold your breath.

I’ll admit this data is v complicated, and I have more medical knowledge than your average bear. This can be killer on a jury. Even if the info is damning, if they can’t take in the data, it doesn’t count
Dr. Tobin explains that lung volume was even lower for George Floyd, because he was in the prone position. He says your lung volume goes down by a whopping 24%.

So again, think about holding your breath, but taking a really shitty breath in.
Moving onto Chauvin’s knee on the back/arm/side.

Dr. Tobin says it doesn’t matter where the knee was, because it all affects how the lungs function. The street sandwiches them on the other side too.

This totally blows the prosecution’s argument about Chauvin’s knee placement
I’m wondering how Nelson is going to counter this. He must’ve hired a medical expert to pick apart this VERY expert testimony, but it’s already SO complex. No way a jury is going to hear something more detailed than this.
Tobin calculated the knee on the neck and how much work George Floyd was having to do to breathe, and it’s three fold.

Imagine adding sheer panic and pain on top of that - which cannot be calculated.
Dr. Tobin breaks down the whole thing: the hypopharynx (throat) being compressed by being shoved into the pavement

The belly shortening the lungs

The lungs being compressed by the knee and the pavement
Dr. Tobin says as an ICU doctor that he can tell when George Floyd loses consciousness based on physiological signs in his face. Blood oxygen level for Floyd would be 89 based on his age. To lose consciousness his blood oxygen level would have to be 39.
After his blood oxygen level reaches 39, it would have only taken George Floyd seconds to reach zero.

Dr. Tobin testifies that Chauvin’s knee remained on George Floyd’s neck for over three minutes after “every ounce” of oxygen left his lungs.
When experiments are done to determine lung volume, they use standardized weights like ones that you would see in the gym

The prosecution asks if there are any studies about knees on the neck. Tobin says no, he suspects you couldn’t get it through ethics boards. Major side eye.
Dr. Tobin says the amount of time George Floyd was able to speak JS significant because for 4 minutes and 51 seconds his throat was not totally closed.

“I can’t breathe,” is significant to Dr. Tobin because he can see a sharp loss of oxygen immediately after.
He cautions the phrase “if they speak they can breathe” is a false sense of security because Floyd went from speaking to unconscious SECONDS later.

Tobin talks about a movement Floyd makes where his leg jerks backwards. He calls it a myoclonic seizure, caused by brain damage.
These happen to me as an epileptic, and I can say with certainty you are UNCONSCIOUS and NOT BREATHING when they occur. For me they last seconds. Blips.

For George Floyd, he never started breathing again. He never gained consciousness again.
Dr. Tobin shows an X-ray of an average trachea (windpipe). It’s about the width of a dime to a quarter. You should still be able to speak and breathe if the airway is reduced by 15%, below that you will die

15% is NOT a lot. 8 seconds of no oxygen results in losing consciousness
Dr. Tobin counts George Floyd’s ragged breaths from a bodycam view. The amount of breaths per seconds in the video equals respiratory rate. Math

Fentanyl reduces your respiratory rate by 40%. He has TOO HIGH a respiratory rate to be actively affected by fentanyl.

Taking a short break.

Breaking down hardcore A&P is hard. Glad I took it in college.
The prosecution is done with Dr. Tobin, and we’re gonna take a lunch break. Always timing stuff JUUUUUST wrong with these breaks.

Really curious how the defense is going to counter this testimony.

I’ll be back when they’re back
Judge: let’s take a lunch break

Here we go:

Nelson is questioning whether or not Dr. Tobin charged his hourly fee for this case, which is normally $500 an hour. Dr. Tobin says no.

Nelson pursues the argument that police officers do not have nearly the expertise Robin does. No duh.
Nelson’s saying that Chauvin’s lack of knowledge could remove malice. An oopsie, not a murder.

Nelson is now moving to how factors in science change rapidly, and how Tobin is boiling things down based on averages. Which could potentially be wrong. Nelson sounds very foolish.
Nelson asks Tobin to confirm his finding, that George Floyd died from a low level of oxygen to the brain and the heart.

Nelson is trying to outsmart Tobin while simultaneously asking him if he’s saying things correctly. I am so embarrassed for this man I detest
The defense asks Tobin if he’s aware there was no bruising on the neck. Tobin says yes, he’s aware

Nelson asks about the adage “if you can speak, you can breathe” and if some doctors still fuck this up. Tobin says this is largely during hyperventilation, and they’re not the same
Nelson asks if a training officer used this adage, would Tobin take issue with it? He says yes. Nelson clarifies it’s because situations changed from second to second.

Um, yeah bro.
Nelson asks if Dr. Tobin’s scenario’s are all theoretical.

