I need U 2 get just how egregious this is. A BLACK father of 3 little BLACK girls was gunned down in a drive thru by a white cop & its a strong chance the cop is going 2 walk b/c a newly elected BLACK DA is refusing 2 prosecute him.…
A note to the citizens of Wakanda, I meant Atlanta. Allow me to alert you to Georgia Code Title 21 Chapter 4 § 21-4-5, which outlines the procedure for "Recall of Public Officers." Mark this date on your calendars: July 1, 2021. This is the earlies date that you can file-
a petition to recall Fulton County DA Fani Willis. You can start collecting your signatures for that petition now. Ms. Willis campaigned on police accountability & is now letting a beef w/her former boss derail holding a white cop accountable for killing a black father.
Yet all while Ms. Willis is ignoring justice for 3 little BLACK girls & their BLACK mother, she is grandstanding 4 national media exposure & setting her sights on higher office in prosecuting Donald Trump for election fraud.
I need U 2 comprehend precisely how much of a betrayal this is 2 the BLACK people who elected her. A DA's prosecutorial choices tell U exactly where their priorities & loyalties lie. Ms. Willis casts her decision to prosecute Trump as "doing what the people elected me to do."
But au contrare chérie. Prosecuting Trump has no bearing on the citizens of Atlanta. Your office does not hv unlimited resources. Crime is skyrocketing in Atlanta & your focus should NOT be on anything that does not concern the people who elected you to represent their interests.
Put simply, Ms. Willis just another pro-police prosecutor who used black voters to elevate her profile for bigger & better things. Horrible. This is just another Obama-esque example of a black politician using black people as the shoes they wear to a better life.
Officer Garret Wolfe's attorney has filed a motion 2 dismiss the case based on the fact that there is no prosecutor available to prosecute him. Ms. Willis' recusal has been rejected by the Attorney General of GA who has said she has no reason to recuse herself & that prosecuting-
Atlanta police officers for misconduct is her responsibility & her responsibility alone. In the event that the current judge upholds the Georgia AG ruling & Ms. Willis continues her refusal to prosecute, then in addition to launching a recall petition, the citizens of Atlanta
should also ignite a petition for the Georgia Governor to remove Ms. Willis from office under the same authority the previous Governor removed an entire school board or in the alternative petition the Republican led legislature to craft a law that gives the Governor the specific-
power to remove a sitting DA who refuses to adhere to an Attorney General's directive. Here is an example of where Republicans & black people have common ground. The Republicans view Ms. Willis' prosecution of Donald Trump as purely political & we view Ms. Willis refusal to
prosecute officer Garret Rolfe as purely political. Thus, both sides agree that Ms. Willis is abusing her prosecutorial duty toward political aims. If this is the case, Ms. Willis is a rogue prosecutor & must be reigned in. Either she can be removed by voters, the Governor or by-
a subsequent act of the legislature that empowers the Governor to do so. Hear me well. We must start 2 B ruthless w/our own BLACK elected officials who routinely use "Us" 2 get to a better position in life & then turn their backs on "Us" once their feet are on higher ground.
We need to STOP LETTING PEOPLE USE US. While Ms. Willis has become the darling of the national liberal media circuit, making appearances on major networks, three little BLACK girls & their BLACK mother are grieving & being denied justice & closure to a horrific episode they will
hv 2 bear 4 life. Even more egregious is the fact Mayor Keisha Bottoms is stifling a settlement w/them. So on 1 side, Rashard Brooks family are being denied justice criminally by a black prosecutor & on the other side his family is being denied justice civilly by a black mayor.
Let that sink in or better yet let me state this another way. 2 elected BLACK women are ganging up & double teaming 3 BLACK little girls & their BLACK mother to deny them justice both civilly & criminally. Read dat shit back three times out loud in front of a mirror. Then scream.
Black girl magic? No. Black girl tragic. The collective actions of 2 BLACK politicians are having a devastating impact on a BLACK family. This is why I argue against the idea that black people are better off & black life is more protected under black politicians. Bullshit.
We might have representatives, but we do NOT have representation. I'd rather have a truly progressive white, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish or any other person in office who actually gives a damn about black people than most of the black politicians we have today. Ugh.
Where dafuck is Killmonger when U need him? Wakanda is on fire & Black Panther aint doin shit. Who else is going to toss T'Challa's weak ass over da waterfall? I need U 2 get that analogy & after U get that, get this: there is no 1coming 2 save us & we aint got no damn Vibranium.
But we can hold elected Negroes accountable. End this charade now. Start collecting signatures 4 the recall petition & when 7/1/21 comes, fire your warning shot over the bow of Ms. Fani Willis & let it serve as a stern reminder 4 any other black politician that dares betray "Us."
Thank you kindly for taking the time to read the work of Dr. Alexander Hamilton aka AHAM. If you dig the content, please feel free to support us at $ahamllc .

