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Masks don't work. You have been directed to cover your face and the data says since Feb 2021 that there is a better system, yet, you're not being told to pursue it.

The system works 2X better than masks. Yet, you don't know about it. No I'm not selling anything!
In Feb, 2021 the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published, "Experimental Efficacy of the Face Shield and the Mask against Emitted and Potentially Received Particles"
I have frequently remarked that emissions from a cough were much smaller than the pores in surgical masks. Face Shields have no pores, and we know COVID does not magically float around without a carrier particle. So it's not too surprising that clear face shields work better.
The study showed wearing a surgical mask only reduced exposure to particles by 21.8%. Said another way, you are still getting ~80% of the other persons snot in your system. Worthless.
If both emitter and receiver wear a mask, the reduction factor was impressive, 97.3%. That said, you're still getting about 3% of the sneeze on you. That's plenty to catch COVID. Sorry bout that.
What if both receiver and emitter wear a clear face shield, you know, where you can see their face, their nice smile. Reduction was 98%. So if you're trying to curtail the spread of COVID, really, Fauci should be telling everyone to wear a face shield and get rid of mask.
The face shield, when worn only by the receiver, was always more effective in blocking particles than the mask, and for all particle ranges. The face shield performed significantly better when the particles were smaller. Like I said, Hurricane fences don't stop mosquitos.
The face shield, when worn only by the emitter, performed about the same as the mask for all sizes of particles with more than 96% reduction factor for the particles less than 1 µm and 99% reduction factor for the particles more than 1 µm in size
But here is the key... Both the emitter and the receiver don't have to be wearing a mask or a face shield to get benefit. If EITHER is wearing a face shield, the result is about the same as both wearing face shields. Given this, YOU CAN'T GET MAD AT SOMEONE FOR NOT WEARING.
All you need to do, if you wish, is wear a face shield and it DOESN'T MATTER if others are not wearing theirs. I know this just pisses a lot of you off, but this study is Karen Proof. Sorry bout that.
The big questions, is why the HELL are you still being told to wear six masks because, hey, that works better than five? We have children who have not seen their teachers face FOR A YEAR, and it doesn't have to be this way. To say, it's because the experts don't know is wrong.
They DO KNOW. It's their job to know and to stay abreast with research. IT'S WHAT WE PAY THEM TO DO. So then why? Why do they want your mouth, and your face covered with multiple masks when the DATA doesn't support it?
Why don't they tell you that you can be better protected with a clear face shield in a room full of maskless "Covidiots" than if everyone wears 10 masks?
There is an answer! It's just for a lot of you, you can't believe it, so already you are rushing to discredit this study.
It's just easier to say someone else is the idiot, than yourself for being so easily manipulated. Isn't it?

Bottom line. Other people not wearing masks doesn't matter if you wear a clear face shield which is your right to do, or NOT to do. You have only YOURSELF to blame.

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