Dr. Tobin looks annoyed. No, he says. They’re mathematical. There were CHARTS and MODELS, Nelson. There was MATH.

Nelson keeps questioning Tobin and asking clarifying questions at the same time.
Nelson tries to suggest George Floyd’s lungs might’ve been abnormal. Dr. Tobin flatly says no.

He asks about Floyd’s heart disease, and he did have a partially blocked artery. Tobin says it would’ve resulted in chest pain, and could’ve made it harder for his heart to oxygenate
Nelson just stumbled on the word “respiratory” several times and told Dr. Tobin, “I’m taken with your accent.”

Onto the fentanyl.

Dr. Tobin says without doubt, fentanyl will affect the medulla oblongata. Whether it’s illicit or lab made. No matter what argument Nelson makes about it coming from a “dealer”, mixing with adrenaline or meth, it’s gonna slow respiratory rate.
Dr. Tobin is asked about wooden chest syndrome, where the chest wall becomes rigid and makes it difficult for the lungs to expand and do their job.

Nelson REALLY wants fentanyl to be the COD or at least provide enough doubt that the jury thinks it’s a major contributor.
Nelson clarifies what time Tobin believes Floyd lost consciousness, how long it took to get rescue breaths, and then get to the hospital.

Prosecution clarifies the VAST majority of the event Chauvin was on Floyd’s neck and back, and there was nothing constantly changing
Tobin clarifies the bruising doesn’t occur every time force occurs, especially during “static force”. He gives the example of sitting on a hard pew at church. It’s not like being struck.

Tobin also points out that suffocation doesn’t leave a strong “fingerprint” on an autopsy
“The cause of death is a low level of oxygen that caused the brain to damage and the heart to stop.”

The prosecutor clarifies that Floyd did not die of nicotine, fentanyl (whether earlier or right before), or meth.
Nelson comes up again and asks if people die from fentanyl?

Tobin looks at him like, really? And says yes.

Prosecutor comes back up, don’t people who die of fentanyl go into a coma before they die? Was Mr. Floyd ever in a coma?

Tobin says no and looks slightly amused and DONE
Alrighty, onto our forensic toxicologist. He’s got a really complex last name so we’re going to use his first name, which is Daniel.
Daniel reviews tens of thousands of cases a year, from living and dead samples.

In the George Floyd case, the medical examiner requested blood and urine be tested. The most notable findings were fentanyl and meth in the urine.

Daniel tells us what meth is, but I trust you know
The prosecutor asks if Daniel would characterize the amount of meth in the urine as “low”. Daniel says it’s “very low”

We move onto the fentanyl, and Daniel also has to describe opiates. I trust you know

Daniel says opiate levels and effects vary widely based on tolerance
The prosecutor asks about the fentanyl levels and their significance, and Daniel says it was partially metabolized already. If George Floyd were dying of an overdose, it would not be metabolized by that amount.

Ruh roh, Chauvin.
Good god the toxicologist is even having to talk about caffeine and tiny levels of cannabinoids. He discusses how some things are in the blood in such tiny amounts they’re below the threshold to report.

Defense says HELLO

People will really find any reason to vilify Black men.
The average person found driving under the influence of fentanyl has a higher concentration of the drug in their urine than George Floyd did.

People who drive high are doing something dangerous and wrong, but they’re doing it ALIVE. Floyd did not die of an overdose.
Nelson’s turn.

He asks Daniel if it’s unusual for him to testify in a death case, and he says no. Nelson asks Daniel if he was aware of the “significance” of the case. Daniel says yes.

Nelson did this with the pulmonologist too. Seems the goal is to make them appear biased.
We should all be biased against #derekchauvin.

Nelson clarifies Fentanyl is the active ingredient in the drug, the metabolized leftover is called norfentanyl. Nelson wants to know about the metabolizing process, and how Daniel doesn’t know Floyd didn’t take more?
Nelson wants to know if it’s possible if Floyd took some fentanyl, metabolized it, and then took more on top of it.

Daniel says that’s possible. But again, the urine amount was tiny.
Nelson keeps reminding people about fentanyl pills in the back of the police car, how they were partially ingested. He wants people to say Floyd took them. It keeps getting an objection and thrown out.

Shitty because even if it’s thrown out the jury keeps hearing it
Sounds like there was some evidence that Nelson did not get the updated version of. He looks scandalized.

The judge encourages Nelson to look at this as a good faith mistake, but Nelson blames PDFs for some reason?

Anyway, they’re gonna take a 20 minute break.
We’re back.

Nelson continues his argument of “statistics are usually true but not in this case”.