• • •

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9 Apr

Enter Amanda the Poet. I need U 2 C how Obama ushered in a era of celebrity peddling that gave rise 2 Trump da realityTV Prez. Never 4get it was Oprah's brand that pushed Obama 2 the front of the political line & catapulted him 2 the WH.…
Once that happened other liberal dominoes started 2 fall for Obama. 1 person can open up their rolodex & change your life. A select group of people in this country decides who gets put on & then they push that person all the way 2 the pinnacle of power.…
They use their celebrity power & resources to control everything in this country. Like every society, they're only a few groups at the top of America's food chain. They decide what you get to watch or listen to & any other media U consume. They decide who gets hired & fired.
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Watch closely. The defense is trying to call George Floyds friend & car passenger Morries Hall 2 the stand 2 prove he supplied Floyd w/drugs & counterfeit money & thus he should be held liable 4 Floyd's murder. Hall intends 2 plead da 5th.…
The defense's legal theory is that but for Hall supplying Floyd w/drugs & counterfeit money, Floyd would have never had the encounter w/police that led to his death. Crazy argument, huh? You goddam right, but that shit will fly in the minds of white people all mafuckin day.
So whats the lesson here? Survival under white supremacy requires constant monitoring of da company U keep. Black people are always reduced 2 the lowest common denominator amongst them. Any1 can be a liability. 1 person slipping can bring yo whole shit down or leave U vulnerable,
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Black people are not allowed to be angry, even when we're watching a white man lynch a black man in broad day light. Somebody cue James Baldwin, "to be a Negro in this country & relatively conscious is to be in a state of rage almost all the time."…
Defense attorney Eric Nelson is trying 2 ride the angry black man trope all the way 2 an acquittal. Whenever I I see white people playing w/these type of racial tropes, I stop them in mid-air & stay "why don't U just stop playing around & call me what U REALLY want to: nigger."
Faces turn red. Now they're on blast & every1 will be monitoring their words from thereon out. Nevertheless, the emotional state of people who watched your client kill a black man are irrelevant. Donald Daniels & George Floyd are not on trial.

Derek Chauvin is.
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31 Mar

Look at this picture very closely. Take it in. Digest it fully. I need U 2 get exactly what U are looking at & comprehend how this single picture is deeply symbolic of the state of affairs between black women & black black men.
Here you have a white police officer holding & comforting a little black girl after his partner put 7 bullets at point blank range into her black mother's black boyfriend. You are looking a video still from a Facebook Live video of Philando Castille's last breaths.
I need U to get how sick this shit is. We kill your black man in front of your black daughter & then we comfort that black daughter as though we are saving her from the menace your black boyfriend was. This reminds me of a quip I recently read or heard somewhere-
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Here is an example of the need to watch raw video WITHOUT media commentary. Look at this video very carefully. The media would have you believe this is a black American perpetuating a hate crime on an Asian American. Except its not.
Why are there so many Asian Americans sitting around doing nothing to stop this ass whooping? B/c they witnessed the Asian American guy call him a nigger. I did a post a few days back about Asian racism against black people. If the Asian guy wins the fight & puts the black guy
to sleep, an argument could be made that the only hate crime was from the Asian American guy against the black American guy. If you watch the media coverage of this incident, they are looping this event in with other legitimate claims of hate crimes against Asian Americans
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29 Mar
So yall thought LNX takin a trip 2 hell fucking Satan b4 killing him & taking his throne was jus a stunt. Now he's releasing 666 pair of custom Nikes dubbed "Satan shoes" made w/human blood. Does criticizing LNX 4 this make U homophobic or hv white folks jus turned dis nigga out? Image
2 B clear, whether U agree w/subject matter or not, the video has great artistic value just 4 the powerful Plato philosophical & biblical theological undertones alone. LNX believes that if people are going 2 condemn him 2 hell, then he might as well rule it. Compelling argument.
I translated the Greek lettering from his tree of life that is actually an excerpt from Plato's "Symposium," which translates roughly as "our nature cut in two (male & female), each longing for the other." In many ways this, video is very similar 2 T.I.'s "T.I. vs. T.I.P.," which
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