❃Water Signs❃

❤︎ April Love Message ❤︎

For the first half of you that has a romantic interest, it is time for you to know that there’s a cycles ending for you that will help aide in the healing process that you have started within yourself. It’s okay to take the time you
need to really reflect and figure out what you need but don’t forget to include your partner in that. Communicate whats going on with you because sometimes they can feel neglected when you’re living in your head and they don’t necessarily know whats going on because you’re keepin
everything to yourself. I’m seeing that within 1-3 weeks they’ll be starting this conversation with you and they’re hooping that this honesty that they are bringing to you will help you guys become more connected and in-synch with each others needs and how to be on the same page
properly. For those of you that are single, in 1-3 months there’s a new prospect that’ll be in town and you’ll have the choice of going for it or not, but honestly if you start to go for the chances that you get, you’ll eventually warm up to the idea of accepting romantic love
in your life again. I see that you’ve been closed off from it due some past heartbreaks and you feel like your better off, however its time for you to step into some healing and learn to accept the love that is being giving to you (this goes for platonically as well). This is the
blessing you’ve been asking for, so why not try it out? Be honest with yourself, do you really not want love in your life or are you just scared of love and/or to love? The happiness and fulfillment you seek requires you to take a leap of faith for yourself, by your own choice.
The question is will you or will let your fears control you? Regain the control over you life. We run tings, tings no run we.

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7 Apr
❃Earth Signs❃

❤︎ April Love Message ❤︎

It seems like for this month is going to be very significant for you in terms of love. For the first half of you I’m seeing that you wishing for a person to come forward with their feelings for will be happening and you will have
to then decide what it is that you want to do and how you would like to go forward. There’s overall stability and love here on both parts but you also have to want to go forward with that, and decide whether or not commitment is what you both decide. There is a lot of unions
that’ll be happening between lovers this month and a lot of this unions are divinely guided and protected. I feel like a lot of you have been separated from your person due she lessons the both of you had to learn individually and now that you both have learned somethings, lived
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21 Feb
Fixed Signs: Yellow 💛🌟🍯

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius

There’s huge changing coming for you in your life that’s unavoidable. And it will serve you better to accept it, than to go against it because it won’t be pretty if not accepted. Things have been needed to shake in
Your life for a while but you kind of don’t like to fix what isn’t broken. You’ve learned your lessons, you’ve cleared your karmic debt, and cycles are ending for you whether you like it or not. You’ve been judging yourself harshly for the past couple of months when it comes to
Your decisions and it’s because your keeping yourself on a place/space that you’ve outgrown my love. It’s time to release the old to bring in the new. Physically clean your space and throw away old things/give them away. And do this for yourself mentally as well. There’s a lot of
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21 Feb
March Tarotscopes: Water Signs🌊

Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

I’m seeing that the month of March will be the month of regaining your power and realizing the strength that you have within you. Too often you’ve felt, that you’ve been pushed aside and that you were taken for granted
And your no longer wanting to feel that way. I’m seeing that your also regaining your strength from a break up with an ex where you felt like you weren’t being heard and that you energy and emotions won’t reciprocated. It was a lot of emotional drainage for you. I’m seeing this
Person will be try to reach out but they’ll be blocked anyway and they’ll finally get the message that you are done with it. I’m seeing that you’ve also been waiting for something, to happen for you and you’ve become rather impatient. Don’t worry, I know it’s rather frustrating
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20 Feb
March Tarotscopes: Air signs💨

Libra, Gemini & Aquarius

There’s a lot of determination here for this group. I’m seeing after a period of not being passionate about things or something specific in your life, and not feeling like your where everyone else is/ where you need to
Be or want. Your starting to gain back balance in your life and realizing that you are the ultimate person in control. You are the driver of the car of destiny and no one else and if you want something to be different, you simply have the power and tools to do so. There’s no more
Waiting on someone else or being afraid, your going to go for it for yourself. I’m seeeing that with this new found attitude ally of you are going to start to gain financial stability. I’m seeing that once you started to focus on yourself and that your were your suppose to be,
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19 Feb
March Tarotscopes: Fire signs 🔥

Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

Okay fire signs, there’s tremendous progress being made with you lot. I’m seeing here you’ve been working on breaking some bad habits, and you’ve been working really hard because these are habits you’ve had for years to
The point where it felt like second nature. I want you to know I’m super proud of you and just know that you may feel uncomfortable now, but that won’t last forever. There’s a lot of creativity that’s coming out of this and a lot of inspiration for your art that’s coming for you.
You’ve been becoming very impatient with yourself and wanting to rush the things that are coming to you because you don’t want to stand in this weirdness your in. Things are aligning for you very well, and your starting to feel it in your bones. Idk who this person is that your
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19 Feb
Mutable Signs: Yellow💛🌟🍯

Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces & Virgo

I’m seeing that the month of March is going to be a beautiful month for a lot of you. There’s something going on here that’s concerning your love life. I’m seeing that after some sort of heartache you had with
Walking away from someone and not feeling like there was going be a happily ever after for this connection of yours but I am seeing that the break was needed from the connection In order for it to be balanced a little more. It was needed for the both of you to grow and truly
Figure out what it is that you wanted with live. It seems like the group here are divine counterparts. I’m seeing there’s going to be a reconciliation, here and there going to be a here understanding of the love that’s going on here. I’m seeing that there’s going to be a lot of
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