The UK

A Nation of Equals?

The Scots, Welsh and N Irish Nationalists constantly complain that the UK isn’t a Nation of Equals

That’s actually very hard to be when England makes up c85% of the population of the UK

Let me show you how unequal the UK really is

- Income -

The disparity in income across the UK is quite large. Here’s a dataset which shows the income for the 4 home nations from 1999 to 2019

Although Scotland’s income per head is higher than England’s since 1999 that’s only because of past oil revenues

You can see that Scotland’s income has fallen behind England’s in the last 5 years. Wales and NI are an economic disaster. England is now keeping the entire UK going with its higher income levels and we should be grateful for that

- Spending -

It’s even worse for spending. You can see that England has the lowest spending per head of all the 4 home nations over every single year of the last 20 years

Wales is next lowest, then Scotland and NI

England doesn’t even complain about it either

- Deficits -

You can see that England runs the lowest deficits in the UK. A deficit or surplus is the quickest way to see just how well or badly an economy is doing

In the last 4 years England’s deficits have fallen massively whereas the rUK’s deficits have stayed very high

- Fiscal Grants -

Because England has the best performing economy in the UK, due to the vagaries of the Barnett Formula, it then results in England
giving massive fiscal grants to the rUK

Over 20 years these have totalled £378 billion

England not only has to borrow

this money to give out these fiscal grants but it also pays the interest on them as well. This has resulted in England giving away around £500 billion from 1999 to 2021

That c£500 billion or so is added to England’s debt pile

The money is totally free for the rUK nations

- Debt -

From 1999 to 2019 the UK ran up debt of £1,335,051m

Despite the rUK only making up just under 16% of the population, the Scots, Welsh and N Irish ran up over 44% of all that debt

Once again, England performs best on debt per head. Massively so, in fact


- The UK. A Nation of Equals -

From the above datasets you can clearly see that the UK isn’t a nation of equals

England earns the most money per head but spends the least

England get a raw deal, never complains, but gets constant criticism from the rUK

Maybe it’s time for the English to grasp the opportunities available and get rid of the dead weight of the constantly moaning Scots, Welsh and N Irish

All they do is suck up England’s cash then complain that their subsidies aren’t enough

English Independence Anyone?

There’s a very easy way to calculate the fiscal grants from England to the rUK without calculating if for the separate countries

You need

The UK deficit
England’s deficit
England’s pop % share of the UK

For 2018/19 these were

£41,372 deficit

You take 84.26% of the UK deficit (£41,372) = £34,860

Take England’s deficit away from this sum

£34,860 - £4,954 = £29,906 Fiscal Grants to the rUK

It’s that simple!

• • •

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11 Feb

Let me explain why I believe the SNP have taken the Indy poll to around 50%

IMHO this is multi faceted

There has been a nationalist movement in Scotland for years. It gained traction in the 80’s due to two events. Oil and Thatcher

The oil revenues in the 80’s pointed

towards a possible different future for Scotland. The money generated was enormous but the money went south

This created a sense of anger that somehow we had been cheated

The other was Thatcher. The deindustrialisation of Scotland began in the early 80’s. The blame, and

some of that blame was correctly attributed, was all put on the Thatcher Government

The main beneficiary though wasn’t the Nationalists, it was Labour

Nationalism subsided again until devolution arrived. Labour wanted to cement their stranglehold of Scottish politics.
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6 Feb

Just remember this

We all know Nationalists. They’re our friends, partners and family

From personal knowledge, every single one I have ever came across or know base their Nationalism on two precepts

1: That WM is corrupt and we can do things better

2: England/rUK is stealing our money and if we were independent we could keep all that money for ourselves

Firstly, no one comes close to the corruption in the Scottish Gov. They have totally corrupted all the organs of Gov

The civil service has been co-opted into the

Nationalist family. The judiciary has been corrupted to the level that it need to be de natified

The Schools have been corrupted to the degree that they push Nationalist propaganda

The media has been cowed to the degree that they rarely criticise the Scot Gov
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26 Jan

Corruption in Scotland

Scotland is corrupt. There’s no two ways about it. The SNP have blurred the lines between the Party, the State and the Judiciary and the Media

All four are supposed to be separate but in Scotland they’ve almost merged into one thing

All at the behest of the most corrupt politician in Europe

Nicola Sturgeon

She has blatantly lied to Holyrood about when she first heard of the allegations against Alex Salmond. She said it was the beginning of April 2018 when she first heard. Geoff Aberdein, under oath

at Alex Salmond’s trial said that he met with Sturgeon 4 days or so earlier to discuss the allegations. Read the piece by Craig Murray. There are witnesses that contradict Sturgeons view

That she lied in Holyrood isn’t in doubt. That the crown office is covering up for her
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25 Jan

How Scotland spends England’s money and lies about it!

Ask any leftie journalist in London

Who runs their economies better. Scotland or England?

I’ll bet that the vast majority of them say Scotland does


Because they’ll point to free Uni tuition, baby boxes etc etc

Unfortunately they’ve been had. They’ve been taken in by the best propagandists since the Third Reich and what worse. They’re happy to be taken in by the SNP

As far as they’re concerned. Any anti Tory is good by them!

Unfortunately none of it is true

None of it

How can I prove that none of it is true?

Easy. All one needs to do is read the ONS Country and regional accounts

It details the revenues and expenditures for all four UK Countries 👇


And what does it say?
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23 Jan

The SNP versus the Law

The SNP is in trouble. They know it and we know it. It’s almost certain that Nicola Sturgeon will need to resign for lying to Holyrood

This explains the frantic calls for another referendum

Brexit is done and the sky didn’t fall in

This removes their number one Bête Noire. A Disastrous hard Brexit

They were banking on that happening. There will be, and are, difficulties with the new trading arrangements but these will play out over years and will be sorted one way or another

The Law

As it stands, the SNP cannot call another referendum without the permission of the UK Parliament

Some people dispute this, including many in the SNP

So. What’s the alternative?

The could call a non binding non legal referendum but what’s the point

Unionist will
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23 Nov 20

The missing Scottish Referendum of 2021

Every day we hear Nationalists and their politicians go on about another referendum in 2021

It’s not happening. It’s never going to be happening and Sturgeon knows it’s not going to be happening

Why not?

Well. That’s easy

For one thing, the SNP simply cannot call a referendum. Sure, they can hold a non binding referendum, but even that would be subject to legal challenge

They simply can’t have a legal referendum because legally, they don’t have the power to call one

That power resides in WM

and only WM. Referendums are reserved and a Section 30 order is needed in order to have one

Boris Johnson is not going to allow one. He’s already said so and stated that the referendum in 2014 must be respected. Not only because it was the biggest turnout in British History
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