He stumbles over his words, says “uh” and “um” too much, and requires a lot of correction from the witness. He calls the combination of a stimulant and a depressant a “goofball”
Nelson is done. Thank god, that was so awkward. I’m glad y’all can’t see my face right now

Prosecutor follows up that Daniel followed all standard procedures. I’m gonna judge a book by its cover and say Daniel looks like a rule follower and this should not be in doubt.
The prosecutor emphasizes with Daniel how low Floyd’s meth and fentanyl levels were compared to folks who get DUIs for these drugs.

We’re also remind about the metabolized compound for fentanyl, and with an overdose you would see an metabolized fentanyl.
Daniel is done for the day, and we’re told there will be one more witness today: Dr. Bill Smock. He is an ER doc with special training in forensic medicine.

Forensic in this case is not related to death (that would be a medical examiner), this is about legal stuff.
Omg. Dr. Smock has literally written a book on strangulation and asphyxia. They are SO FUCKED.
The prosecution has collected an incredible panel of expert testimony today. It’s totally ripped apart the defense’s arguments.

Dr. Smock is also a “police surgeon”. He evaluates police health, return to duty, and trainings. He also prescribes “antibiotics and viagra” he jokes
It’s whip smart of the prosecutors to bring on Dr. Smock. Not only does he have incredible experience to back up his testimony, but his opinions MATTER to people who back police.

Dr. Smock testifies that George Floyd died from asphyxia
Dr. Smock is now eliminating “excited delirium” as a possibility for George Floyd’s death. It’s a controversial diagnosis, but police speak of it a lot.

Dr. Smock describes the phenomenon air hunger, the uncontrollable need to breathe in oxygen. He says you can hear it in George Floyd gasping, “I can’t breathe!”

During a fentanyl overdose, one doesn’t suffer air hunger because they go to sleep.
Dr. Smock says from watching the video alone he can tell Floyd is not dying from a fentanyl overdose. A person dying an opioid overdose will be in “sleep mode, or not breathing mode”.

He says he has never seen someone overdosing displaying air hunger, crying out in pain
Dr. Smock says that as soon as an officer on the scene identifies no pulse, Floyd should have been rolled over and CPR should have been started. At the very least.

Now it’s Nelson’s turn. He clarifies that Nelson is not a pathologist, but Smock reminds him he’s trained by one.
Nelson wants to know if meth and fentanyl together produce different results than just fentanyl. Yes?

Nelson asks if there’s any indication in the autopsy that Floyd’s airway was instructed, and Smock says no. The evidence is in the tape, not the autopsy.
Omg Nelson went for the partially ingested pills in the backseat thing AGAIN. Every single witness. He’s trying so hard not to get an objection, he just took a LONG pause.
The defense has brought up several times that for COVID and pneumonia it actually HELPS breathing to be put in the prone position.

Cool fact bro, but Chauvin was not treating George Floyd’s fluid filled lungs. Being in the prone position with knees on your neck and back is bad.
“When you observed that struggle you could observe his (Floyd’s) vein pulsing?”

Smock looks incredulous and says no, he couldn’t.

Nelson asks isn’t this similar to a stress test?

Smock flatly says it’s absolutely not. Don’t know where that was going, but it’s done now.
Nelson wants to ask about Smock’s statements about tolerance. How someone can quickly build a tolerance.

“I didn’t say quickly,” Smock says tersely. Goddamn he really hates Nelson.

Nelson argues that Floyd’s tolerance went down during his sobriety, so the tiny amount killed him
Nelson asks if Smock heard the officers ask Floyd, “Are you on something?” And if that would affect his heart. Smock says it would depend on the dose.

Nelson keeps wanting this to be yes or no, but if you’ve ever met a doctor you know the answer is always “it’s complicated.”
Nelson steps down, prosecutor back up.

Smock emphasizes there is no evidence of heart failure or attack on video or in the autopsy. “He had a gradual decrease in consciousness due to the pressure on his back and neck.”
“Was there any evidence of low oxygen on autopsy?”

“Only his death, sir.”

Prosecutor clarifies Floyd absolutely did not die of a drug overdose.
Nelson is back up, he asks if Floyd was choked from the front. Smock says no. He asks if an event like this puts stress on the heart? Smock says yes.

Nelson also pushes the idea that someone with a high drug tolerance would exhibit less behavioral signs of intoxication
That’s it for the day. Whew, boy. Today absolutely took the wind out of the defense’s sails.

Nelson belongs to a group of attorneys that defend police officers. It wasn’t even supposed to be his turn; the guy at bat got sick and Nelson was next up.
Today’s win was totally Tobin. He had an unbelievably difficult subject to convey to a jury and millions of people watching, and had to make that understandable.

Not only that, he has to be engaging and likable while presenting these things because we only like nice people.
That’s it for me today. Gonna try and uncross my eyes and stretch my fingers. If you’d like to tip me for my coverage (totally unnecessary but appreciated) my Venmo is claudio_report

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